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To: Her Majesty The Queen.

and: Donald Trump. President of USA.

and for assistance to: Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

And to the world.

[Model] Commonwealth Constitutional Charter and national legislation.

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Start of Constitution.

Fair English Language Commonwealth Constitutional Charter

(Basic Constitution for which subsequent national legislation shall comply: A document of laws of up to 100 A4 pages of normal text by each Parliament)

Judgment day 2017 March 2nd update.

Nations of the fair Commonwealth

We the free people, Humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God (nature), and popular referendum these fair English speaking Nations agree to one common fair English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown, English language including 42 character phonetic alphabet, 50% currency exodus tax area and Military budget in this English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter:

English Commonwealth member nation Parliaments subsequent legislative amendments shall move towards having up to 100 pages of legislation to comply with the English Commonwealth Constitution charter subject to royal assent. Including own Governor General, Prime Minister, currency and border protection.

English Commonwealth member nations: United States Of America and Canada, United Kingdom with Scotland and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand including Tasmania and Antarctica, Israel including Jewish state and others state. English Commonwealth nations include territorial seas and oceans to the mid-distance between our nations main land mass and the neighboring nations main land mass.

The governments of independent nations of Papua and Mexico to receive 10% of English Commonwealth military budgets as food, water, pharmaceuticals, clothing and housing aid and military protection from invasion from our nations as the Papua and Mexico people shall want and government shall allocate to resettle from the English Commonwealth blacks and process illegal fugitives who have invaded our English Commonwealth nations to have DNA test to return up to 90% to nation of genetic ancestry for punishment or other country immediately and resettle best over 10% for more than 5 years.

The democratic populist Prime Minister shall choose when to update to a more modern update of The English Commonwealth Commonwealth Charter for subsequent legislation to move towards compliance to.

1 Short title

The English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter.

2 English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown powers to extend to the Crowns heirs on succession

The current English Commonwealth Monarchy Sovereign Crown shall determine own heir and successor from own fair descendants and close relatives of over 50% British ancestry of more than 500 years, and subsequent heirs and successors lineage until update by a current Crown. The current Crown shall provide updates of own written plans of succession to all Governor Generals to keep safe with terms for disclosure.

3 Proclamation of English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter

After submission of models from any fair full citizen of any English Commonwealth nation, Voluntary 100 member citizens juries of each of the 10 states of all English Commonwealth member nations shall vote together in an indicative plebiscite to rank submissions, the leading model to then go to referendum of the same juries, to then only when the English Commonwealth Crown will provide assent become an update to the English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter, which Prime Ministers may Choose to update to. The English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown may at any time suspend an update so as to require reversion to another update.

The English Commonwealth Monarch Crown may at any time determine a process for appointment and replacement of the Governor General of each fair English Commonwealth member nation.

4 Commencement of a Commonwealth nation and constitution Act

The Commonwealth nation shall come into establishment with the national Constitution subject to current Commonwealth Charter with effect, one month after successful referendum of all residents of the fair English speaking nation. The Parliaments of the several colonies may at any time after the passing of this Act make any such laws, to come into operation on own day then subject to new Commonwealth nations Constitution after into effect.

5 Operation of the nations Constitution and laws

The nations Constitution, the Governor Generals military doctrine and all laws passing the national Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Prime Ministers choice of Commonwealth Charter update and with the nations Governor General assent subject to the Commonwealth Monarchy Crown, shall apply to every part of the Commonwealth nation subject to the Commonwealth Charter in effect on passing of the laws and shall be binding on all courts, judges, religions and people of every State and seas and military ships and bases including embassies subject to personal moral judgment then Prime Ministerial ministerial authorization. Prior laws of any State shall continue apply until new state legislation to conform. The current Commonwealth Monarch Crown may grant case by case Royal Pardon.

6 Definitions

The English Commonwealth shall mean the nations of (United States Of America and Canada, United Kingdom Scotland and Ireland, Australia New Zealand Tasmania and Antarctica, Greater Israel including both Jewish state and state for others. Including seas and oceans to mid-distance between our main land mass and neighboring nations main land mass)

The States shall mean each of the 10 states making up each fair English Commonwealth member nation.

7 Repeal of Prior laws]

Prior laws shall be void as much as inconsistent with current newer laws subject to when able to pass new legislation to move towards compliance with the current Commonwealth member nations Prime ministers choice to update to a more current English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter.

Parliaments may repeal national legislation.

8 State and Local Councils areas as electorate Boundaries

With advice from the Prime Minister and Royal Tribunal investigation the Governor General may move and update state boundaries add, remove and merge states so or our nation will have 10 states each with 25 local council areas, each of roughly equal population x land area in hectares, also considering natural boundaries such as of big islands, carrying capacity, natural species, pest control, climate and existing borders subject to the English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown royal assent.

9 National Constitutions General Structure

The current Commonwealth Charter model for nations governance shall be as follows:

Chapter I—The Federal Parliament

Part I—General

1 Legislative power

National legislative power shall reside with the Federal Parliament, which shall consist of Fair populist will, The Prime Minister ministers, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Governor General and the English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown.

2 Governor General

The Commonwealth Monarchy Crown shall determine and update a process for the appointment and replacement of each English Commonwealth member nations Governor General and deputies which the Crown may replace at any time by proclamation to the world. To exercise assent of legislation passing the Federal Parliament, Plus of to confirm the coalition to be the government and Prime Minister and ministry to present legislation and budget in the House of Representatives (other legislation may only originate in the Senate), The Prime Minister and choice of Treasurer may only be from members having valid current election to the House of Representatives. Governor General assent is subject to the current English Commonwealth Crown will to veto within one year of assent. The Governor General shall have such powers such as to appoint Military and Emergency services and Replace government personnel (including of in office by election) to end of term contract up to 5 year terms with directions and law exemptions as the current English Commonwealth Majesty Crown will assign and update.

[Crown Decree: Appointment of the Governor General shall be populist election by fair full citizens born in our nation, mothers shall vote for own children until ready to lodge own vote. Paper registration and postal ballot shall require post offive photo, bill showing current address for homeless post office may assess accent and eligibility and stamp, Voters able to confirm own vote online. Registration and update shall require cam photo. Excluding blacks, public servants, migrants or prisoners.]

3 Royal Funding

20% of government revenue of the Commonwealth nation shall be for the English Commonwealth military budget for the Commonwealth nations Governor General to keep and spend within the same Commonwealth nation from which 1% shall be for the Royal Estate to pay for upkeep of Royal Estate properties and staff, the salaries of the Commonwealth nations Governor General, State Governors, Prime Minister, Ministers and replacements who all may residing in Royal Estate properties and receive no pay from the Commonwealth nations government and political party budgets or from bribes during term/s of administration.. Royal Estate income, properties and inheritance shall be tax free subject to 50% currency exodus tax if money taken out of English Commonwealth.

4 Provision for the Governor General

The salary of a Governor General shall only be from the Royal Estate and be as the Crown shall determine prior to appointment and not alter during all terms in office as Governor General.

5 Sessions of Parliament. Prorogation and dissolution

The Governor General may determine times for holding the sessions of the Parliament, and may at any time by proclamation to the people to at which completion prorogue the Federal Parliament law making and dissolve the House of Representatives and Senate and reset all standing to recast on and from election day on the 10th Sunday after proclamation with a maximum term as the Federal Parliament shall determine.

Summoning Parliament

After any general election the Governor General shall summon the Federal Parliament to meet and by default thirty days after the day the people in the main vote (after referendum to establishment the Commonwealth nation by default in six months).

6 Minimum sitting session of Parliament and Local council assemblies

There shall be a minimum of a 40 hour week (Monday to Friday) every 3 months sitting session of each assembly. The Prime Minister, Premier and Mayor for the assembly may determine extra sittings and extensions. The Governor General may also have an assembly sit or end sitting extensions.

Part II—The House of Representatives

7 Conposition of House of Representatives

The House of Representatives shall be composed of 250 members with election of 1 member by election by the 3 votes of each of the 20 members of each of the 25 local councils in each of 10 states of the Commonwealth nation.

The Federal Parliament subject to Governor General direction and assent shall legislate the State boundaries so each has as near as possible the same (population x land area in hectares). Big islands may be a single state.

8 Provision for voting disqualification of dark or criminal propensity races or of terrorist religions.

All persons of any dark or criminal propensity race or terrorist religion are disqualified from voting and shall not be counted in election such as for Local Councils and Each Local Council election of 2 men and 2 women to the 100 member House of Assembly (lower/first house) of each of the 10 State Parliaments, and elections of 1 member to the 250 member House of the Representatives and 250 senator Senate of the Federal Parliament. Blacks or criminals shall determine own rights in native title areas and prison islands subject to Police self defence and Military national defence.

9 Representatives in first Parliament

10 Alteration of number of members

Subject to the Commonwealth Charter the Parliament may make laws for increasing or diminishing the number of the members of the House of Representatives.

11 Duration of House of Representatives

Every House of Representatives shall continue for up to three years from the first meeting of the House, the Governor General may dissolve the House sooner.

12 Local Council Areas as Electoral divisions [see Note 9]

Governor General direction and funding of royal commission and assent shall determine boundaries of each of the 10 states 25 local council areas to also the be 25 electoral divisions. The parliament of each State may make laws for determining the divisions in each State for which members of the House of Representatives may be chosen, and the number of members to be chosen for each division. The state shall Premier shall merge and divide prior council and electoral boundaries on establishment of new Commonwealth nations to exist until Governor General reform.

13 Qualification of electors

For all Local, State and Federal Government popular elections to elect representatives and for voluntary registration to be a member on Juries for payment from Crown though Governor General. All fair free private good full citizens born in the Commonwealth nation after 20 years ancestral contribution probation shall cast standing vote, except convicts, addicts or members of public service including NATO and by election. For children the guardian (not government) such as mother shall cast vote for child until 10 years of age and until ready to register to vote and cast own vote. Casting standing paper secret ballet postal votes (with online verification and posting out of new ballot to cast at any time to update standing vote) preferential votes (vote goes to next preference if for candidates with least votes until winner). Voting shall be for candidates in the electorate of the citizens birth.

14 Prior laws in relation to qualification of electors

Local laws relating to qualification of electors shall remain in force until the Federal Parliament update legislation and until update of the national constitution by existing constitution mechanisms to only update to comply with the Prime Minister choice of more recent update to the fair Commonwealth Charter subject to royal assent. for the time being relating to elections for the more numerous House of the Parliament of the State shall, as nearly as practicable, apply to elections in the State of members of the House of Representatives.

15 Writs for general election

The Governor General in Council with the Prime Minister cause writs to be issued for dates of the general elections of members of the House of Representatives and Senate.

The the writs shall be as the Governor-General subject to the Crown determines if not agreed after ten days after the proclamation of a dissolution and also after the expiry of a 3 year maximum term of the Federal Parliament (House of Representatives and Senate).

16 Writs for vacancies

Whenever a vacancy happens in the House of Representatives such as through disqualification, resignation, illness or death, the Speaker of the House shall issue the writ for the election of a new member the Commonwealth nations Governor General in Council may also issue a writ for each election of a new Members and also for Senator.

17 Qualifications of members

When the Federal Parliament updates laws to comply with the Prime Ministers choice of more recent Commonwealth Charter the qualifications of a member of the House of Representatives shall be as follows:

The candidate and representative must be the full age of twenty years, and must be born in the electorate to run for and represent, have more than 20 years ancestral residency and contribution to the Commonwealth nation, Not have dark complexion. Plus not been 10 or more years in an illegal terrorist religion. Plus not be a bankrupt or psycho or addict or criminal who has had to be isolated for 1 or more years to protect the productive citizens of the Commonwealth nation. To gain election for a total of up to 10 years and until the next general election.

18 Election of Speaker

The House of Representatives shall, before proceeding to the despatch of any other business, choose a member to be the Speaker of the House, and as often as the office of Speaker becomes vacant the House shall again choose a member to be the Speaker.

The Speaker shall cease to hold his office if he ceases to be a member. He may be removed from office by a vote of the House, or he may resign his office or his seat by writing addressed to the Governor General.

19 Absence of Speaker

The Speaker shall approve own deputies with ranking to stand in and as required. For the duration of any absence of a Speaker, the House of Representatives may choose a member to perform as temporary Speaker until a official Speaker returns.

20 Resignation of member

A member may by address the Speaker of the chamber and present the Speaker with a written resignation, the Governor General may also accept a resignation letter from an appointee for confirmation by phone call.

21 Vacancy by absence

The place of the member and appointee shall become vacant after 10 contiguous sitting days absence the Governor General may choose a replacement until return until the next General-Election.

22 Quorum

The Federal Parliament may only update regulation so that for a vote 200 and more members of the House of Representatives shall be necessary to vote and for to redo the vote more members in chambers than in the chamber than for last vote on a bill.

23 Voting in House of Representatives

Questions arising in the House of Representatives shall be determined by a majority of votes. The Speaker shall only vote where the numbers for and against of ordinary members are equal, and then the Speaker shall cast a vote to determine the result.

Part III—The Senate

24 The Senate [see Note 5]

The Senate shall be composed of 25 senators (who shall be female) for each of the 10 States in the Commonwealth nation, with appointment by direct election by the people of the State as one electorate when parliament the Federal Parliament updates legislation then the Commonwealth nation to comply with this Commonwealth Charter model.

General election of senators shall be to the end of the 3 year term concurrent with the House of Representatives subject to confirmation and assent of the State Governor the Governor General who may also appoint temporary replacements.

25 Qualification of State Senators and of voters to elect Senators

The 100 senate candidates and members for the 25 (female) senators for each of the 10 states shall be fair full female (genetically) citizens born and living in the state, Comprising 10 female having single membership of and have current election by 5 votes for separate candidates of fair full citizen members born in the state of one of the 10 political parties having most paid up fair full citizen members born in the State.

Electors to register to vote and vote for senate candidates must fair full citizens born in the state.

Also race traitors, blacks, public servants or convicts may not be a member of a political party, be a senate candidates and senator or vote for senator.

26 Method of election of senators [see Note 6]

The valid electors shall cast and number 25 same value votes each vote for separate valid candidate plus up 5 spare votes 25-30 for from any of up to 100 valid fair female candidates. Electors must present valid proof of identity to local post office to vote. Parliament of the Commonwealth may make laws prescribing the method of choosing senators, but so that the method shall be uniform for all the States. Subject to any such law, the Parliament of each State may make laws prescribing the method of choosing the senators for that State.

Times and places [see Note 6]

The elector put a postal ballot into an official mail box to send mail from when the Governor General shall annul all elector standing votes with identification such as an original paper statement of account such as a bill the official stamp with date from the post office will also be enough after proving ID at post office by checking official identification photo records such as of bank. Local Council may submit locations for extra vote box with number and lock for the Local Council to collect and deliver to post office to account for and submit as the tate Governor shall determine.

27 Application of existing laws

Existing laws in relation to election of Senators shall apply until update of the Commonwealth nations constitutions to comply with the Prime Ministers choice of Commonwealth Charter model when this update.

28 Failure to choose senators

The Senate may proceed with business even if Senators have failed to arrive for the session from 10am on session days until adjournment by more than 60% of members sitting in the Senate after any member of the Prime Ministers Government calls for adjournment and the ringing of the Senate red light and signal bell throughout the Federal Parliament for 5 minutes.

29 Issue of writs

The Governor General shall issue writs also for Senate as with for the House of Representatives.

30 Senate Terms

Each term of the Senate and Senators shall be for up to 3 years together with the House of Representatives. Each senator has a maximum duration as a senator of 10 yeas plus to the next general election.

31 Maximum duration as a Senator

Each senator has a maximum duration as a senator of 10 yeas plus to the next general election.

32 Senate vacancies

If the place of a current valid senator becomes vacant by absence for 10 sitting session days or from imprisonment for bankruptcy or crime, neglect, illness or death or invalid election the Senate party leader of the Senator may determine a replacement within 10 days, after 10 days and for Senate vacancies of independents the Premier for the State Parliament for which the vacant Senator represents shall select a valid candidate for Senator in the State replacement until dissolution of the Senate and Federal Parliament which may be up to the remainder of the 3 year term of the Senate and then subject to election subject to assent from the Governor of the State to have 10 session sitting days to first attend a session sitting as a Senator.

33 Qualifications of senate candidate and senator

The qualifications of a senate candidate and senator shall be similar to as with a member of the House of Representatives candidate and Member, From all fair good citizens born in the State free applications the State Governor shall determine 100 candidates of most ancestors born in the State over the last 200 years with none of black ancestry.

34 Election of Speaker of the Senate

The Senate shall, before proceeding to the dispatch of any other business, choose a senator to be the Speaker of the Senate who shall determine 3 deputies; and as often as the chair of Speaker has become vacant the Senate shall again choose a present senator to be the new Speaker to determine deputies.

The Speaker of the Senate shall cease to hold his office if he ceases to be a senator. The Governor General may also determine the Senate replace the Speaker of the Senate by vote of the Senate. The Speaker of the Senate may also resign by verbal notification of the Senate and by writing to the Governor General with verbal confirmation such as by phone.

35 Absence of a Speaker of the Senate

After 5 minutes in a session sitting without a Speaker in the Speakers chair including any of the 3 deputies the Senate may approve a senator in the Senate to become the new Speaker to appoint 3 deputies from Senators.

36 Valid absence from the senator

The Governor General may grant Senator valid leave from the Senate for temporary absence from the Senate chamber session sittings such as for family responsibilities and official business. The senator may lodge written request for temporary absence and name a valid senate candidate from the same state as temporary replacement for up to 2 months absence with the Governor General for approval stamp and signature then confirmation such as by phone, so thereupon see to the temporary replacement in the Senate chamber of the Senator.

37 Vacancy by absence

A senate vacancy shall also occur if a senator was absent for 10 successive session sitting days any Senator has failed to attend the Senate.

38 Vacancy to be notified

Whenever a vacancy happens in the Senate, one of the Speaker of the senate (including any of the 3 deputies) shall notify the Governor General and the appropriate authority to determine a replacement such as the ex-senators party then as shall need the ex-senators State premier to appoint a valid candidate in the state as the replacement.

39 Quorum

The Senate shall have more than more than 100 senators in the chamber to vote after ringing signal bell with red light throughout the Federal Parliament, Attendance of more Senators than who vote on the bill in the chamber within 1 month may have the Senate vote again on a bill.

40 Voting in the Senate

Bills in the Senate shall require 60% of votes of more than 100 Senators in the Senate chamber. The Speaker may only vote on determine bills otherwise failed having equal votes for and against.

Part IV—Both Houses of the Parliament

41 Right of electors of States

All valid voters may cast a vote for Members of the Local Council and State Senate of birth. No law or person may prevent a valid voter from voting as the Prime Ministers Commonwealth Charter update on enactment on the law determines.

42 Oath or affirmation of allegiance

Every senator and every member of the House of Representatives shall before taking his seat make and subscribe before the Commonwealth Monarchy Crown’s Governor General, an oath or affirmation of allegiance to the Commonwealth Crown and Charter in the form set forth by the Crown.

43 Member of one House ineligible for other

A valid person may only have appointment to one house of Parliament.

44 Disqualification

Any person who:

(i) has been born, under any allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power or any terrorist religion or entitled to the rights or privileges of any foreign power; or

(ii)has been a traitor to the fair people of the Commonwealth nation, or who has been done savage or deviant crimes.

(iii) has been bankrupt or defaulted on debts; or

(iv) has taken bribe or bribed or extorted pay for any public service job such as in union; or

(v) has had any profit from dealings with any Government of more than the Commonwealth nations GDP / population [$75,000] other than welfare common to all citizens.

As a Governor Generals royal court shall determine shall have disqualification of being a candidate, being chosen or of sitting as any member of any position in any public service including by election in the English Commonwealth.

Legal pay shall include equal welfare for all full born citizens plus public service equal bonus of up to 20% of the national budget surpluses while a public servant, Plus pay per vote for the members party for pay if ministers, Plus pay from the Monarchy Crown through the Governor General for services such as to replace personnel and for some military personnel, Plus special reward for prosecuting criminals. Public servants including members of parliament may have independent private business and investments income subject to open disclosure on own web-site at bottom of home page. The Monarchy shall not have only have income as the Commonwealth nations Governor Generals NATO military budget shall disclose. Military the Commonwealth nation may invite may also have official income from own country but may not take bribes.

45 Vacancy on disqualification

If disqualification of any public servant including any member of parliament by Royal Court the place shall thereupon become vacant.

46 Penalty for sitting when disqualified

Any person subject to disqualification by Royal Court from sitting in a Parliament shall, for every day for which he has sit illegally, pay national an amount in national currency of GDP / population / 100 [$700] to any person who prove it in any local council court and a Royal Court for Governor General assent subject to repeal within 1 year by the English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown.

47 Disputed elections

The Governor General’s Royal Court may resolve disputed elections.

48 Allowance to members

Each public servant including by election may receive pay from own party. Each party shall receive a portion of 1% of the national budget plus of 20% of any budget surplus in proportion to votes at the end of each month of each valid member having election to the House of Representatives and Senate.

49 Powers, privileges, rules and immunities of the parliament grounds

Shall update by the Prime Minister with Governor General assent.

50 Speakers rules and orders for the chamber

The Speaker of each chamber of an assembly of public servants having election shall with Governor General assent within I week of setting new precedence update the powers, privileges, rules and immunities of the members of the chamber, the mode in which its powers, privileges, and immunities may be exercised and upheld, For joint sittings of chambers the order and conduct of its business and proceedings may be either separately or in same chamber. Also Speakers may use rules of any English Commonwealth parliament chamber such as of the Housed of Commons of the national Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Part V—Powers of the Parliament

51 Legislative powers of the Parliament

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(i)Taxation so as to be the same in all parts of the Commonwealth nation, with free trade among our 10 States;

(ii) 50% tax of any currencies exodus from our English Commonwealth currencies zone (such as for shifted profits for tax avoidance, foreign owners or to buy imports). 1% tax on all transactions between separate entities to, from and in our English Commonwealth currencies zone. 10% tax on transactions into another currency from, to and in our English Commonwealth currencies zone.

(iii)25% flat single rate bounty (quantitative easing subsidy) on food grown in the Commonwealth nation (by dry nutritional content). 25% flat rate of bounty (quantitative easing subsidy) on currency inflows to pay for new products we make and export (once) in proportion to percentage cost of production from manufacture within the Commonwealth nation, so as to have uniform subsidies throughout the Commonwealth nation; [turbo charger: the amount of export revenue inflows 4x cost of the subsidy]

(iv)Product categories to have a 50% import duty (tariff) for which the Commonwealth nation can produce a replacement (not on individual foreign companies and products). Levy per kilogram on export of products sourced from living nature such as seafood and timber for seeding and replenishment of these species.

(v)10% levy on producer sales and 10% levy on consumption sales for sellers choice of private education and child care for collection by the sales platform and bank with the first GDP/populationx10 [$700,000] in the calendar year exempt and on 30% levy on shares sales for the underlying business to prevent high frequency fake mania trading;

(vi)Export royalties: GDP divided by population divided by 2000 [$35] per ton royalty on general exports, plus GDP divided by population divided by 10,000 [$7] per kilogram for natural forest sourced timber and ocean sourced sea life exports) to pay once (may come and go free after paying export royalty once). People including luggage up to 10kg, plus free aid and vehicles exports and travel exempt. For fair states exporters to spend royalties to build power stations for base-load eternal electricity generation and for uninterrupted power supplies (batteries) including for small exporters with management by the seller platform. [such as eBay] Where from native title territory state payment on the native title territory state border for equal distribution between all Australian citizens including Aboriginals residing in native title territory (state). Exports must be available and sold to local consumption in the fair Commonwealth nation (including delivery) at under half the price available to overseas consumers up to where 20% of production is for local consumers (citizens of the fair Commonwealth nation)

(vii)1% wealth tax on property for each year in family accumulating then divided by contiguous area in hectares calculating value for payment only on sale (not on inheritance unless sold, The eldest natural child in turn to inherit own choice of contiguous real estate property and business assets including furniture and machinery), sale of property and buildings by builder tax free for 10 years after beginning construction. Financial and other investments are subject to .1% tax each month. Gifts to charities having approval of the local council are tax free. Gifts to natural children such as normal own accommodation, board, food and health care accumulating of GDP/population each year are tax free. Other gifts and inheritances are subject to 50% tax.

(viii)1% transaction tax (transactions to self tax free). 10% foreign currency tax (any transaction in our nation using foreign currency to buy something) or inter-currency transaction tax: tax on currency conversion in our nation (conversion of any currency into our national currency free of this tax).

(ix)Customs, quarantine, inoculation and biological pest elimination. Navigation tools, traffic control, lighthouses, lightships, beacons and buoys. Mapping, documentation and reporting of astronomical, meteorological and scientific observations;

(x) Conservation of islands and seas within the national territorial waters (mid distance between own main-land area and the main land area of neighboring nations);

(xi) Census and statistics;

(xii) Currencies, finance, banking, equal self adding voucher card welfare, coinage, money supply, interest rate policy and transactions within the Commonwealth nation. To encourage savings rather than insurance;

(xiii) Communications. (People shall have the right to tell and know the truth subject to sexual privacy and money account security, Plus military action secrecy for 1 year), Spectrum, Television and radio may only broadcast voices, songs and sounds of fair complexion people, policy, nature, true images, science, design and events, and silent video of black or criminal activities, Television may only show sport with racist white power music but may not broadcast any sounds or voices of or about sport (such as on radio). Fiction and degenerate music shall Digital Rights Management to prevent copy, play or broadcast without permission of and payment to the creators, Racist white power music which shall be free to copy, broadcast, stream and play. Video security surveillance shall monitor and record silent video of all public places to catch crime including public toilets. Reverse or virtual images, animation or deviant art, Voices, sounds, songs, messages or art of homosexuals, black people or of illegal terrorist religions may not be broadcast, heard, seen or published except as imposed in close physical proximity, from which you may defend self, discourage, vilify, ignore and leave. Government must tell the truth and may not directly pay for media, All media must be by private individuals, charities and businesses, The national broadcaster shall only own broadcast infrastructure with a board of 10 being 1 director from each of the 10 biggest parties by adding together current votes of fair full citizens at national, state and local government elections. Channel receiving most levy sponsorship in last month such as from levy on sales for the business choice of educational video channel to be broadcast on the relevant spectrum.

RADIO SPECTRUM: All broadcast spectrum is free to 10 private media corporations having approval of the national business council and receiving most media levy sponsorship or mobile Internet spectrum and fiber 1/10 bandwidth free to 10 telecommunications company connecting most {actual 25mbps+} broadband users. Government may not sell or charge rent for spectrum.
As set by the national parliament {Device transmitting under 100Milliwatt may use any spectrum without limit, restriction or cost, up to 10MHz per user allowing devices to switch to unused frequencies, Except may not use GPS, radar, navigation, emergency, and missile guidance spectrum up to 100mhz.
Radio Quiet Zone: a radius of {} shall have no radio emissions except in emergencies for radio telescope.
*25khz from 0khz to 25khz military submarine communications.
*25khz from 25khz to 50khz positioning system.
*25khz from 50khz to 100khz over the horizon radar.
*200khz from 100khz to 300khz point of sale and automatic teller banking transaction and payment, (20channels x 10khz)
*4mhz from 300khz to 4.3mhz satellite drone and self driving cars traffic control.
*.1mhz from 4.3mhz to 4.4mhz for satellite clock, wrist-watch and time division duplex synchronization signal.
*.6mhz from 4.4mhz to 5mhz for automatic ship and aircraft location reporting and navigation information system and emergency locator beacon satellite.
*50mhz from 5mhz to 55mhz dynamic spectrum. Remote wireless point to point connection of wireless towers for fast mobile voice also with satellite dish for wireless broadband on mobile devices. Minimum required up to 100watts.
*20mhz from 55mhz to 75mhz (100channels x 2mhz spectrum blocks) for free wireless open channel voice and peer to peer web tiles for services and people profiles in local proximity tiles subject to user filter for mobile phone and stationary vehicle. Maximum power minimum required to connect full screen of tiles to 100watts. Sender user may set password to only sent tiles and open voice channel to people in proximity having the same password. Such as for sending personal emergency alerts.

*50mhz from 75mhz to 125mhz Free all free access equal sharing of long range open spectrum wireless {[5G wifi] standards set by the national parliament} multiple user per dynamic spectrum bandwidth channel so channels = users per channel with power just enough for good connection of devices at more than 5mbps: Anyone may use and provide open spectrum wireless access using own backbone network connection and only for free. People may share open spectrum wireless passwords in exchange for roaming use of open spectrum wireless access. 1% of national budget for free open all areas hotspots including Drones, lamp lamp posts, stadiums, schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, digital library charities, sports facilities, swimming pools, beaches, zoos, parks, conservation areas, tourist attractions, theaters, entertainment facilities, night clubs, shopping centers, malls, shops, restaurants, factories, city multistory buildings, churches, and community centers, Such as for owners, tenants, visitors, customers, workers, passengers, patients and students. Including for voip video phone calls. The free access point provider paying for routers, amplifier, antenna, and backbone network access such as by fiber. Devices do not have to use the same access method to receive and send access to network. Access point senders able to have many users on each dynamic channel. Maximum power being minimum required to have good connection with maximum number of devices so able to provide 5mbps up to 100watts/channel. Wireless router to selection 3 last channels, then drop channel with lowest speed (most interference) and replace with channel for which having lowest signal level (not recently failed channels) for minimum interference. Also 2% of national budget for remote fiber backbone network with 10 {[Internet] standard as set by the national parliament} network fibers plus 10 cable TV fibers. With wireless towers for local connection for mobile phone and broadband. Each network fiber and each TV fiber for the network cable builder company from more than 10 having approval of the state parliament who lay most 20+ fiber backbone in the nation to charge only for fiber backbone network access (including for open wireless network access). So users able to change channels within 1 second. Tenant and property owners at the location may get free fiber network access and pay TV for allowing use of yard and roof for free wireless access services tower and antenna base station hub with eternal generator and battery, for the hub owner to provide open wireless network access to neighbors and visitors to pay just for fiber network access from own choice from the 10 fiber network builder. All users may live bid per megabyte for backbone fiber access for wireless with commercial satellite fallback where available if wireless network access transfer rate has fallen a mega bits per second level set by the user. Devices must have automatic power control to transmit minimum required variable power output to only transmit minimum wireless signal power required by the user to connect and use device successfully. Peer to peer user and provider may also use point to point parabolic dish to collect and send signal with motor to auto focus such as to connect with neighbors.
*25mhz from 125mhz to 150mhz (50channels x 500khz) for free open spectrum {[Bluetooth] standard as set by the national parliament}
channels for local Internet Of Things processing of data (may also use mobile phone/device spectrum): Smart tags, meters and sensors, Cordless phones, headphones and microphone, Remote control, Smart appliances, Traffic lights, signs and traffic alerts for vehicle AI, cameras, security sensors, speakers, home and industry equipment control systems, Toys, Vehicle to vehicle communications, Peer to peer browser showing tiles in order of proximity of devices self hosting. With and without passwords. Up to 500milliwatts/channel home devices, up to 5watts/channel outdoor device, up to 50watts/channel. Auto vacant channel switching.
*100mhz from 150mhz to 250mhz (100channels x 1mhz) for 100 {[DAB+] standard as set by the national parliament}
satellite and tower digital radio stations including for backup. Each of stations for the private media corporations having approval of a member of the national parliament to receive most sponsorship from levy on sales for the income earners choice of private media corporation for free to air free commercials media. All English language. {1-World economics and policy article reading service. 2-recital of all 1764 combinations of the 42x42 letter phonetic alphabet brain exercise. 3-Christian and Jewish music radio. 4-Live national talk-back, 5-Crime, police, criminal law and trials radio. 6-emergency services. 7-Weather radio. 8-Comedy. 9-Astrology and prophecy. 10-Environmental radio. 11-Secrets disclosure and conspiracy. 12-Pets and animal welfare radio. 13-Nutritional medicine article reading radio. 14-Exercise and fitness radio. 15-Celebrity gossip radio. 16-Shopping product review radio. 17-Science and technology article reading service. 18-Shopping (paid advertisements) radio. 19-Criminal law and courts radio. 20-Fair instrumental music. 21-Japan news and programs in English. 22-Breakthrough constant free energy, time travel, chronovision, teleportation and anti-gravity technology. 23-Farm journal article reading service and news, 24-Computer and communications article reading service. 25-White pride including female music, 26-Female music, 27-National news. 28-International news from local perspective, 29-British news and non fiction programs in English, 30-European, Scandinavian and Russian news and programs in English, 31-Israel news and programs in English, 32-Irish news and programs in English. 33-Canadian news and programs in English. 34-New Zealand news and programs in English. 35-USA news and programs in English. 36-China region news and programs in English. 37-Australian news and programs in English. 3-Local industry news and programs in English. 39-Fair citizens interests. 40-National parliament: house of representatives male members and press conference radio. 41-Australian national parliament: senate chamber female senators and press conference radio. 42-Military, police and emergency services. 43-Canada news and programs in English. 44-European parliament, news and press conference radio, 45-55State parliaments and local council chamber and press conference radio, 56-{for the national parliament to decide} 57-{for the national parliament to decide}. 58-UFO's and extra terrestrial affairs articles and interviews. 59-War or disaster history. 60-Shares investment news and article reading service. 60-100 Live country and regional affairs, news and talk stations. }
Spectrum for satellite: No junk, free to air TV: All channels must be non fiction, non cartoon or computer graphics (except numbers and alphabet), English language, all sounds and art must be of people having fair complexion and not degenerate violent savagery voices and culture of black complexion people. No homosexual propaganda. Paid advertisement only
product placement and taking up to 50% of screen so able to press key on remote to hear advertising over normal programming. Fiber network cable may have any (junk) content.
*75mhz from 250mhz to 325mhz (10channels x 10mhz)
Day: (9am to 9pm) 10 child education television all English channels for pay television satellite owners to broadcast. With backup hill top tower transmitters. 10 age levels child education channels. For the channel receiving most sponsorship from levy on business sales revenue for educational television channels and videos to host on {[YouTube] video host/s as set by the national parliament}. No cartoons. Night: 10 high definition all English television channels for private pay television satellite owner to choose and broadcast. With optional text article selection from part of screen. All English: 1-News, protests, breakthroughs, politics, discoveries, events, justice, disasters, accidents, aid, rescue, sports highlights, weather from the local nation perspective. 2-Silent sport with racist white power music, 3-Food, travel, tourism, food gardening, farming, nutritional and fitness, 4-Nature documentary, anatomy, biology, natural sciences, health, 5-Technical science and technology: breakthroughs news and documentaries, information technology, genetics, materials, nutritional medicines, anti-gravity, energy, space, interstellar travel, 6-Current affairs, policy, shares, economic indicators, investment and finance, discussion in detail, news conferences, media presentations, parliament highlights, 7-Advertisements channel with sound as on up to 50% of screen on all channels with optional mute on remote control, 8Home making, renovation, building, real estate, furniture, antiques,, 9-Gossip, celebrity, performing arts, fashion, modeling, fertility, psychology, relationships, nudity, romance, beauty, reality, lifestyle, games, comedy and entertainment, 10-Datacast teletext channel such as of subscribers [Twitter] messages only to the subscriber and message service account holder.
*75mhz from 325mhz to 400mhz (10channels x 7.5mhz)
Satellite internet. Day: (9am to 9pm) 10 channels high definition research female university television all English channels for private pay television satellite owner to broadcast the relevant {[YouTube] online video libraries having approval of the national parliament} channel receiving most sponsorship from levy sales for free online educational video channels and video: 1-Nursing, healing. 2-Music for racist fair people empowerment. 3-Merchant shop keeping. 4-Child care and education. 5-Fertility and child birth. 6-Home keeping and budget management. 7-Nutrition, food preparation and service. 8-Welfare and charity. 9-Manufacturing and hand craft. 10-Hygiene and infection control.
*75mhz from 400mhz to 475mhz (10channels x 7.5mhz)
Night: satellite internet. Day: (9am to 9pm) 10 channels high definition research male university television channels for private pay television satellite owner to broadcast the relevant {[YouTube] online video libraries having approval of the national parliament} channel receiving most sponsorship from levy sales for free online educational video channels and video: All English: 1- Agriculture,- Food, nutritional supplements, diet, tourism, crops, seeding timing, harvest timing, agricultural machinery mechanics and service, fencing, water supply, timber, paper, leather and natural textiles, (Best crop selection research focus), 2-Engineering,- metal casting, milling, welding, coatings, 3D printing, ceramics, composites, plastics, robotics, machine tools, kiln work, chemistry and materials science, (Material science + Product design research focus), 3-Computing, networks, video displays and audio: networks, computers, electronics, microchips manufacture, satellites, spectrum, television, audio, chronovision, wireless Internet communications, (Webpage design + Crystalography focus), 4-Resources: geology, minerals exploration, excavation, explosives, mining machinery, ore processing, smelting, environment protection, water works, sewage, (Geology mapping focus), 5-Construction: concrete slab work, tile and brick laying, glass work, sheds and roof work, plumbing and bathrooms, tunneling, roads, bridging, kitchens, carpets, curtains, furniture and carpentry (Construction planning+design research focus), 6-Health: Fertility, genetics, dentistry, infections, trauma, cancer, medical research, organ failure, addiction, allergies, diabetes, immunology, hygiene, poisons, ambulance paramedics, (Nutrition medicine research focus), 7-Genetics, Crop, Pest or black race specific contraceptive infections, Human genetics. (Genetics focus) 8-Finance: Business, administration, retail, economics, banking, shares analysis, investment, (Investment audit research focus), 9-Transport and robotics,- anti-gravity, interstellar travel, teleportation, robo vehicles, robotics, space probe exploration, satellites, time travel, driving, trucking, shipping, railways, aviation, packaging, logistics, customization, repair, mechanics, packaging, minerals transport, space communications, and space telescopes, cognitive programming (Transport engineering focus), 10- Policy: Law, media, child care, education, music, color, alphabet, naming, constitution, democracy (Constitution design research focus).

*25mhz from 475mhz to 500mhz open license spectrum any use to 10 watts.
*3ghz from 500mhz to 3.5ghz for (300 channels x 10mhz) mobile device spectrum (selection of 4-10 last channels to requirements, then dropping of channel with lowest speed (most interference) and replacement with channel having lowest signal strength for minimum interference) for ground tower, lamp posts, and on roof wireless Internet. {[5G using Artemis pCell pre processing signal focusing technology] standard as set by the national parliament} [With 100 pCell (devices) per 10 pWave (antenna) cell using just 5mhz: 3ghz would provide much more network capacity than we all could possibly use so we might as well use extra surplus spectrum for additional uses] As with {wifi} open wireless spectrum just to provide services to community paying choice of fiber network builder for access. The user having a billing system able to switch between and connect instantly to optical fiber backbone network builder with cheapest fiber rates (with satellite fallback). Multiple small cell local wireless micro-node signal boxes (such as in secure safe off road cabinet on community housing land, so not going to be hit by a car) also for drones, hilltop towers and satellite. For mobile devices with internal antenna 10 centimeters or less in length with local cell maximum power 20watts/channel, with drones, hilltop towers and satellites maximum power 100watts/channel.
*Spectrum at 1.57542ghz and 1.2276ghz for global positioning system.
*Spectrum at 2.45ghz for microwave oven.
*500mhz from 3.5ghz to 4ghz multiple use 1:High power radar spectrum. 2-Subject to first use times and locations open use to 10watts subject to local council restrictions.
*6ghz spectrum from 4ghz to 10ghz for satellite up-links spectrum in proportion to down-link spectrum allocation.
*Spectrum from 10ghz to 11ghz. Radar.
*Spectrum from 11ghz to 100ghz Open use free spectrum such as for spectrum hopping wireless data network and voice subject to local council and federal minister restrictions. Up to 100mhz per ground (to 100m altitude) user. Maximum power 10watts.
*Spectrum over 100ghz for radio telescopes.

(xiv)Border protection, Customs, Police, Customs, Courts and Prisons within lands and territorial waters of own Commonwealth nation. Expulsion of invader. Aid to other nations to resettle blacks including refugees;

(xv)Standards including technologies to be free to copy. For Internet fiber, wireless towers, data centers, and ducts (not a monopoly). All terrestrial Internet network builders must build ducts, poles, towers and satellite backbone with free sharing of 10+ Internet fiber, 10 cable TV, radio and text channels fibers and 10 blocks of spectrum wireless Internet and media channels towers and satellite: with provision for free of 1 Internet fiber, 1 cable media channels fiber and 1 spectrum block of 10% of free {5th generation} wireless community spectrum free from backbone to each of the 10 network builders building most length of ducts (including cables) in last 10 years in Australia. Each of the 10 main plus 10 state private telecommunications network builder companies having approval of the state business council to build the network shall also have free reasonable use and connection to of each others ducts, poles, exchange router (which shall have ports to plug in cables of all network builders) and data centers to extend the network. Any user may access any wireless node using sim from own choice of billing provider for the user to bid a price per megabyte for a portion of wireless bandwidth (speed) in proportion to bid as a proportion to all bids for the provider, device and user may use multiple provider and instantly adjust choices from the 10 providers live and dynamically to get best speeds. Device/user using both mobile and satellite bandwidth must bid for both. The sim account holder paying any amount the sims billing system provider credits in advance in any of the 10 main world currencies to never expire until used. The network builders may use any vacant land to lay ducts and place poles and towers as is required, where giving to property user (renter) access to the network, with only the ducts and contents being the property of the fair Commonwealth nation. Automatic top-up of prepayment to billing provider accounts after using up 90% of last prepayments, with live display of prepayment amounts. Billing providers to pay network builders at end of each month. User/device account holders credits if used up prepayments shall retain connection to billing provider, taxi and emergency services and phone calls on credit for 1+ year. Device shall have free secure exchange of {wifi} passwords so as when allowing access to own {wifi}; shall get roaming proportional roaming {wifi} in return.

(xvi)Levy on income for earners choice of free charities having local council accreditation such as for free emergency services, software, environment, prisons, fertility services, media () ;

(xvii)Bankruptcy and insolvency (1 year as convict after payment for other crimes shall forgive bankruptcy and all financial and material debts);

(xviii)Text and image copyrights, Product design and medication patents (when a product is the standard the makers and designers must make the technologies of operation and construction openly available and free to copy), All genetics may not be patented and are free to copy subject to therapy, hygiene, pest control, contraception such as in infections for genocide (of terrorist races such as blacks) and correction of bad genes). Brand and accreditation trade marks, Product and food standards;

(xix) Citizenship and probationary residency including for extra terrestrials and from future. (migrants must be fair, healthy, have own means without crime including for 20 years of probationary residency to get full citizenship for vote, social welfare and right to own more than 1 hectare of land and existing real estate such as housing);

(xx) Business operations in our Commonwealth nation (each of the 10 largest share holders who are individual full citizens of our Commonwealth nation shall each have 1 directorship over division in our nation);

(xxi)Marriage on pregnancy. Fertility services for full citizen surrogate mothers (not using eggs of infertile women). Qualification of egg and sperm donors for surrogates to choose from; Embassy testing and selection of worldwide good natural mothers (of national color code) as egg donor candidates for election by male citizens over 50 years of age who are citizens of the same nation for natural clone eggs for fertilization by 5% oldest male citizens using any cell DNA to edit and repair on computer for to print, boot and clone sperm cells for unique pairing as the full fair citizen surrogate shall choose for Basics Card welfare, Parenting responsibilities. Payment of egg and sperm donors. Penalties for having abused family members. Rights to sell full citizen children for adoption in same state;

(xxii)Levies on income and revenue: No tax or penalty may be imposed on earnings and revenue from productivity in the Commonwealth nation other than the following unregulated levies:

(a) 10% of all electronic income of people in the fair commonwealth nation for the earners Emergency Savings Account for management as units in one fund of each of the Commonwealth nations 10 banks (to invest in shares in companies listing in the Commonwealth nation, investing 1% of funds in shares in the same bank its-self and all of the banks savings and all savings of those responsible for investing the savings in the same units in the single fund of the bank), to use up first then Citizens tax free Basics Cards amounts and bank accounts before equal percentage of generic Medicare rebate to health shop and health shop credit. The Federal Parliament health minister may determine health shop chains any additional health treatment standard so void patents and allow generic competitors to get rebate.

(b1) 10% levy on home owners income for the earners choice from 100 free charities having current approval of a local council. All surplus good clothing, furniture and products of right color must be for charities to loan out for free while good other wrong color or worn out items must be thrown out for free front door collection by collection by local councils who shall select charity/s to provide free removal of rubbish or toxic waste and free collection and distribution of items for charities. the patient may also commission online any health product generic of the standard having approval of the national federal parliament health minister: Local charities shall be for fair full citizens not for illegal migrants scroungers who have invaded the Commonwealth nation who shall be sent back to nation of most ancestry by simple spit DNA test. Each local council to approve 100 businesses to each become a charity, So the top 10 individual donors may appoint 1 director to the board of 10 directors. On establishment from personal business being the intrinsic value of assets split between 10 relatives and friends for private and listing share holder business the market value of shares on establishment shall represent donation. No minimum wage as all workers to be volunteers on zero pay so may get welfare when productive if poor (so not pay income tax/levy). No dividend. No sale of shares. Donors own the charity as assets to have zero rating of donations in relation to welfare assets test. All products must be free. Charities may at any time reconvert to a share holder business and list on share market, so sell products, pay sales tax, pay minimum wage subject to 20% charities levy when a home owner (20% for maintenance and upgrade when a tenant), employ apprentice, sponsor schools, educational video and skills coach. Free charities may include to provide free: Free clinic, ambulance, disability services, emergency services, hospital, mobile remote dentist, medical research institute, rescue, fire, and legal aid. Free Security police, Security camera monitoring such as of public toilets and as property owners and businesses submit link to, Black, illegal or addict removal, Pre-terror chronovision intelligence. Free courts and prisons operators. Free care of wildlife sanctuary. Free tax enforcement. Free lawn mowing, cleaning and garden maintenance services. Free psychiatric and addict services. Free to air broadcast media with no paid product advertizing. Free transport services for all with priority for full citizens. Free unions to protect workplace, building, food, chemical and product health, safety, climate and pollution control, inspection and regulation, proper payment of wages including taking to court. No other union fees or public service wages may be extracted. All toxic chemicals are illegal, in agriculture only fertilizer and biological control agents are legal only subject to common sense regulatory and label recommendation and prosecution without any hard set regulation. Tobacco is illegal. Drugs must have adequate labels. All fish for food must be grown in clean water such as aquaculture using own clean water. Radioactive power is illegal. Free software foundation. Free medical and nutrition research. Free food inspections and prosecution of bad food provider in Local Court (not regulated). With matching funding from the national budget.

Free homeless shelter and loan clothing and food bank for homeless card holders for full citizens having less than GDP/population / 10 [$7000] in assets and cash. Also for all homeless NATO veterans in Australia. Assistance for full and born obtain homeless card with super contribution from government for basics. Free energy, teleportation, antigravity, superluminal and time travel research. Free care assistance to our (NATO) military on active service abroad and veterans at home. Free representation of Australia from (NATO) sovereign soil secure embassy bases around the world such as Testing, processing, selection and inoculation of migrants to Australia subject to border protection minister, Release from capture, Emergency biometric identification, health care, accommodation, food, clothes and protection in embassy and return of stranded Australian citizens to Australia, Travel advice. Egg donor candidate profile management for election by Australian males: DNA testing, photograph, video, links, crime history from local police intelligence, mothering ability, story and statements. Also to serve as NATO military base. Free care and confinement for dependent full citizen poor who have been mad, addicted, alcoholic, homeless, disabled, self harmed, infected, prostituted, gay, criminals or lazy (not to be rewarded with money), Free volunteer exploration projects. Free model constitution development projects. Free online (digital) library (encyclopedia). Free animal welfare, vets and zoos. Free paper and web records. national archive, internet archive, libraries, census. survey, statistics, land tile, mapping, design, planning, names records, geography, weather, and minerals mapping. Free care of national buildings and assets,- government house, parliament house and monuments (All statues must be white). Free care of Monarchy and Monarchy assets (royal estate). Free political party yet to have a member of the federal parliament. Free web-page hosting for locals with eternal archive. Free sports administration, drug testing, clubs, care of sports-fields, Players, coaches, umpires, and trainers health care and travel (not payment to players), health care, nutrition,, transport, accommodation, training, uniforms, equipment, and luggage. Local council sports fields, club rooms and stadiums maintenance and construction also from national budget. Free prosecution and independent commissions against corruption. (Panel of 10 prosecutor: 1 by appointment by each of the 10 major parties by party membership). Free swimming pools, surf life saving, sports, tourism and adventure clubs and assets. Free religion: churches, charities, weddings, funerals, and guidance to celebrate family life. Free open product choice, assessment, consumer affairs. Free photos, statues, archeology, museums and galleries charity. Free private security police. Free garbage, bulk rubbish or toxic waste removal service. Plus any free product to fair full citizens.

(b2) 10% levy on tenants where the rental property in only home for to save up for the tenants choice of rental property upgrades, repairs and improvements (such as for National community housing manager of national social housing.

(c) 10% of retail of end products to consumers (as merchants) sales revenue plus 10% of producers (as growers and makers) sales revenue to pay for the business choice of education services at the end of each week: 40% for own choice free private selective unregulated private business child care and boarding school/s and universities having approval of the state business council, 20 years with last 10 years specializing, segregation in to 5 streams: 1fair longest local citizen ancestry males, 2fair migrant males, 3fair longest local citizen ancestry females, 4fair migrant females, 5darker or mentally disabled or required special care, 40% to apprentice/s (also interns) who when fair, good and constructive shall have the right to attend work to receive for pay for as many best hours so as to pay the minimum wage per hour (of years national GDP/population/3000 per hour), 10% for own choice of on the job skills coach/s, 10% for own choice of free educational videos and channels on {[YouTube] online video library provider local data-center business as set by the national parliament} from which satellite pay TV business broadcast relevant channel with most sponsorship.

(d) 1% levy on business, charity and party revenue for unregulated maternity leave pay with cap of GDP/population per pregnancy.

(e) 1% levy on business, charity and party revenue for audit.

(xxiii) No welfare, cash or voucher may paid to any person within the fair English Commonwealth to not be productive or not work; be black, unemployed, disabled, retarded, retired, addicted, insane or bad. Health shop may get Medicare rebate for fair full citizens who are asset poor (having less than GDP/population in total assets regardless of income and using up financial savings completely) subsequent to sterilization by injection (for children to 20 years of age sterilization not required). The local health shop chain having approval of the local council and the national health minister may then commission any health treatment for Medicare rebate subsidy to the health shop, such as any Dentists in any private dental clinics, Emergency treatments in any private emergency hospitals (for up to 1 month from date originally afflicted) and Care for as long as is needed in care homes (such as for ex homeless, ex addicted, ex convicted, self harmed within last 12 months, disabled such as from age) with each care home resident to get own bedroom (with lock and copy of keys, own television, radio, true images of self, shower, toilet, bed, bedding with cleaning and temperature moderation and care home card for free food from food-banks (all surplus long life food and nutritional supplements from national budget), free loan clean clothing, towel and linen of right color, Free soft soap, toothbrush and tooth past without fluoride (not shaver), Free hair cut. Police may admit fair full citizens to care homes for assessment by a health shop doctor. While a care home patient when leaving care the home must be in proximity of carer/s until able to leave and be independent. BiometricID chip and identification file including photos in microSD Basics Cards for devices such as passive watch to self add (QE) an equal amount each week from establishment and replacement for essentials to last until replacement or disqualification (switch off of self adding QE feature) so as the person to retain the balance. For 20% of fair full citizen with main account at each of the 10 official banks: From 40% who have least total asset regardless of income; counting urban dwellings (on less than 100hectares) and not counting assets of parents and guardian and not counting assets of personal businesses and charities at this 100% deeming rate, Free rating (0% deeming) of family business and charity assets such as farms (including homestead where on more than 100hectares contiguous ownership land), sheds, seed, fertilizer, crops, fuel and machinery, Plus additional 10% rating (10% deeming) of own equal share of all assets of own use and occupancy including all urban accommodation such share of by rental, squatting, military deployment, remote work camp, community housing (national and bank), by ownership and a family home (free rating 0% deeming homesteads on farm over 100hectares and business and charities assets). From this 40% with least 50% shall get welfare, being 10% who are best students, then from the remainder 10% who are best knowledge workers, then from the remainder 10% who are best public servants including military and then from the remainder 10% who are of most senior age. Homeless, disabled, ex criminals, self harmed within last 12 months or ex addicted may also access charity rehab hospitals to require sterilization by injection where over the age of 20years for medicare rebate for extra care and treatment. All full citizens 40% of the national government revenue for all fair full citizens (after 20 years including of all ancestors residency) to get 2x nutritional 100gram long life ration bars {ingredients as set by the national parliament} and drinking water each day and safe access to free safe public toilets (with video cameras facing out of door from opposite door, down from ceiling onto floor, at backs of men at urinals, at face of people sitting on toilet and on top of toilet roof to track local activity all feeding to police monitor station with auto recognition enhancement of prominence on display of hostile characteristics or activity or noises or violence with alarm and voice AI alerts) and free public phone booths (with voice and image stream caller, subject, hostility and destination recognition to limit callers total length of calls each day where another caller is waiting such as by pressing a button and standing in line. Probational citizens (within first 20 years of own and ancestral residency) who have become homeless, destitute, addicted, disabled or have done bad crimes (as the border protection minister shall define consistently) shall have free deportation to place to nation of most genetic ancestry 500+ years ago (spit DNA test), so as to force to origin nation to take back as a citizen. World Basics Card: 10% of English Commonwealth military budget for Basics Card in exchange for free voluntary sterilization by injection for Blacks, infected, addicted, starved, disabled or inclined to have raped, infected, abused, murdered, lied or terrorized. Fertility Program Basics Card self adding (QE) of an amount of GDP/population/1000 each week for 20 years while the child lives for official surrogates using egg donation from female donors from 5% of female donor candidates from around the world passing pre assessment by official fertility service doctor at the fair Commonwealth local embassy consulate as being best fair healthy mother for profile for full the fair Commonwealth nations citizen men to elect 5% of these as female egg donor candidates and the 5% oldest fair full citizen men born in the fair Commonwealth nation for to sample, sequence, repair DNA on computer, upgrade and then make and boot sperm to be available for selection by and donation to the best (as able to provide) fair female full citizens of the fair Commonwealth nation as surrogate mothers having free will to select a unique pairing of qualifying donor for fertilization and birth of healthy fair children to be born full citizens of the fair Commonwealth nation. 1% of the national budget for equal division between each of the 10 states for equal division between 10 fertility services having approval of the federal parliament health minister. 1% of the national budget for equal division between egg donors for each child resulting in a health baby when 5 years of age. 10% of the English Commonwealth military budget for good long life ration bar food aid to English commonwealth protectorates of independent (Papua and Mexico) subject to the official democratic governments of these nations consistent ingredients requirements for omissions and additions of equal cost and qualifications for recipients) for to accept for processing on an island and peninsular at aid centers where open so free to roam widely and return to home nation of ancestry: all illegals migrants who have invaded any English Commonwealth nation and refused to go home. For (Papua and Mexico) to force worst up to 90% to go anywhere outside of the fair English Commonwealth including to enforce citizenship in nation of most ancestry of more than 500 years by spit DNA test, While (Papua and Mexico) to keep and resettle best more than 10% for more than 5 years. The 10 official banks shall each also grow money supply by an extra 1% each year tax free for to build community housing equally in each of the 10 states for compulsory acquisition of vacant farmland or deselected properties at cost of improvements, then commission block subdivision, preparation, and single story quiet community housing design and construction by independent private building businesses, subject to Local Council approval for to provide free to if poorest (in assets), fair full citizens born in the nation who need and wants the accommodation.

(xxiv) The justice process including rewards for witness testimony and evidence including from victims leading to conviction.

(xxv) the recognition throughout the Commonwealth of the laws, the public Acts and records, and the judicial proceedings of the States;

(xxvi) The people of any race for whom the fair born citizen populace deem necessary to make racist laws. (These special laws shall be to limit and eliminate bad dark or terrorist races and promote and advantage good fair races and allow truth in racial profiling), Genocide of pest species and dark races only by genome specific contraceptive bio-control and individual voluntary sterilization by injection for dark races, disabled, infected, criminals or foreign starved refugees for aid vouchers on self adding card each week (for equal value of humanitarian aid from 10% of English Commonwealth military budget including for distribution centers and buying fresh produce from local farmers, collectors and fishers) to live out normal healthy lives subject to their individual suicide, death penalty for savage crimes, and fair citizens self defense on own property and by police and military in defense of the borders and territories of the fair Commonwealth nation. Blacks shall also have their natural right to murder each other such in native title areas (free grazing lease) and an additional 10% of English Commonwealth military budget as aid only for natives when living in Papua and Mexico. Offense taken or violence against fair citizens because of the natural propensities of the assailant/s race, color or national ethnic origin; It is unlawful for any person/s to have taken take offense or done a violent act against fair citizens speaking the truth, if: (a) the taken offense or violent act was reasonably likely, in all the circumstances to have shaken down, assaulted, intimidated or raped or physically injured a fair citizen/s; if (b) the act was done because of the natural propensities of the assailants race, color or national ethnic origin, where the assailant has shaken down or intimidated or raped or physically injured the fair citizen/s assaulted. Those certain violent acts are also unlawful. Speaking the truth fairly shall not be an unlawful act or a criminal offense unless by the speaker who was the one who violently assaulted. Fairly telling the truth shall include: words, sounds, images and writing to communicate to the authorities and populace to report those that violently assaulted or intimidated or shaken down or raped or injured or to report on racial, color or national ethnic propensities for having violently assaulted or intimidated or shaken down or raped or injured; and telling this truth fairly in a popular place; and also where done in the sight and hearing of people who are in a popular place who were offended. Popular place shall include any place to which the populace have access as of ordinary right and also by invitation, such as by expression and also by implication and regardless as to whether a charge was required for admission to the place. Exemptions: this does not render unlawful anything said or done reasonably and in good faith: (a) in the performance, exhibition or distribution of racist white empowerment music; and (b) in the course of any statement, publication, discussion and debate made and held for any genuine freedom, design and scientific purpose and any additional genuine purpose in the populist interest; and (c) in making and publishing of free populist Truth media, where fair and accurate report of any event or matter of populist interest and fair and also any comment on any event or matter of populist interest where the comment is an expression of a genuine Truth. Violence may only be against black or ethnics criminals who have invaded such as to shoot them dead if have violated on own property and natural violence by blacks or terrorist religions on each other such as in native title areas and in foreign countries.

(xxvii) Border protection, Residency and citizenship requirements. For residency; good fair racial ancestry (spit DNA racial propensity test), healthy, own means such as from sponsor, contribution, without crime, not costing any social service such as from charities, welfare, hospitals, treatment, prison, care or community housing, not of a region that has abused or caused terror, For citizenship 20 years valid probationary ancestral residency contribution. Control of air space to 100km over our Commonwealth nation including territorial seas. Including for extraterrestrials.

(xxviii) Expulsion of fugitive, criminal, terrorist or black migrants with death penalty after 1 year in prison of any who returned and penalty for transport provider;

(xxix)Over external affairs: may make and exit any international agreement and continue to make new laws independent of any international agreement without penalty, (does not make Parliament subject to foreign laws or agreements), the fair Commonwealth nations may join into common 50% currency exodus tax free money transfer area and may also may withdraw to own fair Commonwealth nation 50% currency exodus tax area; the Commonwealth nation shall have own import tariffs and may not enter any (other) international free trade agreement.

(xxx) Merger of our Commonwealth nation and citizenship with fair neighboring Commonwealth nation, Native title area pastoral leases for black Aboriginals to have instead of our welfare;

(xxxi)Compulsory acquisition of property for cost of improvements by Government for infrastructure and by Community housing and Child boarding schools as charities and business having accreditation for construction of free housing for young or homeless poor the Reserve Bank shall issue new currency to pay for including for maintenance and own;

(xxxii) Regulation of transport including drivers license within the land and seas of the Commonwealth nation;

(xxxiii) Compulsory acquisition of vital infrastructure at cost of purchase and construction for new private operator and terms within our Commonwealth nation;

(xxxiv) Payment and contract for private local industry to construction and repair transport, power grid, water, sewage, telecommunications, clinic, justice, governance, sport, tourist, waste management, emergency services and school infrastructure, electronic tools and vehicles for private business and charity operator to run;

(xxxv) Minimum wage (all charity workers having approval of the local council must be volunteers working for free to get welfare for productive poor including of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues). Business shall pay 10% of revenue to pay as many best interns and apprentice hours as can pay minimum wage. Courts may prosecute union wage extortion. Public service and staff to work as the minister shall employ and pay equal portion of party income and Royal Estate as the Governor General shall employ shall not have minimum wage. Charity workers, unions, public servants, police and military may not take bribes. Unions shall manage fair worker health and safety and payment for employment by the end of the week including by withdrawal of all labor. Only art up political parties may accept donations and only as a charity having approval of the local council.

(xxxvi) Additional matters as the Governor General and Monarchy crown shall allow;

(xxxvii) Terms of reform of State constitution, legislation, and local government by the Parliament and citizens of each State also subject to the Prime Minister choice when this Commonwealth Charter update to apply to the State only;

(xxxviii) Council of all state Parliament Premiers or substitute state minister with the Prime Ministers and choice of Federal Parliament ministers who may agree on any transfer of and additional powers.

(xxxix) Federal Parliament may legislate regulation to further define laws, penalties, levies and taxes subject to assent of the Governor General which any future Prime Minister may annul.

(xxxx) Additional rights for good fair full citizens and responsibilities of residents

52 Exclusive powers of the Federal Parliament and in respect of legislation

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have exclusive power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(i) the seat of government of the Commonwealth, and all places acquired by the Commonwealth for government and community purposes;

(ii) matters relating to the public service subject to hiring control and direction by the ruling coalitions Prime Ministers choice of Ministers in the House of Representatives such as of departments;

(iii)other matters declared by this Constitution to be within the exclusive power of the Parliament.

(iv)Proposed laws appropriating revenue or moneys, or imposing taxation, shall not originate in the Senate. All bills to appropriate revenue (moneys), to regulate taxation, fines and fees shall originate from the House of Representative Prime Ministers Treasurer minister such as in a budget. Local courts consisting of 10 party judge + 10 random selection voluntary jurist and Governor Generals Royal Tribunal shall determine exact penalties.

(v)The Senate may not amend bill for taxation and appropriation of money which shall originate from the Treasurer minister in the House of Representatives. The senate may not amend any bill so as to increase any proposed charge or burden on the people.

(vi)The Senate may vote to return a bill to the House of Representatives without Senate amendment with message requesting any amendment or omission or amendment in relation to the bill. And the Minister may consider and amend the bill until the House of Representatives to vote in approval for return to the Senate to vote on.

53 Powers of Prime Minister

Members gaining election to the House of Representatives voting with a coalition winning a majority in a vote of confidence after election and on the request of the Governor General shall form the ruling government and each have 2 votes for separate members voluntary candidates from within the coalition to become the Prime Minister who shall while Prime Minister may creates, merge and dissolve departments and determine the numbers of, appoint and replace ministers and duties of ministers in the House of Representatives including the Treasurer who shall present budget statements and legislation and with matching ministers in the Senate. Prime Ministers Ministers shall be within 100 km of the national parliament to normally be at the geographic centre of the fair Commonwealth nations main national land mass, which the Governor General may change for up to 1 month ahead. Ordinary members and senators having election to Parliament may tele attend Parliament chamber from own electorate with a video monitor in the members place in Parliament. Electronic secure lodging of votes by members and senators in Parliament for online live verification by anyone.

54 Appropriation Bills

The Treasurers annual main bill to appropriate revenue (money) shall only deal with appropriations.

55 Tax Bills

Each laws creating, modifying or abolishing a tax, fee and levy including rate shall be individual and separate and shall only deal with the tax, additional parts shall be have no effect but shall not void the bill.

56 Recommendation of money votes

A bill for appropriation of revenue (money) shall originate from the Treasurer and then have voluntary assent of the Governor General before presentation to the House of Representatives and Senate to vote on as a whole without amendment.

57 Disagreement between the Houses

If the House of Representatives passes any proposed law, and the Senate rejects or fails to pass it, or passes it with amendments to which the House of Representatives will not agree after 40 hours of debate, The minister for the bill may select amendments having approval from both chamber to put in bill to put to and add together votes for in both chambers to require more than 250 votes of the total 500 seats in the Federal Parliament for enactment subject to assent from Governor General which the fair English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown may reverse within one year.

58 Royal assent to Bills

When a bill (law) passes both chambers of the Parliament the Governor General may provide assent subject to the nations constitution, which the English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown may reverse within one year. If assent is denied the Governor General may return to the bill to the originator member and recommend amendments to consider for the bill. The bill with these amendments may then return to the parliament for votes.

59 Dis-allowance by the Queen

The fair English Monarch Crown may annul any law within one year from the Governor General’s assent, On notification the Governor General shall prepare a message for the Speaker of both chambers to read aloud to members proclaiming annulment of the law and day of Crowns annulment.

60 Allocation to English Commonwealth President for defense spending and Monarch Royal Estate for the Governor General to spend within Commonwealth nation.

20% of the Commonwealth Nations revenue shall go to the English Commonwealth defense budget for management by the President with appointment and update of the defence budget to require 50% of the vote of the all member nations 10 states upper house being 100 member citizens juries by voluntary random selection. 1% of this budget shall be for the English Commonwealth monarchy. Revenue from each English Commonwealth member nation shall remain for spending in the same English Commonwealth nation with own Governor General assent. The Crown may also provide a Royal Pardon to an individual each week.

Chapter II—The Executive Government

61 Executive power

The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the English Commonwealth Crown and for exercise by the Commonwealth Nations Governor General for appointment by popular election and replacement as the Crown shall determines. To extend as the Crowns representative to command, authorize, appoint and replace al police, emergency services, military forces and Royal Tribunals in the fair English Commonwealth nation to lend assent to new laws of the Commonwealth nations local councils and parliaments and defend the English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter update having approval of more than 50% of citizens jurists and more than 50% of citizens jurist of more than 50% of the 10 state citizens juries of each member nation and Crown royal assent and us the nations Prime Minister updates to.

62 Federal Executive Council

The Governor General shall choose and update a Federal Executive Council to ask for advice and information about governance in the Commonwealth nation and may summon to and host voluntary meetings of the Federal Executive and reward members who attend.

63 Free will of the Commonwealth nations Governor General

The Governor General may consider advice and information from all sources to exercise own free will subject to the Crown and Constitution in provision of assent and duties. The Crown and Governor General may present own messages between each other, To the royal family, To the world as a whole, To members of the federal executive council, Messages to parliaments speakers for reading aloud to chamber, To presidents, prime ministers, premiers, mayors, government ministers a nations leaders, Priests and leaders of religions, English Commonwealth and alliance military, police and emergency services, Construction contractors and goods and service providers to royal estate, Choice of doctor.

64 Governor General may determine government personnel replacement

The Governor General may reappoint and replace leaders and personnel including government ministers, public servants, military and police, Plus of charities with accreditation of a government, These personnel replacements may serve to end of the term of employment up to 5 years subject to Governor General alteration andl be members of the Federal Executive Council. The Governor General with the Prime Minister advice may also create, modify and abolish government departments with personnel. The Governor Generals Federal Parliament minister replacement may hold office for up to three months then the Prime Minister may select a minister from members having election to the relevant chamber of Federal Parliament.

65 Number of Ministers

As the number of members in the coalition gaining election allow The Prime Minister may have any number of ministers in the House of Representatives with corresponding ministers in the Senate.

66 Ministers Pay From the Royal Estate

There shall be payable to the Crown Royal Estate in the English Commonwealth nation an amount of 20% of revenue for English Commonwealth military budget to spend in the Commonwealth nation including 1% shall go to the tax free Royal Estate for the Governor General to determine allocation including for Royal Estate properties and staff, Governor General appointees and some amount for each of the Prime Ministers and ministers.

67 Appointment of civil servants

The Prime Ministers minister having election to the House of Representatives and appointment to the relevant department may oversee and direct selection, replacement and duties of work for equal welfare public servants subject to interventions of the Governor General.

68 Command of naval and military forces

The command in chief to delegate authorization of all naval and military forces in the lands, airspace to 100km and waters of the Commonwealth nation is the Governor General as the Crowns representative.

69 Transfer of certain departments

The Governor General on the Prime Ministers advice may transfer government departments to another Parliament including Local Councils in the Commonwealth nation and privatise government corporations services and infrastructure to compete in the private and charity sectors, with continuation and pay the public servants more than the minimum wage for 10 years to work at the same location.

70 Extra powers of Governors to vest in Governor General

The Commonwealth nations Federal parliament may legislate to offer extra powers but not obligations to the Governor General.

Chapter III—The Judicature

71 Local Courts

Each Local Council shall have a Local Court to adjudicate over all crimes which happened closest to it. On conviction each of 10 Judges shall submit a penalty, each of the 10 Jurists shall then have 2 votes to cast to 2 separate Judges penalty submission. The penalty having the most jurist votes shall apply, for Judges penalty submissions having equal votes the convict may choose between these penalties. Convicts may be appeal to the Crown for Royal Pardon. Justice shall be free, lawyers must provide services for free with pay only from a legal aid charity having accreditation. Witness including the victim shall receive reward for evidence leading to conviction as a Judge shall recommend to receive equal portion of the next 1% of the Federal Budget to be for rewards for convictions subject to justice minister approval of the reward. Black of native ancestry and black citizens born in the Commonwealth nation may get release of prison without welfare into the native title area equal to grazing and pastoral lease over an area as the Federal Parliament shall define up to 10% of the Commonwealth nations own land and sea area, Blacks born in our nation may also resettle in local independent nation to receive 10% of the English Commonwealth budget as aid for equal distribution to own people including to resettlement blacks born in our nation and process illegal refugees who have tried to invade any fair Commonwealth nation to return 90% who were fugitives enforcing residency in country of ancestry regardless of rejection by that country, and accepting the best 10% as residents for more than 5 years.

72 Royal Tribunal

The Governor General may establish, regulate and appoint and determine terms for investigators, prosecutors and Judges for each Royal Tribunals to pay from Royal Estate with verdicts and penalties subject to Governor General assent the Governor General may have a Royal Tribunal investigate any matter particularly government corruption or disqualification or war crimes of any personnel within areas of our government and military jurisdiction including in foreign nations who’s government by election invites us in alliance coalition to help defend. To not go to our Local Courts. Plus may investigate any injustice on advice of the Prime Minister.

73 Appeal to Crown for Royal Pardon and also for Referral for (re)-adjudication by voluntary vote by all citizens jurist of all English Commonwealth member nations in council.

The English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown may provide 1 Royal Pardon each week for 1 English Commonwealth member nation fair born citizen residing in anywhere English Commonwealth law shall apply including exiles and in advance of prosecution. The Royal Pardon shall remove convection return confiscated property and fines require compensation from prosecuting agency GDP / population / 100 [$700] for each day of imprisonment or detention and exempt the fair born citizen from prosecution or limitation by any person, force, court and tribunal within English Commonwealth jurisdiction and reach and require protection for any similar activity by the fair born citizen so as to be able to continue similar activities subject to annulment by the Crown.

The English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown may also refer any legal matter in relation to governance, business, religion and charity operations within the English Commonwealth including for re-adjudication to the next one month session of the citizens juries. Plus may povide 1 Royal Pardon each week for 1 English Commonwealth member nation fair born citizen residing in anywhere English Commonwealth law shall apply including exiles

74 Review of convict, lunatic or addict confinement

Local Courts may for having done crimes convict to impose a penalty if solitary incarceration for free in cell with temperature moderation, shower, toilet and basin with drinking fountain, built in bed with bedding and only true images of self and television. With delivery of food, cleaning and required medication. If the sentence of confinement shall be for more than one year, and one year since the last crime receiving extension of sentence of confinement the prison shall have to have the local court review a convicts sentence of confinement. The good fair born citizen convicts may give all income including welfare to a prison island operator charity to provide own room and housing, food and essentials and pay for work (not subject to the minimum wage) and have freedom to roam the prison island for the remainder of the sentence unless convicted by the Local Court for a crime with a penalty of a term of solitary confinement. Black convicts may at any time obtain exile without any income or welfare from any parliaments budget to the native title area equal to a grazing and cropping lease on area of up to 10% of the Commonwealth nations lands and coastal seas to 1 km. To receive our aid blacks may migrate to the nation to receive 10% of the English Commonwealth defence budget as aid to resettle and provide for blacks to freely migrate from any fair English Commonwealth member nation.

People who have self harmed in the last month shall receive visit from free psychiatrist for confinement of fair born citizens in good free own room in mental hospital having the Local Council accreditation for free voluntary medication including as the national budget shall pay for as the health minister sends to the mental hospital. After one one month without self harming the fair born citizen (All crimes by mad against other persons body and property subject to Local Court as with by any sane person) border protection Migrant. Charities such as for Mental hospital and Prisons with accreditation of the local council qualify for donations from 20% of personal earnings incomes for donation to the earners choice of free charities.

People may report overly intoxicated drug addicts including from alcohol who have damaged or humbugged or physically assaulted or endangered or stolen or driven or done any crime shall when police discover after any Local Court conviction, fair born citizens addicts shall resettle to prison island housing within roaming within coasts of the islands free to grow drugs which intoxicated for the addict island operator charity to sell to addicts (not for export). The addict island operator charity to provide vitals including food ration plus pay (not subject to minimum wage) for work to spend at prison island operator charity shop/s. Ex addicts shave free assessment by a free doctor of a drug addict hospital charity on mainland having accreditation of the local council with own room with shower, toilet and drinking water fountain with only true images of self and television with deliver of good food and cleaning without provision of intoxicants, at any time the addict may obtain relocation to open accommodation on a prison island if continued intoxicated wanted, grow drugs or buy drugs with quality control from a prison island pharmacy.

The Federal Parliament border protection minister shall assess and detain migrants without having any appeal who have done crimes or had mental illness or addictions for to enforce deportation for residency in the migrants home country of main ancestry more than 500 years ago as soon as possible for confinement, treatment or any penalty from own county.

75 Final jurisdiction of Royal Tribunal and Commonwealth Citizens Juries in council.

In all matters:

(i) arising under any treaty;

(ii) affecting consuls or other representatives of other countries;

(iii) in which the Commonwealth nation, or a person suing or being sued on behalf of the Commonwealth nation, is a party;

(iv)between States, or between residents of different States, or between a State and a resident of another State;

(v) in which a writ of Mandamus or prohibition or an injunction is sought against an officer of the Commonwealth;

the High Court shall have original jurisdiction.

(vi) Assemblies and Royal tribunals and Constitutional and local courts (judges and juries) may not accept, read or hear any suit brought on behalf of or any testimony or submission of foreigners or blacks or terrorist dogma. Courts and juries may view photo and silent video of showing criminal activities of foreigners or blacks or terrorists where deleting areas of their writing.

76 Additional final jurisdiction

The Parliament may make laws conferring final jurisdiction to a Royal Tribunal on any matter:

(i) arising under this Commonwealth Constitutional Charter, or involving its interpretation;

(ii) arising under any laws made by the Parliament;

(iii)of military and maritime jurisdiction;

(iv) relating to the same subject matter claimed under the laws of different States.

77 Power to define local court jurisdiction

Subject to the above section the Federal Parliament may make laws:

(i) defining the additional jurisdictions of any local court having jurisdiction over the local council area;

(ii) defining the extent to which the jurisdiction of any local court shall be exclusive;

(iii) investing to any of the states local court matters of a State parliament.

78 Proceedings against the Commonwealth nations property including social housing.

The Parliament may make laws conferring rights to proceed against the Commonwealth nations property in respect of matters within the limits of the judicial power.

79 Appointment of Local Court Judges and Jurists

Each Local Court room shall have a panel seating 10 judges each of the 10 parties having most citizens born in the local council area as members who shall elect a locally resident member to be Judge in the Local Court until retirement as the Governor General may determine.

Each local court shall have 10 jurists from local born able citizen local resident over the age of 20 years of age who voluntarily apply for 1 year, each to have own number to go in lotto ball machine for random appointment as one of 10 Jurists one month in advance for one month and substitutes for if any unable to attend. Indictment or any offence against any local court shall be by jury, and every such trial shall be held in the Local Court of the local council area where the offense was committed. 80 Remand, convictions and penalties

Local Council shall approve local security police force charities subject to state Governor to arrest criminals until a local judge determines remand and bail terms and date for court appearance the event of multiple judges the higher restriction shall apply. Local security police may not fine or impose any penalty against fair citizens except in self defence and in defence of fair citizens, including of shops, factories and homes.

Local Court Conviction shall by on the majority of 11 verdict adding together the verdicts of each of the 10 judges and 10 jurists. Local courts shall have 10 judges The federal jurisdiction of any court may be exercised by such number of judges as the Parliament prescribes.

Fair Security Police Officer including border protection shall be able to arrest and deport blacks or illegal invader without access to courts, Send intoxicated, addicts, psychotic or self harmed to hospital confinement or Confine assailants including for illegal supply of drug or intoxicated drivers for trial. Fair security police officers may shoot in defence, in defence of fair citizens, terrorists or fugitive murderers.

Property owners including tenants: shall be free to bare common bolt action normal .22 rifles with scope and laser pointer and night vision for to destroy vermin and in self defence only loaded and with ammunition on own property and in defense of fair citizens of our Commonwealth Nation from invasion or to put down government injustice or coup.

Segregation of criminals in jail shall be national on basis of gender, race, age and type of crime. All prisoners shall have right to segregation in own cell for own protection and hygiene plus air conditioning for temperature control plus good nutrition health care. All criminals as prisoners shall have sterilisation by a injection after 1 year in prison (cumulative). Worst repeated violent criminals or illegal drug dealers shall have the death penalty at the rate of 1% of criminal prisoners each year. The border protection may deport foreigners who are criminals where this is more severe penalty (including to death penalty) such as in exchange for return of Australians, to save money or where imprisonment has been used as a way for foreigners to obtain extended residency with free protection, food, care and perks or as a way to spread terrorist religion.

Chapter IV—Finance

81 Consolidated Revenue Fund

All revenues or moneys raised or received by the Governments of the Commonwealth nation shall form one Consolidated Revenue Fund, for the Federal parliament to appropriated including in the national budget for local and state government subject to the English Commonwealth Charter.

82 Tax collection

All tax collection and levy distribution management shall be automatic by the persons Bank (to keep 1% of taxes and levies) having approval of the Federal Parliament. No obligation on anybody to lodge tax forms.

83 Money to be appropriated by law

No money shall be drawn from the Treasury of the Commonwealth except under appropriation originating with the Federal Parliaments Prime Ministers Treasurer minister such as in the annual budget.

84 Transfer of Local and State governments departments and public servants to Federal Parliament

On any on transfer of a department of the public service of a State becomes transferred to the Federal Parliament the employment of all existing public servants of the department shall be subject to a Prime Ministers minister;

With all property of any kind exclusively in connection with the department, the Federal Parliament may acquire any property of any kind in use, but not exclusively by the department without compensation to the state, minister shall on transfer, assume responsibility for regulations of the department.

86 Use of taxes revenues

40% of revenue of our nation shall be for Federal Parliament to allocate to the states and local councils in proportion to population originating with the Prime Ministers Treasurers. 40% of revenue shall be for welfare. 20% shall be for English Commonwealth Military. All for expenditure in the English Commonwealth Nation on local recipients.

87 Budget portion for states.

During a period of ten years after the establishment of the Commonwealth and thereafter until the Parliament otherwise provides, of the net revenue of the Commonwealth from duties of customs and of excise not more than one‑fourth shall be applied annually by the Commonwealth towards its expenditure.

Surplus shall go to political parties in proportion to the number of members having election to government assembly (Local, State and Federal assemblies)

88 Consistent taxation and rates.

One single rate of 50% tax on exodus currency from the English Commonwealth and of tariffs of each member nation on importation of products also made in the nation. All taxes, fees, fines and levies, plus all utilities rates per unit of usage shall be the same across the 10 states of the nation subject he English Commonwealth Charter. No tax shall exist on transfer of assets including people, information and money between the 10 states of the nation.

89 States Business Council

The states 100 largest private businesses by revenue in the state for which all 10 directors reside in the same state. Each of the 10 largest share holders shall appoint 1 director:

To: approve: 100 unregulated private boarding schools in the state to receive the proceeds of levies on sales.

90 Consistent subsidies for production and export.

The Reserve Bank shall issue new currency as a 25% subsidy on each payment transaction for exports for portion grown and made in our English Commonwealth nation as the bank shall administer (except not for wild sea-foods and finite essential resources).

91 Local fuels and finite resources

More than 20% of fuels and finite essential mining resources shall be for local consumers in the same commonwealth nation at less than half the price as for sale to consumers at foreign locations. All local energy shall be from as local sources as possible and from within the Commonwealth Nation. All homes shall be single story (except for city square mile), 100% off grid including Wireless communications, Free eternal effortless electricity with surplus for air-conditioning, Rainwater tanks with inflow filters and outflow pumps and recycling of water for automatic irrigation of nutritional food species such as plants and trees, Pit toilet with fumes treatment via exhaust fan, all products and packaging (other than housing) must be combustible, non toxic and quickly bio degrade in sea water or provide no cost disposal of product at end of life and/or packaging with reward of 10% of product costs. For each bedroom the new home shall be on more than one hectare of land and be able to feed 1+ chooks without purchase of feed. Local data centres shall be local more than 100m underground and more than 100m above sea level. All communications and energy systems shall be able to survive x60 electromagnetic storms and electrical grid failure.

92 Local Councils

Local fair citizens shall elect to each of the 25 local councils of each state: 20 members from the local council area to elect a Mayor as Speaker. The local council shall vote to:

(i) Approve big constructions subject to the Governor Generals choice of general plan.

(ii)Approve 100 charities for the local council area.

(ii) Commission local private businesses and charities to repair and maintain local infrastructure and natural environment remove rubbish or pollution.

(iii)From local fair citizens born in the local council area elect representatives: 2 male and 2 female local fair citizens to the first house (house of assembly) of the State Parliament and 1 male to the first house (house of representatives) of the Federal parliament.

93 States

Each of the 10 states of the English Commonwealth nation shall have the 100 members local councils elect in the first house (house of assembly) and 100 member citizens jury from fair citizens born in the state; each month by random selection from willing participants for each 1 month, To:

The State House of Assemble shall legislate and reform the states current model English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter to put to all citizens juries in the English Commonwealth each month to vote on:

The State Citizens Jury for each month shall vote to appoint a Speaker and consider video conference debates, from all state citizens juries: To as a whole of all state citizens juries in first weeks vote to rank model English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter submissions from all states lower houses, in second week vote to approve or reject the leading charter model subject to Crown assent, in the third week vote to approve or reject the English Commonwealths military Presidents budget and defence policy update in the forth week of the month vote on member nations Governor Generals choice of 1 judicial case from each state and candidates for President of the military if the existing Presidents military budget and policy failed to pass.

94 Distribution of budget surplus

Budget surplus shall go to members parties in proportion to members in parliament.

95 Customs duties:

A tax of 50% shall apply on the exodus of all currency from the English Commonwealth such as to buy imports, avoided tax or squeezed workers.

An additional tax of 50% shall apply on any product category for which the Commonwealth nation produces a replacement. The Commonwealth nation may not apply tariffs to individual foreign companies.

The federal parliament shall apply a levy per kilogram on export of products sourced from living nature such as seafood and timber for seeding and replenishment of these species.

96 Financial assistance to States and Local Councils

The federal parliament shall provide money to States and Local council areas of equal amount per (fair population x area in hectares)

97 Audit

1% of revenues of businesses, charities, parliaments, royal estate, military budget, and local councils shall be for audit as the Governor General determines.

98 International agreements

May only about communications, medication, military, electrical power and navigation standards. All genes and standard technologies are free to copy. International agreements are subject to ongoing assent of the English Commonwealth Crown and the Federal Parliaments.

99 Federal parliament may not allocate to a particular state, region and local council.

The Federal Parliament shall not make allocation to a particular state, region and local council, Only to all states, regions and local councils in proportion to (population x area in hectares). The state and local council shall spend monies by spending submissions subject to veto be the Senate, and military by spending submission to the Governor General.

100 Nor abridge right to use water

Property owners shall have the right to water falling on own land and under own land.

The State Parliament shall determine management of state rivers, storm water recycling, desalination. All homes shall have 5000litre rainwater tank/s per bedroom with filter and pump.

The Federal parliament shall determine management of rivers crossing state borders for water quality and irrigation.

101 Inter-State Planning Commission

The Governor-General shall have Inter-State Commission to plan infrastructure including across state borders.

102 States Parliaments may modify or withdraw from part of inter-state infrastructure plan for own State

103 Inter-State Planning Commissioners’ appointment, tenure, and remuneration

The members of the Inter State Planning Commission:

(i) shall be appointed by the Governor General in Council;

(ii) shall hold office for up to seven years, but may be removed within that time by the Governor‑General in Council, on an address from both Houses of the Parliament in the same session praying for such removal on the ground of proved misbehaviour or incapacity;

(iii) shall receive such remuneration as the Parliament may fix; but such remuneration shall not be diminished during their continuance in office.

(iv)Reserve Bank shall issue new currency for housing commissioner to commission the construction of free housing to back currency so all fair full citizens shall have single story off grid quiet free housing (more than 100m from main road), for fair full citizen mothers including for fair full citizen children. Starting with youngest at free private boarding schools and poor.

104 Saving of certain rates

Nothing in this Constitution shall render unlawful any rate for the carriage of goods upon a railway, the property of a State, if the rate is deemed by the Inter‑State Commission to be necessary for the development of the territory of the State, and if the rate applies equally to goods within the State and to goods passing into the State from other States.

105 Payments and debts

Government payment to suppliers shall be in advance of supply (escrow), on supply the buyer may release payment, after a period in the agreement where still in escrow either party may take the payment to the local court to recover, Other (illegal) unpaid government debts at the presenting of the general budget shall default and be void. Budget allocations shall be a percentage of revenue and may only be spent when in account. Only health shops chains having approval of the Federal minister and local council may issue credit and only for care and medical treatments to default at death, Health shops may refuse expensive treatments to people with large debts or expected death, If a minister has a run a deficit the minister shall go to prison until no longer a minister plus for 1day for every GDP/population. Within our Commonwealth Nation all payments to government’s, businesses, charities, businesses and individuals may only borrow items from charities free such as clothes and machinery (not money), payment must be in advance of delivery (such as by escrow), all new financial debts are illegal and void after 1 year (since in charter), People may spend one year as a convict in free community service to void own other material or service debts. 1% of the parliament and local council budget revenue and the all of the budget surplus since the presentation of the last budget to the presentation of the next budget shall go to parties in proportion to popular vote at general election for payment by party leaders and ministers choice of staff and public servants.

Chapter V—The States

106 State Constitutions and legislation

The Constitution and legislation of each State of the Commonwealth shall, subject to this Federal legislation, continue as is and shall only update to be in compliance with the current Commonwealth Constitutional Charter .

107 Secession

States may not secede unless on a separate land mass or with own predominate language by 60% majority referendum of full citizens with 100+ year unbroken ancestry on that land mass or language area.

108 Saving of State laws

Every law in force in a Colony which has become or becomes a State, and relating to any matter within the powers of the Parliament of the Commonwealth, shall, subject to this Constitution, continue in force in the State; and, until provision is made in that behalf by the Parliament of the Commonwealth, the Parliament of the State shall have such powers of alteration and of repeal in respect of any such law as the Parliament of the Colony had until the Colony became a State.

109 Inconsistency of laws

When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Federal parliament, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

110 State Governor

The Governor General shall appoint and replace the Governor of each State extend and duties of the Governor.

111 State may surrender territory to another adjoining state

The Parliament of a State may surrender any part of the State including islands to an adjoining State the Commonwealth nation with English Commonwealth Crown assent.

112 State inspection laws

States may require free quarantine inspections and referral to local courts. Plus monitor, catch, apprehend, punish and deport immediately illegal blacks who have invaded or terrorised even if having obtained citizenship as with border protection.

113 Intoxication

Beverages and foods may be up to 6% alcohol and come with 1km taxi voucher per 10ml of alcohol. Various cannabis oils and powder drinks are subject to 90% drug sales tax (Medicare rebate subsidy to pharmacy but no sales levies) from local health shop having approval of the local council such as for pain, nausea, epilepsy, ex drug addicts, spasms or cancer. All other intoxicants may only be grown or sold as the addict island charity operator determines subject to 90% tax for sales on the addict island.

114 Local fair citizens security police, emergency services and militia forces.

Local council shall approve security police, emergency services and militia forces charities to have volunteers who may bare arms to keep fair citizens safe. These charities to receive portion of 20% levy on incomes for earners choices of charities.

115 National Commerce and Currency

BANKS: Issue of the new only valid general national currency shall be only by 10 private banks (to only do banking) with each state business councils approving 1 each, subject to approval, investigation and disciplines of the governor generals royal tribunal. Each resident shall only have one account at one of these banks (plus independent payment processing services). These banks shall for customers print standard currency to convert the valid national crypto currency, Subject to a 20% tax on withdrawal (with cancellation of the same value of the crypto-currency) plus 1% fee for the provider of the cash withdrawal such as for automatic teller machines. The cash economy is free of sales and same currency transaction taxes free local cash economy with payment of all cash over GDP/population/10 [$7,000] x number of home and shop contiguous properties at the end of the week tax free into a bank (the 10 banks may hold any amount of cash). Shops may round down cash change as with open store policy. Only health shops may provide (free) credit and only on and for purchase for health products and treatments. Transactions require biometric identification such as photo and pin. Each local council area shall have 10 roundish suburbs/counties of equal population. Each bank must have a branch in one suburb/county in each local council area so as not to establish first branch in local council area where any of the 10 banks has an active branch. Bank branches may also function as local parcel customs, holding and postage franchise office of all of the 10 biggest postal services by deliveries in the last year. All housing foreclosures must be for private community housing for the subsequent 20 years after the foreclosure for rent to if homeless asset poorest full fair good citizens of the commonwealth nations paying to 20% of income as rent for the tenant to spend on future maintenance and improvements of the tenants residence wherever will reside.

ISSUE OF NEW CURRENCY: Each of these 10 banks may issue new crypto-currency as follows: (but not for lending)

1% x GDP each year for to commission construction of royal estate off grid, quiet, single story housing free for fair full citizens with lease access to housing to have own bedrooms (equal cost of up to GDP/population x 5 per bedroom). For tenants to pay: 20% of income as rent for the tenant to spend on future maintenance and improvements of the tenants residence wherever will reside, plus 1% x the tenants total own assets each month to the local councils choice of charities for moving services, loan furniture, linen, electrical and appliances, plus for maintenance services such as front garden and lawn care, repair, painting, security and excess goods or rubbish removal. Priority for Young (private and charity boarding schools), Pregnant and mothers of children to 20 years of age, Productive asset poor such as apprentice and interns (private and charity community housing providers), Homeless, addicts or disabled such as of old age (private and charity care homes and hospitals), Public servants, royal estate workers, charity volunteers, free knowledge workers, military, police (such as in suburbs and country towns), Alien extra terrestrials beings and beings from future, Multi-story high rise up to 200metres free accommodation for city workers only in city square mile, also Convicts and ex convicts (private and charity prison island operators). Blacks got native title area instead.

An amount of GDP/population/100 [$700] per week at (from) each biometric identification self adding crypto-currency Basics Card (microSD card for devices such as passive watches) of fair full citizen account holder including for children for the account holder (may be guardian) to spend on products and health shops (gap) having approval of the federal welfare minister (grown and made in the Commonwealth nation, of excellent quality, right colour, right brand name, no chrome, treatments) for each of the 10 banks to award to 10% of fair full citizens account holders with just 1 bank, being of the 20% with least own total asset the 50% who contribute the most to the state regardless of income such as Students (such as children to age 20 for spending by the boarding school as guardian on care and pocket money), Volunteers for charities having approval of the local council, Free knowledge workers (such as free citizen free science, policy, news, web-pages, video, white power music, and software engineers, Designs but not for other fiction), Public servants having approval of the minister (who shall also receive equal portion of 50% of party revenue from the local council, state and national budget in proportion to vote at general election, being all of the budget surplus plus 1% of the total budget (parties, members of parliament, staff and public servants may not accept any donation, membership fee, bribe or any other payment and must donate other personal income, dividends and profits of any business in majority family ownership to charity). Not for refugees, the sponsor shall pay genuine fair Christian and Jewish refugees as guarantor and employer as the federal border protection minister selects not from illegals who have invaded. Not for probationary residents until full citizenship after good productive contribution probationary residency for 20 years. For full citizen students payment to private boarding school as guardian. For convicts payment to prison such as island operator.

20% subsidy to exporters for exports in proportion to costs of production in the fair English Commonwealth nation for payment of foreign income (from outside of the fair English Commonwealth area) into the bank in the fair English Commonwealth nation.

Local food growers subsidy GDP / population / 20,000 [$3.50] x kg for farmer grown medicinal, nutritional and timber content of plant, tree, fungus, microbe, wool (to shear in spring), egg and milk produce (not for meat, bone, water, bad fat or simple sugar content) subsidy for the farmer only for produce for products for human consumption. Not paid for waste, The subsequent food maker, furniture maker, builder and merchant must repay subsidy for produce wasted or disposed of.

For each full citizens (after 20 years probationary residency) guarantee of unit deposits in one the 10 official banks in the same fair English Commonwealth nation to recover the accounts deposit unit value losses after the end of the calendar year of up to GDP/population/10 for each full citizen for the year including personal private and personal business accounts losses in deposits unit value.

COMMERCE: Merchants selling from the fair English Commonwealth nation may accept only the official national currency as deposits in the same nation. Banks shall not interfere with the value of the currency. Deposit interest rates are not set and shall be as the gain or loss in the conversion rate of the national currency and the conversion value of units in the banks single fund for immediate access for transfer, withdrawal and spending from the unit account of up to 10% of deposits each day plus as the bank approves for spending in the national currency at the unit value at the time of the withdrawal and spending being total market value of all of the shares in the fund divided equally by all units in the fund to only list in ordinary shares in business listing on official share markets in the same fair English Commonwealth nation and where the business to buy shares in has more than 50% of total assets existing in the same fair English Commonwealth nation. All of the banks own, the banks directors (one director for each of the 10 share holders owning most shares), the banks staff, and the banks share transaction decisions staff financial assets as the same units in the same fund with the same bank, With the bank to receive each month 1/1000 x total units in the fund as new units as payment. All of the funds investment gains or losses go to the deposit holders as unit holders. Peer to peer transactions and balance records ledger update and verification to 100 largest branch data centers verifying so updating each other. Deposits in the fair English Commonwealth nations digital currency, may transfer tax free on to the bank account holders tax free Basics (copy proof) MicroSD digital wallet also with deposit balance, transaction history, biometric identity profile, ten last transaction photo, 10 3D recognition photo models, medical records, DNA test genetics profile (racial origins or susceptibilities) medical directives, end of life euthanasia directives, accounts access such for (phone, utility and rent of providers having approval of the welfare minister with a special password for each biller which the card owner may cancel), current medical, citizenship status, visas, full name, name at birth, place of birth, date of birth, citizenship of parents, ancestry, children, passport, licenses (alcohol and driving), drug consumption, drinker status, mental health status, next of kin to inherit, will, occupation (may self edit), criminal records including confinement status, area access, and passwords (with 4 digit pin, 16 digit master account management password, 16 digit bank access password and 16 digit individual long random passwords) such to put in phones, smart watches, pendants and smart cards with display, For tax free purchase of essentials having approval of the minister, including with self adding of appropriate welfare payments. With peer to peer transaction cross verification between local merchant and when able upload of transaction information to the bank to limit fraud. Merchants must have a standard electronic point of sale device. The merchant must also see the photo identification on the merchant device from the MicroSD such as via a phone, smart watch, pendant and smart card also with pin and electronic camera image feed recognition verification with image recognition optional for in store purchasers and merchant platforms having approval and trust of the banking minister. The currency unit account owner may authorizes generation of a special password to allow each merchant such as landlord to receive payments from the account owners account. Shops in our nation may use wireless digital price tags showing the price linking to the payment, inventory and product bar-code system of the store to automatically update the tag by secure wireless. Media transactions subject to digital rights management protocol. Only local health shops having approval of the health minister may provide debt and only for nutritional medicine. Debt may not be used to purchase established housing, debt (from overseas) may be used for new construction, renovation, production equipment or seed. Only savings, up to 30% of the account holders future income/revenue (total adding together and paying first obligations only) for up to 50years, set levels of quantitative easing and foreign debt may finance such as for construction and production machinery. Finance and lending providers may not foreclosure during the life of the purchaser, then only for to be permanent community housing for the poor paying 20% of gross income and each month 1% of gross assets into the tenants fund for maintenance at any property the tenant rents. Property owners after 10 years occupancy may sell a property and only on open market for 1 year first proceeds first repay original debts for the occupants purchase of the property for the seller then owing nothing. Property may not be collateral for other debt. Financial debts (including of governments or to foreign places) shall be void at the end of each year. No fee or obstacle may be put on early payment, change of address and transfer between service providers. Banks may issue replacement currency for currency damaged or destroyed. Any biller may be blocked at any time by any account holder. All account holders must nominate beneficiaries to transfer deposits to after dormant for 5 years. Each citizens accounts in one of the 10 banks in our nation may be overdrawn by up to GDP/population/100 [$700] with no fees but the bank may block transactions while account is negative.

BUSINESSES AND SHARE MARKETS: Establishment of and investment in any business shall not be restricted by regulation. Banks shall register any personal business (subject to criminal record check) on minimum deposit a single amount set by the bank into a business account and also the business property within the bank account for the bank to manage automatic taxation with a unique company name not elsewhere used in the last 50 years taking up to 1 day for approval. Personal business are the account owners property (not of the spouse) and only pass to children at death as inheritance. Shares listing on a share market having approval of the banking minister may issue (sell) shares only at market price where above book value per share (half years revenue plus half cost of assets). On subsequent transfer sale of shares (only at market prices on the share market) the seller shall pay 30% of proceeds to the underlying business and 3% of the proceeds to the share market platform. 10% of listing business revenue shall go to weekly tax free dividend to each share for the shareholders to accumulate until the share holder is able to purchase additional shares in the same business. Business may never de-list from an official share market and may never be removed from listing on the same share market while in existence until after this share market has ceased to operate in the fair English Commonwealth nation. All businesses shall pay 1% of revenue as a tax free dividend to the founder during the life of the founder and then to charities having approval of a local council. All businesses listing in the fair English Commonwealth nation shall have 10 directors, each a full citizen of this nation (after 20 years probationary residency) with each of the 5 largest share holder by ordinary shares to appoint and replace 1 female director and 1 male director. Director may only be director of 1 business at a time and may not be paid or be rewarded or receive any benefit from any-entity or any-one except any amount may be paid by the top share holder (one of top 5) as the directors employer. All derivatives or financial instruments where the share holder has not own the underlying business asset or having the potential for more than 100% loss of the cash investment are illegal and void. Share market prices shall go up to 3 digit numerals (above zero).

Each trader may have up to 10 free purchase bids and sell offer price orders at any one time, for any duration only subject to cancellation by the trader, which may be at any price, subject to 1 day delay for where over 10% either side of the current market price. The trader may sell all shares at market price of within 1% either side of price when placing sell order, Also the trader may specify a number of shares to sell and at when at what price. Any person and entity including any foreigner may also buy and hold shares on the fair English Commonwealth nations official share markets. Only full citizens (after 20 years probationary and ancestral residency) and business listing on an official share market in the fair English Commonwealth nation may buy more than 1 hectare of property and constructions with prior owners (foreigners may commission construction and then own constructions on up to 1hectare of land). over prm. twix, but brokerage paid to the bank share market trading web-page, registry and platform is market set. Companies, shares broker and shares registry may not send paper mail to share holder. Traders of business who have deceived other investors such as to prospects, revenues, profits and assets or for insider trading is subject to ban for 1-10 years as a local court shall determine. All share traders must disclose why the trader is choosing to buy, hold and sell each business share for automatic display to all for more than 1 day prior to placing the order, without disclosing quantity to buy and sell. For access by any investor looking up the profile on the business. Investor may list market depth list of buyers and sellers with the investors identity and this note. Traders market information and live market information including market prices and depth must be available free to all. For bids beginning at above the market price of above 1% of the shares in the business investments, no other trader may lodge a higher bid until this order is fully met until/unless the trader cancels the order for shares in the order yet to have. No one including broker may track investor on-line activity for insider trading (tracked what shares the investor is looking at to purchase or sell before the investor is able to get the order, But the observer may not know current orders of any other investor but may buy a holding in the same shares as the other investor after full execution and reporting of the other investors buy order, with permission from the investor friends may buy and sell own shares after the original investor gets own order through. Shares may not be sold at a loss except to liquidate estate of deceased investor if required: share holders may not sell shares under the purchase price of the same shares. All share holdings and investments and all other assets of all investors and citizens of our nation are available for free access by all including for automatic welfare assets test and taxes assessment. Share may only sell at above intrinsic value per share (50% book value + 50% of last years product sales revenue)/share. The listing share market platform organization must have over 100 audit reporting accountant firm and appoint 2 auditor replacing 1 each year with a new auditor so as each auditor has a 2 years within the last 10 years. The auditor to weekly update sales, assets and all information relevant market to all with minimal burden to the company (market prices and depth and traders notes run by the share market platform operator). No entity may take over or acquire more than 20% of shares in a listing company, the board may not cancel or transfer shares or sell more than 10% of in use production assets each year.

TRADE WITHIN THE 10 STATES (of the fair English Commonwealth nation shall be absolutely free, except in matters of state customs controls for quarantine and prevention of entry of criminals or illegal foreign migrants or illegal weapons or illegal drugs. The national parliament not to give preference. The National Parliament shall not, by any law or regulation of trade, commerce, or revenue, give preference to one State or any part thereof over another State or any part thereof. Laws with respect to navigation, or shipping, airlines, and railway carriers shall be made by the national parliament.

LOCAL FARMING: The top 10 local farmers by production in the local council district shall each have 1 director on board of 10 to make food product purchasing decisions for the top 2 local supermarkets from 60% of the supermarkets food sales. (Health shops having approval of the local council and health minister may make own health product purchase decisions. Health minister to commission local ingredients for nutrient welfare ration bars) Supermarket business owners such as for chain the board of 10 shareholder board make all additional purchasing and pricing decisions. The biggest local council area groceries supermarket by sales in the last year including online shopping distribution warehouses must provide free stocking while having room on delivery of all long life food grown in the state for free to receive payment only after sale of the long life produce to consumers for the price set by the distributor to only get payment within one month after the sale of produce to consumers and for the grower farmer to get 60% of sale proceeds (before home delivery), the processor, packers, transporter, distributor and supermarket retailer working out how to cut 40%. For fresh produce with production subsidy on sale by the farmer, for sale to consumers within 1 week of picking, laying and milking, after which the fresh produce shall be free to the poor in foodbank section of the seller for 1 week, then disposed with the merchant repaying the production subsidy (where farmer selling the produce canceled subsidy). Each farm may process own produce and sell produce direct to consumers, processors, packagers, wholesalers and retailers. Merchants may only own 1 farm. On-line groceries such as supermarket distribution warehouses must list all produce by unit price of actually produce not including the container, in consistent unit of per kilogram. Merchants such as supermarkets may not import food, Individuals as end consumers (including for family) may import food tax free such as vitamin and complementary medicine supplements only from within the fair English Commonwealth nations. {Commonwealth Empire}. All animal products must go through an official process before contact and consumption by end consumers such as cooking and pasteurization for colostrum products though a special process which will not destroy immunity boosting factors such as immunoglobulins. Families may produce and drink and eat own raw egg and milk products such as cows milk only where from the families own animals not mixed with milk and egg from more than one animal and bird. Chemical pesticides or herbicides are illegal only pest genome specific biological controls such as infections to at genes specific to the pest add genes to make contraceptives and physical destruction such as by electrocution, natural predators, fencing, fast lethal traps, robot, weeding, plowing and shooting and nutrient and health positive pungent herbal deterrents controls and elimination may exist. Crops may not have herbicide resistance and may be bred for herbicide susceptibility for emergency control of infestations in quarantine.

SHOP RETAIL TENANCIES: business renting shops such as for manufacture, repair and retailers shall pay 10% of revenue to shop owner/s. Shop owners shall give 1 years notice on free rent if shop tenancy is terminated.

POSTAL SERVICES (and local post office franchise): Postal franchise must home deliver to homes and businesses in the same fair English Commonwealth nation for a basic single amount per delivery, plus an amount per delivery for each overseas area and to foreign nation post office (may include home delivery as available) x distance between the land area of the sender and the land area of the recipient (no extra charge for within the senders same land area and nation), plus an amount per gram (dividing by 5 for weights over 1kg); for delivery to within 5 kilometers of one of the 10 banks post office as local postal franchises holder, to the mail box on the recipients property for small items and to the front door on the recipients property for larger items up to 10kg. The nearest postal franchise holder/s as having approval of the local council shall have responsibility for and collect mail from local postal boxes and facilities for to send and receive mail. Additional postal services shall include unregulated same rate per kilobyte pay digital mail for delivery by satellite TV and mobile phones and wireless internet towers. Of postal service physical mail and parcel delivery charges 25% for senders post office for collection, sender services, processing and sorting for correct postal services, 25% for the postal service for collection from senders post offices and moving mail and parcels to receivers post offices, 25% of postal rates for additional mail collection, sorting and long distance transport contractor, and 25% for the receivers post office to deliver to the recipients property.

116 Religion

The populist democratic Federal Parliament may ban any religion that has abused or promoted terrorism including all books, places of worship or symbols and jailing and expulsion of their fanatics. Our parliaments and local councils may each legislate additional rules and observances without ceding power to any other religion. People in our Commonwealth nation may only swear in on the Christian holy Bible and Jewish Torah. Commonwealth nations governments, prisons, schools, public servants, charities, children and migrants shall be, respect and observe books and constructive traditions of constructive of Christian and Jewish religions including in Sundays 1 hour listening to live guidance and only cleaning and good deeds without pay. All religions are subject to the Commonwealth nations populist democratic Commonwealth Charter and Constitution law enforcement. Only Christian Churches and Jewish Synagogues may exist in our Commonwealth nation as places of worship, attendance for good citizens shall be voluntary. Good productive fair full citizens shall have free will to create own religion, observance and model policy submissions. Books and preaching of religion shall include metaphoric analogy to demonstrate morel principles, subject to correction by the living leader of the religion to be non fiction in light of the progress of science. The chief Jewish Rabbi in Jarusalem may edit, update and print the Jewish Torah. Only the current Pope in Vatican City may edit , update and print the Holy Christian Bible after vote of the Popes choice of fair cardinals each born in a separate country. No person may force anyone to do or submit to anything that violates Jewish and Christian traditions and texts subject to this English Commonwealth Charter.

+Commandments and directives:

Thou shall not kill except to save good fair true Christian and Jewish life.

Thou shall not worship reverse or virtual or cartoon or single reflection mirror images.

Thou shall only contemplate designs and true images of self and world such as on television, video and reflection of reflection at slightly acute of right angle in corner.

Thou shall require homosexuals to obtain a license for homosexual activity from a local court including homosexual propaganda.

Thou shall put evil in the past and make the future good.

Thou shall not be in debt and shall condemn debtors.

Thou shall have non biological dwellings except shall have biological doors, floors, window frames and furniture. Roof shall be metal and walls shall be stone, brick or concrete on steal frame.

Females shall celebrate December as Christmas by giving gifts of food. Men shall celebrate December as Christmas by giving free samples of his work.

Thou shall have male priests in marriage union as master with his wife a female priest as servant.

Thou shall have 10+ food produce trees and 1+ chook for each family member.

Thou shall eat unprocessed food, vitamins and supplements.

Thou shall not deploy toxic chemicals such as agricultural pesticides or domestic bug spray and shall not insert toxic chemical genes in food and shall have biological, contraceptive and physical control of pests.

Thou shall be in shade from sun while having face, neck and hands visible as much as possible.

Thou shall wear locally made clothes and eat locally grown food and buy buy locally made products.

Thou shall not wear high or narrow heels.

Thou shall not wear make up, spray tan or camouflage paint.

Thou and family shall save money and treat own illnesses or injury and shall not partake of socialized medicine or medical insurance.

Thou shall grow only productive species, such as to produce food.

Thou males shall have bald scalp and gray body hair, females shall body nude of hair and yellow blonde scalp hair, Both gender shall have face nude of hair, white-orange complexion and blue eyes.

Thou shall favor fair Christians and Jewish charity and those who have stopped giving for financial reasons over those who have never given

Thou shall only have fair Christian and Jewish migrants, houses of worship and books. Exile all other blacks, migrants of bad religions or fugitives who have invaded, flatten their places of worship, verbally vilify them and burn their books.

Thou shall not normally eat meat at home. Only away from home or in emergencies. (Bone and joint powder, Eggs and milk always okay).

The meaning (purpose) of life is to mate female beauty with male longevity.

How to think and communicate for optimal results.

Basically talk about bad problems of past and good solutions for future.

More in depth: talk alternatives of:

-Good/yes/idea/peace/surplus/allow/thanks about Future We-me-i You-friend True words Profit True image video Design Crops/livestock White Police Creative Nutritional Healthy Productive Successful Energy And When Local Agreement Populist democracy. (yes/ok about good and future)

-Bad/no-not-don't/aggression/deficit/avoid/sorry about Past Them You-enemy Fiction words Debt Reverse image reflection Art Wild species Black Crime Destruction Toxicity Illness Bum Failure Lethargy Or/But/Except If Foreign Disagreement Tyranny. (no/not about bad or past)

-Relationship, alliance, sex: ability report: currant time.

-Truth about time events where having photographic evidence including of a future. Truth about natural geographical and weather events of any time such as forecasting. Truth about science of any time.

Have only true image of self for self control: join 2x 2meter tall x 1meter wide mirrors by tape up outside of junction. Have 2 mirrors at slightly acute of right angles so as to have 2 true images of self central on each side. Have two of these in opposite corner of the room for self defense. Also have a pair opposite a television. Have a shield from reverse images on each side wall such as tall cupboards. Have television and computer monitor opposite reflection of reflection corner mirror pairs. Present only own best true images, voice and texts to world. (normal reverse images of single reflection mirror caused self destructive confused behavior).

Record and listen to all combination of phonetics alphabet pairs each morning preferably standing between opposing live true images of self and while watching television to wake up, focus and set goals (42 x 42 transitions)

ALPHABET. [Click her to play 42 x 42 phoneme transitions audio]

6 Short:







6 Mid:







6 Long:







8 Throat:









8 Tongue:









8 Teeth, lips:









Color Code











Walls Ceiling

People shell


Safe DC outer

Cool Heat.


Skin blend


Towel Tissue


Kitchen top


Audio TV

Mains AC outer

Mixer blender


Soil blend.

Military rain coat



Hot water

Fire shell

Warning light LED

Safe volt dc+

Lamp Torch

Fire Fighting


Girl cool dress



Cold water

Police shell


Safe volt dc-




Man cool shirt shorts




Bulk cargo


Mains mid volt AC

Clean, wash.

Brush clean

Girl scalp hair

Police vest rank tie




Farm shell


Mains mid volt AC

Garden Tools

Garden tools



Table cloth



Rescue shell


Lethal outer

Power Tools,

General Tools

Skin blend

Rescue Safety vest

Wet washer


Sink Tub Loo

Family shell

Door Bell

High volt DC+

Bug zapper

Food utensils


Girl winter outer

Girl bedding





High volt DC-


Tool Box

Soil blend

Footwear Gloves

Pack Wallet Trash bag


Path Road


Compute Time

Data+ outer



Man body hair

Man winter outer

Man bedding





Fiber inner



Eyes lens.

Safety glasses

Food wrap


2x mirrors



Optic data

Road sign

On paper.


Photo ID







Solar panel.



Fur lining

Shop bag.








A E I O U bOOk

Ar Er Ear Or Air cOW

Ay Ee Eye Oh tOO Oy

H Ng R Y K G C J

Sz Sh Z S N D L T

THe THing F V W M B P


First consonants:

Mid consonant:

Last consonants:

First Vowels ONLY:

Last Vowels ONLY:


Builder not back. Place only tongue. Hardware only front.

Hardware only back. Builder only tongue. Place not front.

Place only back. Hardware not tongue. Builder only front.

Place short. Builder long. Hardware mid.

Place long. Builder short. Hardware mid.


Herb only back. Microbe not tongue. Animal only front.

Microbe only back. Animal only tongue. Herb not front.

Animal not back. Herb only tongue. Microbe only front.

Animal mid. Microbe long. Herb short.

Animal mid. Microbe long. Herb short.


Soap only back. Clothes not tongue. Food only front.

Food not back. Soap only tongue. Clothes only front.

Clothes only back. Food only tongue. Soap not front.

Clothes mid. Food long. Soap short.

Clothes short. Food mid. Soap long.


Power only back. Hand only tongue. Generate not front.

Generate only back. Power not tongue. Hand only front.

Hand not back. Generate only tongue. Power only front.

Power long. Hand mid. Generate short.

Power long. Hand short. Generate mid.


Surname only back. Girl only tongue. Man not front.

Man only back. Surname not tongue. Girl only front.

Girl not back. Man only tongue. Surname only front.

Man short. Surname mid. Girl long.

Man short. Surname mid. Girl long.


Hardware only back. Info not tongue. Software only front.

Info only back. Software only tongue. Hardware not front.

Software not back. Hardware only tongue. Info only front.

Hardware long. Info mid. Software short.

Hardware short. Info long. Software mid.


Shop not back. Money only tongue. Bank only front.

Bank only back. Shop only tongue. Money not front.

Money only back. Bank not tongue. Shop only front.

Money short. Shop mid. Bank long.

Money mid. Shop long. Bank short.


Manual only back. Nature only tongue. Power not front.

Power only back. Manual not tongue. Nature only front.

Nature not back. Power only tongue. Manual only front.

Power long. Manual mid. Nature short.

Power mid. Manual short. Natural long.


Force only back. Party only tongue. Weapon not front.

Party not back. Weapon only tongue. Force only front.

Weapon only back. Force not tongue. Party only front.

Force mid. Party short. Weapon long.

Force long. Party short. Weapon mid.

117 Rights and protections of fair full Citizens born in a State of our Commonwealth nation

Shall extend to any location while residing in our Commonwealth nation more than have in any other single nation. If subsequently taking up citizenship or allegiance to another nation or illegal terrorist religion or gained our citizenship fraudulently, shall no longer have our Citizenship rights and protections.

118 Recognition of laws of States

Full faith and credit shall be given, throughout the Commonwealth to the laws the justice of every State subject to Royal Pardon.

119 Protection from invasion or violence

Every full citizen and resident shall have the responsibility and right to protect our Commonwealth nation and fair good citizens and residents from invasion or violence by blacks, fugitives, illegals, rapist, intoxicated, psychotic confused liars or any additional violent invader as the Governor General may define. Fair good full citizens without a criminal history shall for good reasons have the right to buy from a gun shop having accreditation of the local council to check and assess legal photo ID confirming citizenship and race, temperament, buyers online intelligence profile records online to add gun ownership particulars and with no other license or test have at any location unloaded standard arms (as the Federal Parliament shall determine) only to load to kill those assailants and vermin and put down disabled animals on own land and property plus at any location as the Governor General may authorize. Black citizens as the Governor General shall select, pay and arm as rangers shall police and protect native title areas from invasion and deploy in any nation to fight foreign threats. The Governor General may deploy up to 10,000 fair full citizens to each nation such as to man our embassies in English Commonwealth bases subject to approval of the countries legitimate democratic government.

120 Provision of cells and needs for detention of illegals, violent, intoxicated, psychotic or otherwise having term of incarceration by Police, Local Court, Military and Royal Tribunal.

The Reserve Bank shall subject to Governor General issue new equal currency to all prison charity having accreditation from local council and over 95% occupancy to commission the construction and repair of a secure cell measuring more than 5 meters by 5 meters so that each prisoner have own cell with shower, toilet, basin with water drinking fountain, fresh air with temperature control, built in bed with under storage space and power point for electric blanket, built in table with leg room measuring more than 1m by 2m with power points for television ant lamp, secure door, food and provisions box to only open from each side when secure on the second door and secure ceiling. No hanging points. State shall make provision for the detention in its prisons of persons accused or convicted of offenses against the laws of the Commonwealth, and for the punishment of persons convicted of such offenses, and the Parliament of the Commonwealth may make laws to give effect to this provision.

The Governor General may also commission construction of cells and open aid centers from the English Empire military budget.

121 Government of native title area, External bases, embassies, protectorates and territories

The Parliaments may make laws native title areas so as to allow blacks to meat out own justice between each other along traditional tribal customs. Royal Tribunal of the Governor General shall set laws for governance of our external protectorates and territories as the English Commonwealth Monarchy Crown shall allocate.

122 Location of Parliaments, Local council chambers, Reserve Bank, and all national infrastructure.

Shall be as the Governor General determines on advice from the Prime Minister, Premiers, ministers and Mayors subject to funding and construction within 5 years.

122 Fair full citizens shall have the right to know and tell the truth.


Swearing in oath of affirmation:

I, [ ] do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the fair English Commonwealth Crown and heirs and successors according to populist law.

All information between {} brackets is set by a 60% majority of a joint sitting of both houses of the national parliament unless otherwise indicated.
All information between [] brackets is comment and has no legal affect on the constitution.
All information between () brackets has the same consequence as the rest of the text.



Australian English Commonwealth Federal Parliament Legislation: [model]

A document to be up to 100A4 pages of normal 12 size font text, spacing and true images.

For update to comply with the English Commonwealth Charter update Judgment Day: 2017 January 4.

Please copy, distribute and model update as long us people may freely copy and distribute model updates. [to ensure survival]



Shall including the mainland of Australia, and seas and islands to mid distance between our mainland and the mainland of any neighboring nations. Plus the islands of Tasmania and North and South islands of New Zealand.

The 10 states of Australia shall be 1-New South Wales, 2-Victoria, 3-Queensland, 4-North Island of New Zealand, 5-South Island of New Zealand, 6-Tasmania, 7-Western Australia, 8-South Central Australia, 9-Northern Native Title Territory (Australian mainland North of 20 degrees south), 10-Antarctica. Including local islands and waters.

Native title area North of parallel 20degrees south.

External territories and protectorates of Antarctica and Papua. Plus various islands of the South Pacific. o, Tasmania and New Zealand [ subject to approval of NZ citizens]. Including Islands, seas and oceans to mid-distance between Australian continent (main land mass) and neighboring nations main land mass.

We do not recognize any government within the continent of African except as a last resort dumping ground for illegals wo have invaded our nation such as stateless black or terrorist fugitives who have invaded our nation, Subject to sovereignty and settlement as fairs extra-terrestrial in alliance and beneficial to Earth shall establish.

Right to copy: Any entity may freely copy, modify, and distribute this document and all future derivatives.


Chapter One: Title, Index, Preamble And Rights

Chapter Two: Political Parties And The Legislative Process.

Chapter Three: The National Parliament, State Parliament and Local Councils.

Chapter Four: Constitution Court and President.

Chapter Five: Taxation.

Chapter Six: Spending.

Chapter Seven: Regulation and Justice.

Chapter Eight: Commerce.

Chapter Nine: Population:


We the People, in order to form a more perfect family, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Federal Parliament document of legislation.


Recognising the savagery and injustice caused by black aboriginals as human vermin crimes for many thousands of years by the tribal payback punishment system. Recognising the repressive backward culture, art and artefacts made by ancient black vermin tribes and failure to use resources. This constitution recognises black aboriginal claim to co-existent titles with other native title claims and other forms of land title. Recognising the aboriginal autonomy and reciprocate racist access permit system over lands in the black aboriginal territory as set by parliament {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone} with reciprocal racist access permit system of our fair states. Recognising the superior productive contributions of fair settlers with ownership of land in the fair settler states. All shall use a 42 letter phonetics alphabet, world standard English language with phonetic spelling, and the metric measurement system, as well as indigenous languages in the native title state.

Black rights: Territory shall be for native title nations of a size in proportion to the black tribe for communal exercise of black aboriginals rights to; abortion, buggery, gayness, racism, tribal communism, payback, chiefdoms, Communal lands and dwellings, odd reflection, censorship. Welfare in exchange for sterilisation by injection and access to minerals. Right to know and tell secret man's and woman's stories, backwardness, child abuse, misogyny, misandry, rape, infection, protection of sacred sights from development, witch craft, drugs of intoxication, alcohol, tobacco, bashing medicine, tribal warfare, gang looting and pillage, savagery, vandalism, to ride a motorcycle, nudity, sunbathing, long hair, unemployment, contraception, contact combat sports, The right to kill enemy native title holders and animals on native title lands in the apartheid territory for black people {North of parallel 20degrees south zone}. Blacks may not own or handle money. Blacks shall not have the right to possess firearms and may be shot for doing so.

White citizens rights: Territory of a size in proportion to the fair population shall be freehold lands for exercise of white farmers' rights to: Family home ownership, Monetary exchange, Preventive nutritional medicine and supplements, True (TV) image environment free from backward (odd number of reflections) image confusion and insanity, Know and tell the truth, Name therapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Colour therapy, Psychiatric intervention, Vegetarianism, White pride music, Investment, Freedom to have natural sex, conception, and birth free from ridicule, resistance, interference, rivalry or contraception, National sovereignty, Short hair, Shade, Private corporate sponsorship of private equal apprentice wages, education, and emergency services, Welfare except where sabotaged mining. To protect our country from invasion and to be protected from invasion, Freedom not to fight in foreign wars, Freedom from black culture, assault and invasion, To peace, To industry, To mine, To not have to share accommodation, toilet or transport with black people. To hire a self driving vehicle, Freedom from debt (freedom from education and health care debt obligation), Self defence, Housing, Freedom from contraception, deviancy, abortion or murder. Freedom from euthanasia murder or harm by doctors under the guise of treatment except the right to die comfortably by assisted suicide at a time by the persons chosen doctor, and after persistently unable to communicate a desire to live. Right not to hear black natives lies. Right to palliative care. Freedom to tell the truth free from payback. Freedom to innovation free of cost except royalty levy on business revenue. Fair people shall have the right to have firearm with the right to shoot dead black criminals and black holders of firearm in non native title lands and territories of fair citizens, fair people may extract minerals with 10% royalty to go to fair land holders freehold and leasehold over the last 100 years. The other 30% royalties shall go to the (Commonwealth Empire) treasury. Fair people may own and handle money.

Black aboriginal welcome to country ceremonies may only occur in native title area. In white Australia areas events may begin with a 5-10 minute white power song warning off blacks or race traitors.

Ethnic rights: this constitution only protects Australian citizens rights. Ethnic nationals have no rights to Australian welfare and freedoms.

Voting rights for election of the President, local council members and for party elections: Compulsory voter registration lodging of standing votes by all children and male fair citizens' after 20 years ancestral probationary citizenship of at least one parent and born in Australia and residing in Australia and Not of black complexion by computer and camera colour assessment, Not an official member of the public service in the last year including members of parliament and staff paid by party and employee of public defence, health or education contractor paid by government, Not a criminal having a sentence of over 1 year in prison or Not paid by a public service union. Votes of all children to 20 years of age shall be cast by natural mother. Voters vote count for in the electorate of birth in Australia.

Voting shall be by postal vote on ballot paper to send to the citizens address on lodging a standing vote and on request. The voter shall take the ballot and photo identification to a post office the postal officer and biometric identification machine to access biometric identity information online including web-cam facial recognition, e-mail address, passcode, name and street address with fraud subject to 1 years prison per violation. and verify identity and the voter then shall place the ballot paper in the slot in the lock secure ballot box for collection by official security postal police and van when available. Video camera shall allow every citizen to scrutinise every location where ballot box is to be open, every vote and every vote tally. Standing votes are subject to up-date at any time by the voter with a warning letter sent to each voter when their vote has become invalid. Every voter may ID and password access own votes online. The standing vote may change seats and government at any time. In the local council, state and national government the party receiving the most votes from citizens shall form government with the only right to put policy to the assembly regardless of the majority of seats in the chamber.

Sterilisation of blacks: 1/1000 of the national population [24,000] blackest shall undergo voluntary sterilisation by injection {Gonexin} and shall receive native title: territory (the North of parallel 20degrees south zone). Also for aid blacks must migrate to {Papua}

Death penalty: 1/10,000 of the national population [2,400] repeated criminals of worst savage crimes of longest prison sentences shall be subject to execution by guillotine each year.

Euthanasia of disabled: All full time bed ridden permanently aged or disabled or who have required full time carer/s shall be subject to euthanasia.


Parties able to run candidates for election shall have more than 10,000 unique fair full citizen members born in Australia and not a member of any other party. Parties shall receive 20% of budget surplus of an assembly having election at the end of each year (December 31) in proportion to number of members having election to the assembly (Local Council, State parliaments and Federal parliament). Parties may also set equal members fee for voting membership in the party. Political Parties start as a charity of volunteers run by the founder to receive donations from 10% levy on incomes for charities, Political Parties charity status shall suspend when having election of member to an assembly (Local council, State and federal parliaments) from which the Party shall be run by leadership council of members gaining election up to 10 having most current populist votes and shall pay 40% of regular party revenue as equal salary for members of the party having election to government and appointment as judge, 20% of regular party revenue shall be for equal pay to party staff including for members gaining election as the party leadership council approves. Judge appointment by each of the 10 parties within the local council area with most members shall be from random selection from local members voluntarily nominating. party staff, members gaining election and staff having approval of party management an equal amount not subject to the minimum wage. A political party may own 1 building with contingent land and no more and receive ordinary proceeds from sale of this property. Political parties may not receive any other income, donations or bribes from any source such as from individuals, unions, lobby groups or foreign governments. Individual voluntary public servants as the minister updates selection shall if poor or homeless also receive Basics Card equal welfare for productive poor plus free local own bedroom and free housing accommodation such as from private community provider commissions construction by private construction and building companies with new money as the Reserve Bank shall issue. Political parties and party employees may only get any payment from 1% of the national budget and all of the national budget surplus in proportion to the current vote of the parties candidates half for party admin and policy assets and activities and half for equal payment to party volunteers as public servants as the minister and party member with most votes may employ. Volunteers with least assets may get welfare and the Governor General may pay monthly bonus from royal estate when a minister. Parties, members of parliament, judges, jury, party volunteers (public servants) and may not accept donations or bribes or any other payment or perk such as from local council, state and national government, These people may own private businesses (with profits going to charities while election to office) and use charities and public social housing where having least assets. Military, public servants and members of parliament may get free travel from and too home and between deployments (just up to 12 flights each year between home and parliament for members of parliament) plus food, uniforms, utilities and accommodation in state national housing at the place of employment (at parliament house for members of parliament). Any full citizen born in Australia may found, establish and run a political party as a charity having a local council approval and may have reserve approvals from local councils, advertise and seek members and candidates. Membership is only of the last joining. Only fair good full Australian citizens born in of Australia may be members of an Australian political party. Political parties shall have unique name, Political parties may not including in the party name any name of a person. Candidates of parties shall list in order of party with most membership fee paying members in the electorate so as to a total of up to 100 candidates on the ballot paper. in order of 1The not used by or similar to the name of any other existing party having registration in last 10 years.

No persons wage and salary may be paid directly from the government budgets (except common welfare payments).

Writs, resignations, vacancies and replacement of people having election and appointment to government shall be as in current English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter update determines.

Writs for Vacancies. Whenever a vacancy happens in a chamber of government the leader of the party in the chamber shall determine a replacement until the next election or appointment is forthcoming.

Qualification of members; Any person who has been a traitor to the fair complexion race, black racist, homosexual, ethnocentric multiculturalists, deviant or bugger, may not be a member of an Australian political party or gain election or sit in chamber of government or jury or vote in any election in Australia. Members for election to government chambers must be the full age of at least 50 years and must be of fair complexion and must be qualified to vote in his election and must be a born a citizen of our nation and have over 90% 500 year ago fair complexion and northern European including British and Nordic ancestry. Media and government may not reflect (lie negatively) on politicians crimes in publications, broadcasts or in parliament, People may only present these matters to the Governor General for Royal Tribunal and may not be prosecuted in local courts or in other jurisdiction.

Quorum. Shall be as shall be as in current English Commonwealth Constitutional Charter update determines.


VOTING: Update voter registration and address on form at post office with provision of tax file number and photo identification as proof of identity for verification by stamp of postal officer. Postal ballot delivery by post to every voter on electoral roll once per year with anonymous voter identification number to prevent fraud. No deadline to lodge vote, standing and reserve votes valid until update. Optional online update of standing vote at any time using voter identification number, name, address, date of birth and place of birth. (votes of children to age 10 by mother, voluntary 2 x value vote for from age 10 to 19, compulsory vote from age 20). Vote preferences confidential, may not be disclosed or accessed by anyone else, except by voter. The penalty for voter fraud is 1 year in prison for each occurrence. Candidates may serve any number of years but the vote received for each full year of service in appointment to the seat shall be reduced by 1%. So for example after 10 years election to local council office of government 90% of the candidates vote shall count, where as the vote of those yet to hold candidacy and any office shall deem to count at 100% of votes cast for the candidate. The maximum age to gain election shall be 80 years of age. Any person who has received any money from the government over the last year not to work or as a public or party servant may not vote.

SEATS OF PARLIAMENTS: Shall be as near as possible to the highest address above sea level in the local council area for local councils, the highest town above sea level in the state and federal parliaments (with the federal national parliament moving each year to the state where least at in last 10 years. The parliament may for up to 1 year also move tor as the joint vote of more than 80% of all lower house and upper house vote with Governor General assent. The state and federal parliaments shall be over 100m underground with blast doors and supplies for to live independently for 10 years. Ministers must reside and be at all times while a minister within 100kilometers of the parliament, Ordinary members of parliament may choose to telecommute from home with a video monitor in the members place, connection of the members mic when having the call and lodging of votes electronically. Members shall vote electronically (but for technical emergencies) votes of members shall be on live display to anyone. Members may also appoint a backup proxy to vote. Live video feed shall display on a 2m+ video monitor on the back wall of the chamber visible to the speaker, plus on the side wall opposite the Prime Minister (Premier in state parliament and Mayor in local council chambers, to appoint leader for in upper house) for the government members to see, and on the side wall opposition the leader of the opposition for the opposition members to see.

The national parliament of our nation and each nation of our community of nations shall have 500 members. The government shall sit to the right of the speaker as the Prime Minister will determine and opposition to the left as the leader of the opposition will determine (subject to speaker direction and expulsion from chamber).

THE LOWER HOUSE of the national parliament the house of commons representatives shall have 250 male members, one member from each of 250 local council area electorates (25 electorates in each state of equal population times land area) Each local council member shall have up to 3 standing votes (and up to 3 reserve votes) each for a separate candidate for election the local councils house of commons representative. Votes for general regulation subject to the constitution shall be as a consequence of a 60%+ vote of the house of commons representatives, then a joint sitting by adding the votes of both houses together for a 60%+ majority unless re-contested within 1 day.

THE UPPER HOUSE of the national parliament the senate shall have 250 female senator, 25 senator from each of the 10 states by election by the votes of born citizens in each state who shall number up to 10 equal value standing votes. Candidates must be fair born citizens between the ages of 20 and 80 receiving 1000 voter endorsements by born citizens voters over the age of 10 from the candidates state on the online electoral commission web page. Individual spending submissions put by the Treasurer (subject to the national and Commonwealth Empire budgets) shall pass after 40 hours before sessions of the senate having over attendance of over 150 of current 250 members of the senators in the chamber when a senator calls for a quorum, the votes of at least 125 senators shall veto the individual spending submission. A 60% majority of senators shall determine national government private contractor.

THE BUSINESS COUNCIL shall have 250 members each by appointment by the board of directors of each of the 250 highest intrinsic valuation (50% x revenue per share + 50% x book vale per share) companies listing on the {Australian} share market. Each of the 10 director (1 male director and 1 female director from top 5 share holder) nominating a single female candidate for the state business council in rounds until one candidate receives nomination by most directors. Subject to vote within last year as put by the chair of the board of the company or after 1 year.

SPEAKER of parliament. The appointment of a speaker shall by 5 standing votes of each member of parliament for another members of parliament in the same chamber. The candidate with the most standing votes being the ranking speaker as chair and deputies.

LEADER OF PARTIES shall be by election continuous on-line election by all members of the party for more than 5 years (no born citizen may be refused membership of the last party joining) each having one standing vote plus up to 3 reserve votes up-date-able on-line at any time (using web-cam image recognition, time stamp and password) for any member of the party or coalition of parties having election to the lower house of the national parliament the house of commons representatives.

PRIME MINISTER: First matter of business of the house after election and when a majority of the house determine shall be a vote of confidence, to determine which coalition shall govern, The coalition able to receive confidence of the house from most votes of members of the house of representatives shall govern. When 2 or more members of the ruling party call for a spill the members of the house of representatives of the coalition shall have up to 2 votes for and up to 1 vote against each for a separate candidate for parliamentary leader of the coalition for to be the Leader of the coalition to be Prime Minister of the governing coalition. The Prime Minister may appoint deputy prime minister, Cabinet ministers, the national treasurer and deputies to prepare the national budget of taxation and expenditure and for both houses of the national parliament ministers and deputies to develop and debate specific areas of regulatory policy. Also National security advisers to the President of the (Commonwealth Empire), and Supreme commander allied military forces and NATO commander joint command Commonwealth Empire forces and European Union forces).

LOCAL COUNCILS: 25 local councils in each of 10 states of each member nation of the {Commonwealth Empire}. All local councils with equal (population times hectares) and each state having equal (population times hectares) within each member nation. Except the native title territory of Australia which shall cover an area North of parallel 20degrees south. Election of 20 members of each local council from any born citizens living in the local council area who may freely nominate, listing online in order of standing vote then first nomination. Citizens living in the local council area shall cast 5 standing votes.

STATE ASSEMBLIES LOWER HOUSE: COUNCIL LEADERS: 100 local council male state party leaders: In each of the 25 local councils in each of the 10 states of each nation of the {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations shall appoint 2 female and 2 male members from the local council to the state house of local council leaders, Each of the 20 members of each local council may have up to 3 standing votes each to nominate a separate member of the local council for representation in the state house of local council party leaders.

STATE ASSEMBLIES UPPER HOUSE: CITIZENS JURIES: 100 citizens jurists for each of 10 states for each nation of Commonwealth Empire each month. Equal portion per month of 1% of Commonwealth Empire budget for reward of citizens jurists paid equal portion of budget for each vote cast. Video conferencing network of 10 regions and states of Commonwealth Empire of each Commonwealth Empire member nation (sitting in upper house of local regional Parliaments so easy to commute to sessions with provision of free on site accommodation and meals to country jurists) Random selection of citizens jurists from fair citizens pool over the age of 15 years who self nominate. (Week 1 of each month) Non sitting week. To cast 3 votes each for a separate candidate to elect a chair and deputy chair for the month, Plus citizens jurists paid to cast 10 votes each to nominate a separate NATO Presidential candidates self nominating for election to next months presidency of the Commonwealth Empire defence budget from born citizens, Vote to select top 10 inquiry terms of reference proposed or rescinded by national parliaments house of representatives including part of constitution to replace and maximum number of characters for the new section, with free advertising of enquiries on television, Plus citizens jurists paid vote to select parliament inquiry to consider. (Week 2 each month) Sitting week: To attend upper house to listen to and question speakers to terms of reference questions. Listening to guest speakers and panels the chair appoints from those who the speaker asks and who submit request with chair to sit in gallery to speak until exhaustion of debate up to 1 hour on international video conferencing rotation. (Week 3 each month) Non sitting week: Each citizens jurist paid to vote in online ballot in direct democracy indicative plebiscite to endorse up to 50 model law submissions (which the author may edit and update) for each inquiry, the electoral commission listing one line title of submissions with links to updates listing in order of current votes that it has and link to bookmark in web-page of the same author. Also list by last to update and last submissions. Lists do not include the version of the law in the current constitution. Plus citizens jurists paid to vote innocent or condemn in each judicial case up to 20 cases having referral from the NATO President. Jurists may change vote during month. Plus citizens jurists paid to vote to approve or reject the President of NATO (treasurers) budget amendments (for rejected sections previous arrangements continue) (Week 4 each month) Sitting week: Listen to, question and debate speakers speeches about leading submission as like week two, Jurists paid to vote yes/no on each reform section of Constitution submission ranking highest the last months indicative plebiscite after debate, the new model section of the Commonwealth Empire model national constitution must achieve 60% approval in every member nation of the Commonwealth Empire in the months citizens jury referendum or the most recent previous version of the section winning over 60% of citizens jury votes across Commonwealth Empire member nations shall remain in affect.

CHAIR: Each member of each house shall have 5 equal value standing single votes each for a separate member of the same house to elect the chair for the house to not vote or attend political party meetings while retaining party membership. The chair shall have the right to speak and control debate. Each other member speaking the least time over the last calendar year shall then have first priority to speak for at least 5 minutes by turning on own microphone so activating timing automatically switching to any other member seeking the call, activating the microphone and light for the member with least speaking time over the last year unless terminated by the chair and after 1 hour topic expires. The seat of the states council of party leaders and business council shall be the state parliament building in each of 10 states in each member nation of the {Commonwealth Empire} as the chair of the state parliament shall determine. For each 1 hour debate topic and legislation alternating between as set by the government and opposition, The Prime Minister or Premier and the leader of the opposition shall control equal time for allocation to members. Members may at own discretion yield way to intervention by any member of the chamber or terminate interventions to speak during own time allocation. The Chair-person may at any time intervene to maintain order. The Prime Minister of each nation shall appoint a Defence Minister as G20 representative with defence ministers of 10 nations of the G20 required for approval of the {Commonwealth Empire} Presidents military doctrine and foreign interventions. All United Nations agreements and veto's are void.

No text or electronic device shall be allowed in the parliament chamber during any session of parliament, except as the chair shall determine and allow. 2 large monitors shall display proceedings behind each side on the wall above and behind the members side and 2 monitor in front of the speaker as chair, and live (all proceedings) and on demand (question time) feeds on the Internet, Each show television coverage of the member speaking in the chamber, plus the 2nd monitor shall display bills under discussion, clock, and Government and Opposition remaining debate control time allocation. Selection of bill to debate shall be by for alternative hours the Prime Minister or Leader of the opposition. Voting shall be by solar fingerprint photo ID wireless member vote card.

The chair shall read out at the first opportunity once the name and rank of every armed forces personnel deceased in foreign deployment.

24 hours written notice shall be given of the asking of a question of a minister in parliament.

SITTING TIMES: parliaments and assemblies shall sit for the second and forth week of each month from 9am to 3pm with a meal and toilet break from 11:30am to 12:30pm, upper house shall sit from 6pm to 12pm with a meal and toilet break from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Each states 25 local council shall sit 10 hours a day from 9am to 7pm from Monday to Friday of the third week each month with 1 hour with government controlling debate and 1 hour with opposition controlling debate each month for 50 hours each month,


PRESIDENT: The {Commonwealth Empire} President may veto judicial decisions for crimes on foreign territories external to the {Commonwealth Empire} and may determine military doctrine authority to authorise voluntary military action at any location subject to the discretion of individual military personnel the President may qualify or authorise. The President of the {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations may refer judicial decisions within the {Commonwealth Empire} constitutional court jury for final determination. The {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations President shall have a term of 1 month (until every forth Saturday) between each direct democracy election count conclusion. The {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations President shall appoint a treasurer to make {Commonwealth Empire} budget allocations subject to the {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations constitutions budget framework. The President shall have a military adviser council with a representative from each {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations as the Defence Minister on each member nation as the nations Prime Minister of the member nation shall appoint.

The defence minister of each NATO member nation shall together determine the NATO (Commonwealth Empire forces and European forces joint command) Supreme Commander Allied Military Forces by most votes in favour. NATO military doctrine shall be subject to approval by at least 11 of the G20 richest true democracies (having election by free citizens) Defence Ministers subject to each nations Prime Minister. Subject to each NATO member nations Defence Minister any number of a nations own forces may serve in own country, or in any other NATO member nation, but only a maximum of 10,000 citizen military personnel from each NATO member nation may serve in active deployment in any non NATO nation to protect NATO+ embassies and bases and air-force and ships at any location and other limited deployments off-base, Plus any number of the non NATO member nations own population to serve as proxy forces and for training of local proxy forces off base including English speaking local proxy forces citizen commanders unarmed while on NATO+ bases, embassies, ships and aircraft.

The President at all awake times must be able to view a true image selfie (video and reflection of reflection corner mirror pairs in front and behind) and may not at any time see single reflection backward (reverse) mirror images of self as has had reward black deception, disability, brutality and lies.


All levies, taxes and deductions are done by the account holders bank so zero administration by employer and employee. As all tax collection is automatic by the banking computer system, no citizen is required to lodge a tax form.

The Tax Code may not be more than 100,000 characters.


No tax exemption for religion, charity, union or any other entity. No deductions. No negative gearing.

QUANTITATIVE EASING: QE to balance currency by repaying government debts in exchange for reform to compliance with this constitution and repayment of bank and corporate debt in addition to proceeds of float after cancellation of all share holdings of bankrupted. QE to buy patents for investment in Australia with free open license to makers in Australia and disclosure of technology design and manufacture details. QE for military hardware, transport infrastructure and construction as parliament approves. QE 0% interest rates 5% x GDP for new community housing construction loans, community housing renters paying 30% of income to community housing provider, of which 10% of income including welfare shall go to the community housing provider. QE 0% interest rates GDP / population x 10 [$750,000] first fair child new home construction loan for surrogate after 20 years probationary citizenship ancestry using national fertility service. The home owning community housing provider and residents in surrogates home paying 20% of residents income including welfare to lending bank for payment of 95% to the reserve bank, the lending bank keeping 5% of repayments to reserve banks as collector; Never foreclose, except bank guaranteeing default in the event of local council order for and compulsory acquisition for total demolition of the house for redevelopment such as after, structural failure, health hazard, vandalism, age, fire or disaster. Equal portion loan for each of 100 community housing provider having approval of Business Council. Compulsory acquisition of land by local council for rezoning for community housing provider and up to 1/8 hectare on first marriage at cost of non derelict improvements for construction within 5 years. QE of 50% of cost of new Australian made factories construction, robots and machinery inputs of family business up to GDP/populationx10 [$750,0000] in last 10 years, to keep for 10 years for use in (Australia), paid in advance. Private debt market maximum interest rate the inflation rate plus 10% per year maximum 20% per year. QE GDP / population / 20,000 [$3.50] x kg plant and animal produce and material solids (not for water or simple sugar content) subsidy for the farmer only for produce for human consumption and materials for products, seller not paid or must repay subsidy for produce and materials disposed of. QE to lending banks for credit at interest rate equal to inflation rate and at or above 2% to Australian businesses to pay bills for suppliers and employees in advance of provision of goods and services for repayment within 120 days then bank may extract payment from the purchaser or seller if defective, the lending bank keeping 10% of repayments to reserve bank within 1 year guarantee. Each supplier has absolute right to supply 100kg of product to supermarket at supplier set wholesale price in exchange for payment when supermarket receives payment on sale to consumers. QE for student zero interest debt requires approval of the student over the age of 15 years, the private education provider having approval of the business council and a private bank to receive 5% of repayments to the Reserve Bank of GDP/population/1000 [$70]+1% of student debt / month, students repay 5% of ALL income including welfare and first from estate at death equally between the students education providers, the education provider repay the balance of student debt repayments each month and first from liquidation of education provider. If the student has died or the education provider has ceased to exist the other party shall continue to repay debts if both the student has died and the education provider has ceased to exist the bank must repay the balance of repayments come due. QE export subsidy at the rate of 25% of earnings from exports selling for a fair market price on transfer from outside to inside the Commonwealth Empire of (USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland + NZ).

CURRENCY EXODUS TARIFF: 50% tariff on all currency exodus or exchange out of the Commonwealth Empire of (USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland + NZ) such as for purchase of imported products, or to foreign gambling sites or shifted profits for avoided tax. Distribution to each Commonwealth Empire nation according to population. 50% tax on international currency swap from within Commonwealth Empire to outside of Commonwealth Empire. Plants, animals, produce and food may not be imported into the Commonwealth Empire except with payment of {GDP / population / 75 [$1,000]} per kg for quarantine such as genetics, subject to quarantine, We may freely import Parts, food, colostrum and vitamins, minerals, supplements and pharmaceuticals powders and tablet made from within the Commonwealth Empire (USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland + NZ). Carriers having approval of the national parliament may transit to and visit our ports and airports and NATO forces may freely transit Commonwealth Empire waters and stay at our military ports and airports. 100% anti-crap dumping tariff for 50% sales subsidy for physical products we make as parliament determines {Fuel (for defence reasons) except for vehicles in transit, Steel, copper and aluminium products, Domestic washing machines and laundry equipment, Cars and up to 50% of car components and parts, Paper products, Clothes, Furniture, Bricks, tiles and building hardware, Solar, free energy equipment and batteries except as components parts of importable products, Curtains, Linen, Carpets, Glass or mirror, Empty silo, container, luggage and tool boxes, Fence posts, Hose and pipe, Cutlery and crockery}. Foreign reserves first used to pay back foreign debt. 50% import duty on the real value of imports into Commonwealth Empire minus the amount of currency exodus tariff already paid on the same import product or commodity at the full normal world price of the import regardless of the price actually paid for the import. [$100b/y]

ALL ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS TAX: 1% on payment of wages and gifts, for shares, investments, foreign currency, bets, homes, rent, utilities, products, and services. Transfer between the holders own same currency accounts exempt. [$100b/y]

INTER CURRENCY TAX: 10% tax on exchange into another currency from or to within (Australia).

FRINGE BENEFITS tax of 20% on workplace entitlements other than uniforms, safety equipment, meal break meals, transport on-site and to and from work, cash income and scholarships.

CONVICT LEVY: convicts must pay an additional 50% of income to the convict industries provider (plus 20% levies on home owners income; 10% for charities and 10% for superannuation)

CASH OUT tax: 20% tax on the drawing money out of account into cash such as at cash machines.

PRECIOUS MINERALS SALES TAX: 30% x sales such as gold, diamonds+all gemstones deducted and paid by broker.

ART SCHOOL LEVY: 30% levy on resale of art shall go to artists choice of arts school having approval of parliament.

SHARES SALES LEVY: 30% levy on sales of shares shall to go to the underlying company, Automatic collection and payment by broker. (No shares sales or capital gains tax) The share market platform organization with approval of parliament may also charge for audits, listing, and trading costs.

PROPERTY CAPITAL GAINS ON SALE TAX: on market prices capital gains on all Australian real property paying 5% x years ownership deducting purchase price including for construction by others and 2 x own construction and renovation costs divide by property contiguous land of 1+ land area in hectares, collection on sale or demolition of property. Maximum capital gains tax of 100%. [$50b/year no capital gains tax, to favour farmers and developers.]

SHARES WEALTH TAX: issue of 3% x Australian listing shares on issue to treasury to sell to spend. [$50b/year for total market capitalization of share market of $1.7t [no capital gains tax]

SUPER CONTRIBUTIONS AND PAYOUTS TAX: 10% tax on all super contributions and payouts only when super balance is over GDP / population [$75,000].

DECEASED ESTATES: on death treasury shall recover welfare payments from own savings and shares including own super then if necessary from sale of family home, then from own business the main family business shall pass to the child doing most hours work for the family business the main family home shall pass to the child living longest at the family home 50% of the remainder wealth shall go to Treasury as tax. 50% tax on gifts, Board at family home exempt while alive. Scholarships at boarding school exempt for children until reaching 25 years of age. [$50b/year]


First GDP/population [$70,000] per month of businesses are sales and wealth tax and levy free.

1-Each citizen shall be own one unregulated personal business for sole purpose of growing, making, buying inputs and selling to continue over lifetime unless having ban of court.

2-Private company: operating own crowd funding web-page showing top 100 assets by dollar cost, mash of online bank statement of the private company and the dollar value of all rights holders which the payment system must provide, the top 10 rights holder each having a directorship and the founder having the chair while available then as the board selects. Audit not required. 10% of sales revenue within 1 month of receipt shall go equally to rights holder. Each citizen over 20 years of age may be founder of only 1 private business at any 1 time while having approval of a local council of Australia until listing on share market, handing to successor such as child or wound up at death or by court with liquidation and distribution of cash amount to rights holder.

3-Public company: listing on a share market platform having approval of the business council. Having shares trading at market value. The platform must approve and audit all listing companies and provide to market. 10% of sales revenue within 1 month of receipt shall go equally to share holder.

Rights and shares holder shall nominate a successor account to inherit dividend after original account dormant for 5 years.


FISH AND WHALE EXPORT levy: GDP / population / 2000 [$35] per kilogram levy on fish and whale produce exports from our nations waters for fisheries management and restocking of produce species in our waters.

PAPER AND WOOD levy: GDP / population / 1000 [$70] per ton export or import levy on paper and wood products over the weight of 1kg shall be for the payers choice of plantation timber forests in our nation.

SPARE BEDROOM tax: GDP / population / 500 [$125] levy per more than one bedroom without a person sleeping in it on most nights over last week (not counting of military on deployment) paid to the community housing free utilities fund.

GAMBLING: 20% of bets shall be tax for treasury, 10% of bets shall be for the person or charity bet on to win for winning, 10% of bets shall be for the book maker, 10% of bets shall go to the venue, track or sports-field, 50% of bets shall be for division between winning punter. [$5b/year]

FAT, SUGAR AND SALT taxes: Tax of GDP/population/1,000,000 [7cents] per gram simple sugar, complex sugar tax free such as {Salicinium} GDP/population/1,000,000 [7cents] per gram of bad fat containing more LDL than HDL, GDP/population/1,000,000 [7cents] per gram of bad salts (sodium chloride) in foods sold to consumers. The adding of sodium chloride salt to food is illegal zero tax on {potassium chloride} nutritional supplement as a legal substitute to added salt. Simple sugar, sodium chloride or LDL or trans fats may not be added to food, The adding of long life saturated or trans fat to foods is illegal, {omega 3 DHA oil, fish oil, HDL oil (olive oil, peanut oil and avocado oil) and coconut oil} are legal substitutes. [$5b/year]

INTOXICANTS: Drug taxes: 90% levy x sale price (for drug addict island charity operator on {Kangaroo Island}) for safe psychoactive drugs subject to testing for purity, safety, psychoactive content, health warning and maximum dosage labeling as the national parliament shall determine from pharmacy subject to basics card phote ID and not owning and not driving a vehicle and recording centrally of consumption no medicare rebate. Drug or alcohol addicts who have done crimes, grown drugs, caused trouble, loitered, humbugged, driven or assaulted shall trans-locate to prison island {King Island, Flinders Island} paying basics welfare income to prison island charity operator for single story accommodation and have plenty of space. Psycho-destructive drug and alcohol production and consumption is unregulated on party prison island or in the native title territory of our nation {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone of Australia} except by tribal law custom. Alcoholic beverages may be up to 5% alcohol shall be drug tax free for purchase on-line for home delivery in plastic drink flagon to reduce waste, glass injury and pollution. The minimum price per mg of alcohol shall be GDP/population / 100,000 [70cent]. Alcohol may not be consumed by intoxicated persons or those disqualified such as by seller, doctor and private security police. Intoxicants including alcohol may not exist within the central business district and any other area subject to local council police commissioner ban on intoxicants. Alcoholic beverages may only be sold for delivery to homes, plus with taxi-voucher for first 1km for every ml of alcohol content. Police may confiscate for a period motor vehicles owned by intoxicated driver. The importation of any intoxicant is illegal. Local growers may make alcohol for export and up to 6% alcohol for consumption in Australia. Cannabis powders and oils for drinking or seed oil for application to the skin is also available for self treatment of illness from any local pharmecy having approval of the local council health commissioner. Consumption or selling of poisons toxic to humans is illegal as the national parliament or local court shall determine. Alcohol may only be sold, obtained or consumed between 6am and 6pm. Nootropics (Brain function enhancement nutrients) are legal.

MINING lease and royalties: All mining companies must list on one of our national share markets to buy mining lease and mine in our nation. Mining lease purchase is by buying out the mining lease of the incumbent holder and raising a higher payment in lease purchase than any other prospective miner for treasury. Valid for up to 10 years. 35% of world market price mining royalty shall go to treasury on non native title lands. All minerals are the property of the nation or native title holders until mining by a mining company bidding the highest mining exploration rights over an area for payment to the {Commonwealth Empire} Treasury, plus any additional top up payment until compulsory acquisition compensation of the original price for to buy out the existing area mining rights holder plus any additional bid for the {Commonwealth Empire} Treasury. 10% of mining's rights auction increase and 5% world market price royalties shall go to all free-hold owners on the mining rights lease over the previous 100 years in proportion to time as owner or for descendants and in proportion to the area. The 90% remainder of all mining lease continuous action bid increase shall go to the Commonwealth Empire treasury. Mining is not subject to government approval unless, but subject to local court jury veto for pollution with local court judges panel penalty and restriction. Mining may commence immediately without negotiation with land owners except miners may not mine or drill within 500m of housing, sheds or dams or destroy prime agricultural land except where paying relocation compensation of {$100,000} per person living on the lease at least 6 of the 12 months prior to lease commencement subject to relocation, Plus {$100} per meter of fencing destroyed. As set by the national parliament {Uranium and asbestos} may not be mined in our nation except as a by-product for redeposit underground. Miners may not mine or drill through aquifer or contaminate or damage dams except as parliament approves and for clean extraction of water for domestic water or farm irrigation or livestock water supply. All artesian bores must be have cap, tap and tank or trough. Agricultural activities of land owners including private wildlife protection area sanctuaries and agricultural leases may continue around mining rights lease activities. All mining leases list on the Commonwealth Empire mining lease exchange. [$15b/year]

EDUCATION, APPRENTICE, PARENTAL LEAVE and MARKETING SALES LEVIES for private education provider having approval of the business council, for apprentices and for parental leave: [for business to control free private selective education instead of GST or company tax paying for needs based public service controlled communist dogma education for unemployable]

RETAIL SALES LEVY : 10% resale retail to consumer sales levy including on health, education, homes, exports. Exempt: shares sales. For online purchases by consumers in Australia collection and payment by online merchant platform in Australia [eBay]. Foreign merchant pay 50% currency exodus tax.

PRODUCTION SALES LEVY : 10% on sale of product by producer and maker. Including on health, education, homes, and export inflows.


20% of sales levies for apprenticeships and interns (family business or listing company). Full Australian citizens over the age of 15 having the absolute right to immediate start apprenticeship internship (plus legal non citizens in our nation as the employer allows) (except may not work if with any conviction by a jury for a crime against the company, By determination of a local court judge for a particular individual or in general terms by the business council in the state, or Immediate arrest and expulsion after detention for up to 1 hour by the security police of the business or a party and exclusion and remand by party police for up to 30 days in the last year while awaiting local court trial and jury or business council determination of a ban on entry into specific workplaces), Subject to this any citizens may obtain apprenticeship status with own choice of business or charity employer for the employers choice from at least 30 hours of apprentice and intern work per normal hours work for 5 days each week paying as many hours so as to pay the minimum wage from 10% of producer sales for apprentice and intern the employee must choose 2 days each week to only work for (above the 10% of producer sales for apprentice) at double the minimum wage for all time at work and travelling to and from work hours. Employee are subject to skills testing by the employers testing company to determine duties, times and locations. For all normal hours work on Australian land and waters (seas to the mid-distance between our mainland and a foreign nations mainland) union jurisdiction and minimum wage per hour shall be of local council area average house price per bedroom / 5,000. [$100,000 per bedroom = $20 per hour ] All additional pay is from above 10% of producer sales for apprentice, Contractor may be for per item (brick, leaflet) and by project but the minimum per hour wage shall still apply as the minimum pay. No work is compulsory so no person has to work on weekends or on any other day if they don't want to. The employer must provide free clean loan uniforms, safety equipment, and comfortable transport (including costs to access community transport service where available) between work and place of accommodation for minimum cost to the employer and with the employer having the option of this being (subject to being a current apprentice of own free will) free loan accommodation local to work-site with privacy, adequate size, free meals, cleaning, air-conditioning, water, Internet, computer and power and all other necessary services, subject to court adjustment with union and employer representation). Compulsory own time for students between 4pm and 7am 7 days per week.

20% of sales levies for sponsorship of the payers choice of innovation project at selective private research universities having approval of the business council. Researchers must document discoveries on the Internet to receive funding.

20% of sales levies for sponsorship of free scholarship for full Australian citizens at unregulated (except by sponsor) private selective boarding schools having approval of the business council for fair full citizens from birth to 20 years of age and until ready to move. Contiguous school grounds must be more than 1 hectare per child and staff. To provide meals with nutrition, class room and library assistance from the national government budget, QE to build accommodation, catering, clinic + laundry up to GDP/population x 10 [$700,000] per student where having over 95% occupancy (up to 80% of child universal basic income + scholarships for private schools choose students on merit. Migrants may use own means. ) Unregulated child care to 5 years of age and then to 20 years of age (years 0 to 15. 9:00am – 3.30pm play (computers, gaming, text messaging, selfies, exercise, sport, discussion, hobbies, eating, playing, making things) with educational television on in the background (entry tests and exams at start of year about coming years curriculum for selective streaming, no tests or exams at last end of year), Year 1: 42 letter Australian phonetic alphabet and numerals: television showing and speaking all 42phonemes x 42phonemes = 1764 2 phoneme words in rotation and child entertainment television with big subtitles, Year 2: spelling of 100 shortest and 100 commonest English words and number structure up to one hundred, video, spoken with big English spelling and phonetics subtitles in order for rote learning and child TV entertainment with subtitles, Year 3: spelling of 1000 commonest English phrases and number structure up to one trillion,Year 4: spelling of next 10000 shortest and 10000 commonest English phrases and times tables multiplying up to and dividing 100, video, spoken with big English spelling and phonetics subtitles in order for rote (class speaking together) learning and in child entertainment with subtitles, Year 5: Cognitive behavioural programming and philosophy of grammar, algebra and child entertainment, speech writing and public speaking. Year 6,7,8+9: Software maths and actual programming, Assignment to draft model national constitution, Assignment to design and make things with tools, Assignment to publish sophistic web-page with web software, Investment, Science, physics, chemistry and material science. Years 10 to 15 = 6 years of the specialist technical education of the school. (Agriculture, Engineering, Computing and networks, Resources, Construction, Health, Genetics, Finance, Robotics and transport, Policy) Sundays: 6 hours free work for self, school, community, political parties and old scholars: cleaning, air freshening, tidying, garbage removal and disposal, clothes washing, vacuum, dusting, clean bench top and sink, cleaning bathrooms, shopping delivery, maintenance, sanding, painting, weeding, gardening, watering, lawn mowing, delivering leaflets/mail, door to door knock collection and washing of clothes and linen for homeless shelters.

10% of sales levies for unregulated work place skills coach for on-site teaching of skills to apprentices and all workers.

10% of sales levies for science, technology and engineering education video channel having approval of online video provider service having approval of the business council.

5% of sales levies for scholarship for the employers choice of veteran after overseas military deployment.

5% of sales levies for unregulated parental leave, for 12 months from confirmation of pregnancy as long as the infant lives. Maximum GDP / population [$75,000] per pregnancy.

2% of sales levies for entrance exam company for schools, universities and jobs testing and assessment of students for provider having approval of the state business council. Not for television education. Entrance exam set by school in consultation with scholarship sponsor plus English language test for foreign students. School may expel/disqualify students.

2% of sales levies for to sponsor free educational programming for television and online video library {YouTube} by provider having approval of business council.

2% of sales levies for emergency services.

2% of sales levies for the payers choice of: Free producer and merchant online marketplace for products made in Australia only.

2% of sales levies for scholarship for job network web-page and job centre having approval of a state business council.

20% LEVY ON INCOMES (INCLUDING WELFARE) FOR THE EARNERS CHOICE OF CHARITY SERVICE PROVIDER (alternative to sales levy): for people living in Australia over lifetime more than any other single country auto collection and payment to the earners pre-set with bank for income deposits into super and ordinary savings account: choice from 100 charity service provider having (listing by levy revenue) approval of the local council plus 100 charity service provider having approval of the state parliament plus 100 charity having approval of the national parliament. upper house business council approves of 10% levies on all personal income deposits into income bank account(s) including welfare. Alternative to retail sales tax and production sales levies payment: proceeds of sale pay sales taxes and levies of merchant and business accounts.

Private charity service providers may include:

-Free clinic, ambulance, disability services, emergency services, hospital, mobile remote dentist, medical research institute, rescue, fire, and legal aid.

-Free Security police, Security camera monitoring such as of public toilets and as property owners and businesses submit link to, Black, illegal or addict removal, Pre-terror chronovision intelligence, Courts and Prisons.

-Free care of wildlife sanctuary.

-Free tax enforcement.

-Free lawn mowing, cleaning and garden maintenance services.

-Free psychiatric and addict services.

-Free to air broadcast media with no paid product advertizing.

-Free transport services for all.

-Free unions to protect workplace, building, food, chemical and product health, safety, climate and pollution control, inspection and regulation, proper payment of wages including taking to court. No other union fees or public service wages may be extracted. All toxic chemicals are illegal, in agriculture only fertiliser and biological control agents are legal only subject to common sense regulatory and label recommendation and prosecution without any hard set regulation. Tobacco is illegal. Drugs must have adequate labels. All fish for food must be grown in clean water such as aquaculture using own clean water. Radioactive power is illegal.

-Free software foundation.

-Free medical and nutrition research.

-Free food inspections and prosecution of bad food provider in Local Court (not regulated). With matching funding from the national budget.

-Free homeless shelter and loan clothing and food bank for homeless card holders for full citizens having less than GDP/population / 10 [$7000] in assets and cash. Also for all homeless NATO veterans in Australia. Assistance for full and born obtain homeless card with super contribution from government for basics.

-Free energy, teleportation, antigravity, superluminal and time travel research.

-Free care assistance to our (NATO) military on active service abroad and veterans at home.

-Free representation of Australia from (NATO) sovereign soil secure embassy bases around the world such as Testing, processing, selection and inoculation of migrants to Australia subject to border protection minister, Release from capture, Emergency biometric identification, health care, accommodation, food, clothes and protection in embassy and return of stranded Australian citizens to Australia, Travel advice. Egg donor candidate profile management for election by Australian males: DNA testing, photograph, video, links, crime history from local police intelligence, mothering ability, story and statements. Also to serve as NATO military base.

-Free care and confinement for dependent full citizen poor who have been mad, addicted, alcoholic, homeless, disabled, self harmed, infected, prostituted, gay, criminals or lazy (not to be rewarded with money),

-Free volunteer exploration projects.

-Free model constitution development projects.

-Free online (digital) library (encyclopedia)

-Free animal welfare, vets and zoos.

-Free paper and web records. national archive, internet archive, libraries, census. survey, statistics, land tile, mapping, design, planning, names records, geography, weather, and minerals mapping.

-Free care of national buildings and assets,- government house, parliament house and monuments (All statues must be white).

-Free care of Monarchy and Monarchy assets.

-Free political party.

-Free web-page hosting for locals with eternal archive.

-Free sports administration, drug testing, clubs, care of sports-fields, Players, coaches, umpires, and trainers health care and travel (not payment to players), health care, nutrition,, transport, accommodation, training, uniforms, equipment, and luggage. Local council sports fields, club rooms and stadiums maintenance and construction also from national budget.

-Free prosecution and independent commissions against corruption. (Panel of 10 prosecutor: 1 by appointment by each of the 10 major parties by party membership)

-Free swimming pools, surf life saving, sports, tourism and adventure clubs and assets.

-Free religion: churches, charities, weddings, funerals, and guidance to celebrate family life.

-Free open product choice, assessment, consumer affairs.

-Free photos, statues, archaeology, museums and galleries charity.

-Free private security police.

-Free garbage, bulk rubbish or toxic waste removal service.

COMMUNITY HOUSING: Community housing providers having less than 5% vacancy rate shall have access to loans from private banks the Reserve Bank shall QE to build new off grid community housing so that each new bedroom may cost up to GDP/population x 10 [$700,000] The community housing shall belong to the reserve bank as real intrinsic value backing for the currency. The tenant/s paying 30% of income including of welfare to the community housing provider the community housing provider keeping the first (GDP / population / 1000 [$70] per week per tenant with a maximum of 1 tenant per bedroom with locks, to pay for maintenance and bulk rubbish removal and front and optional rear lawn and garden management and care and interior cleaning each month by the tenants choice from as many honest cleaning and maintenance workers subject to the tenant allowing entry and as many alternative honest cleaners as the community housing provider can offer, The remainder of rent shall go to the private bank which shall keep 5% of repayments to the reserve bank to pay additional equal universal basic income to every fair citizen. Investors may also buy shares with 30% of the proceeds of the sale of shares in public companies and all crowd finance of private companies to go to the community housing provider to build housing. The tenant may also pay .2% of income per week per GDP / population / 100 [$700] cost price of additional white goods, furniture and accessories such as fridge, washing machine, bed, linen, television, oven, computer, table, desk, chair and whatever from the community housing provider. Community housing provider must pay GDP / population / 1000 [$70] levy per week where more than one bedroom without a person sleeping in it on most nights over last week (not counting of military on deployment) paid to the community housing free utilities fund. Rent includes utilities (power, water, Internet + 100 TV channels). Rent shall come directly from bank accounts welfare and pay inflows (not from up to .1% per week citizens can spend) before any other expense. Community housing provider having approval of the local council may buy any vacant land and derelicted property not reserved by the local council for GDP/population/10 [$7000] per hectare plus the cost of currently working improvements after 1 month public notice within which time the community housing provider agreeing to invest the most into construction on the land within the next 5 years to genuine independent construction contractors and businesses shall win rights to build community housing to be complete and with resident tenants within 5 years or return the land free to the local council for resale, community housing providers having accreditation from the local council may self subdivide, design, develop and build community housing without any additional approval from the local council. Tenants subject to agreement of a telecommunications provider having approval of the business council may at any time obtain free with subsidy to the provider from the national (tax payers) budget free unlimited fibre to the home Internet in exchange for the tenants allowing the roof and property as location for wireless antenna tower hub with the right of current tenants to switch off the wireless antenna hub and with this own access to the Internet. Any dwelling owner and community housing provider, that has required any legal tenant (private police and genuine occupants may remove squatters and unwelcome visitors) to vacate a property such as new owners shall have to get court order, provide better accommodation to which the tenant agrees to, pay compensation the tenant agrees to for haste and pay for moving costs or pay GDP / population / 7 [$10,000] and 1 years notice to the tenant to compel the tenant to relocate at any time within the next year. The tenant may leave at any time shall not be required to pay rent after humanly vacating the property and notifying the housing provider, Rent payments shall end if the tenant has died, At which time the property provider shall own all goods left behind which may be given back to the last tenant, kept by the property provider or disposed of as the property provider shall determine. Plus free housing from deceased estates after one of the partners has died and after the other partner and children marry, move out or die. Private community housing is for rent to the primary tenant who may have up to 1 resident guest for each bedroom without landlord approval or affecting rent adversely (actually reducing rent to encourage full utilisation of community housing [similar to spare bedroom tax in the UK, so a rent reduction for filling spare bedrooms]). Back rent is paid by the primary tenant at the rate of up to 40% of income ( including rent from the tenants guests ) plus investment dividend income until up to date by deduction from welfare payments for the asset poor plus ability to access investments such as superannuation for oldest late rent until paid (income levels including from guests do not increase or decrease the actual rent so as to encourage work and primary tenants to rent out spare bedrooms for own gain and full community housing occupancy and workforce participation). Private community housing is only for rent to people born citizens of our nation with least initial assets such as those youth and longest homeless with least capacity to pay on establishment of tenancy (while not penalising income from productivity, rent is not relative to income so as to reward work), All community housing for black aboriginals of our nation including homeless and prisoners shall be in the native title territory of our nation {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone of Australia}. Probational migrants during 20 years probationary citizenship have no right to private community housing. Criminals having had criminal history such as convictions of more than 500 hours convict service (prison), drug dealers and addicts may not have access to mainland community housing except may access open range prison island community housing such as on {Kangaroo Island, King Island, Flinders Island, Rottnest Island, North Stradbroke Island} and are subject to immediate eviction from mainland community housing and optional transportation to open range prison island community housing or prison if they prefer. Once having community housing tenants may obtain relocation subject to the provider being able to provide it, without any reassessment of eligibility (the original eligibility for community housing is enough as long as still valid under current laws (at some time homeless, least assets and born a fair citizen of our nation)(not for illegal refugees: homeless illegal refugees may not obtain our community housing except must relocate to holding territory for illegal migrants {The North of parallel 20degrees south zone.} border protection command detention centre). Valid tenants shall also obtain special needs such to accommodate disability and to be near relatives needing support. RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES IN GENERAL: No bond may be paid. Land-lords may charge any initial rent which may be a rent auction, with increases limited to inflation except private community housing rent is set by parliament. All vacant accommodation must be widely and immediately advertised. For non private community housing tenants the landlord may require any amount of rent in advance of initial occupation. Non citizens have no right to accommodation costing under {$200} per week per family member, Homeless refugees are subject to immediate detention for deportation. Tenant may stay as long or as short as the tenant determines. Except termination of accommodation lease by the landlord shall be with 1 years notice, or by eviction by local court panel of 10 judges and 10 jurists order where the tenant has been destructive, violent, intoxicated, psychotic, dangerous, unhygienic, promiscuous, addicted to drugs, imposing, begging, criminal or loud including by pets for relocation into the care of prison, lunatic asylum, drug addict rehab island, hospital, community housing (as accepted), or homeless units or by provision of relocation expenses compensation of {$10,000} in advance of eviction or any part combination of notice and compensation minus 10x late rent and minus court awarded costs of repair for tenant inflicted damage, filth cleaning expenses, rubbish removal expenses, late utility bill costs (tenants must pay utility bills as the community housing manager shall manage by applying to welfare administration to automatically deduct utility costs from welfare), pet care or disposal and acquire abandoned possessions unless the prior tenant pays for storage costs or provision of free relocation to alternative accommodation acceptable to the tenant (with tenant approval). The tenant may leave at any time of own accord with 1 hours notice to the landlord then without future obligation to, or compensation from the landlord. The primary tenant resident residing at the address may evict guests with police supervision or with 1 weeks notice without compensation to the guest. Parents must protect and may not evict own children and children must protect and may not evict own parents. Tenant may leave at any time with no penalty for breaking a lease but the tenant may not then charge relocation expenses compensation. Tenants are not obliged to pay for re-letting and vacancy compensation, painting, or housing asset failure such as water heaters, broken fences, weather damage, fire alarm, fire damage (except tenant must pay for damage caused by smoking or arson by the tenant), earthquake damage, worn carpets, all damaged doors and fly screens (but tenants must pay in advance for lost keys including lock replacement, The landlord may replace keys and locks after termination of lease at the landlords expense), all broken windows (including from wear and tear, burglary and emergency access), roofing, electrics and built in lighting (tenants are responsible for act and cost of up-grade and replacement of light bulbs). Internet phone lines, curtains, TV antenna, solar cooling, nuclear heating, front lawn and front garden care (tenants may modify back yard garden and have silent pets in the back yard) and all plumbing repairs are at the land-lords expense and responsibility, Land-lords may only charge for provision of good housing to the tenant. Landlords may charge at any time an extra as set by parliament up to {$20} per week (subject to appeal to local council tenants ombudsman) for provision of compulsory home cleaning by the tenants choice of independent (from the landlord) professional full time cleaner. Provision of furniture, appliance, electronics, meals, cleaning and linen service by the landlord are also subject to pre-contract between the tenant and the landlord or payment of an extra {$1} per item per week if adding later. Except by prior agreement, all interior walls must be white, all roof must be orange, all furniture must be black, all toilets and basins must be purple, all carpets must be red, all floors must be natural (timber, slate or stone), all interior doors must be yellow, all interior curtains must be yellow, all exterior walls, door exterior, and window exteriors are brown, all fridges are white, all washing machines are yellow. The landlord must provide a catalogue of improvements for the tenant to upgrade subject to approval by phone from 50% of rent accumulating until use such as (Triple lock criminal proof security screen door upgrade, Inside window security grill upgrade, Individual bedroom locks upgrade, kitchen upgrades, bathroom upg