By: Loris Harmawf (Loris Erik Kent Hemlof)

To: Her Majesty The Queen.

and: Donald Trump. President candidate.

and for assistance to: Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

And to the world.

[Model]Commonwealth Charter


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CONSTITUTION: Judgement Day: 2016 August 20.

Please copy, distribute and update as long us people may freely copy and distribute updates. [to ensure survival]


THE NEXT TESTAMENT OF ALL RELIGIONS: MODEL NATIONAL CONSTITUTION of the British Commonwealth Empire of [ still trying to think of names starting with short vowel and ending with long vowels ] the Amerikan States, [USA, and Mexico native title, refugee processing centre and buffer zone]. Canaidy [Canada], Britain (England and Wales, and Scotlaind), Izrail (Israel), Ostraily (Australia including the North of parallel 20degrees south zone native title and Antakteey and Tazmainy wildlife protection areas) Celtic Isle (Ireland including Northern Island), Zellaind (New Zealand). Including nearest seas and oceans to mid-distance to other nations main land mass) For the COMMON MODEL NATIONAL CONSTITUTION, DEFENCE BUDGET, ALPHABET, LANGUAGE, RELIGION, TREASURY, TRADE AREA, CURRENCY with NATIONAL MIGRATION, TAXATION and BUDGET AREAS:

We also recognize these communities of nations:

{Yoroop: [Nations of the European Union]: Ostreey, Beljie, Bulgairy, Croteey, Ceprais, Czeko, Denmaik, Estonyai, Finlaind, Franko, Jemain Grikko, Hungree, Italy, Latveey, Lithiwainy, Lukso, Maltai, Nethelainds, Pollaind, Potygail, Rommainy, Slovaiky, Sloveeny, Spano, Sweddo }

{Commonwealth of Independent States: Rushee [Russia], Belaroos, Kazaksto, Kirgizsto, SE Ukraine, Koree [North and South], Japaneez [Japanese], Chinai (China), Mongo (Mongolia), Hong Kohng [Hong Kong], Ti-wain [Taiwan], Vitnaim Vietnam, Tibeet [Tibet] (and region),,, }
{Araib League [Arab nations]. Sudi [Saudi Araibi], Tukkee [Turkey], Joddain [Jordan], Irain [Iran], Iraki [Iraq], Afghanistani [Afghanistan], Pakistani [Pakistan], Emerates [United Arab Emirates], Siri [Syria], Lebo [Lebanon], Yemain [Yemen], Egeept Sini, and Arab peninsular region),,,}

{Latino [South America]: [Nations of South American continent]}

{Indo: Indiy [India], Indoneezy [Indonesia], Malay [Malaysia], Singapo [Singapore], Filippeens [Philippines], Tilaind [Thailand], Bermo, La-ohs [Laos] Papwoo [West Papua and Papua New Guinea], Vitnaim [Vietnam], Cambohdy [Cambodia](and region),,,}

We do not recognise any government within the region of: {the African continent} except alien races extra-terrestrial sovereignty and religions in council: Black stateless refugee dumping ground.

The fair people of any state may secede to autonomy or join another community of nations by a vote of majority of all citizens of the state and the community of nations to join.

Right to copy: Any entity may freely copy, modify, and distribute this document and all future derivatives.


Chapter One: Title, Index, Preamble And Rights

Chapter Two: Political Parties And The Legislative Process.

Chapter Three: The National Parliament, State Parliament and Local Councils.

Chapter Four: Constitution Court and President.

Chapter Five: Taxation.

Chapter Six: Spending.

Chapter Seven: Regulation and Justice.

Chapter Eight: Commerce.

Chapter Nine: Population:


We the People, in order to form a more perfect family, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution.


Recognising the savagery and injustice caused by black aboriginals as human vermin crimes for many thousands of years by the tribal payback punishment system. Recognising the repressive backward culture, art and artefacts made by ancient black vermin tribes and failure to use resources. This constitution recognises black aboriginal claim to co-existent titles with other native title claims and other forms of land title. Recognising the aboriginal autonomy and reciprocate racist access permit system over lands in the black aboriginal territory as set by parliament {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone} with reciprocal racist access permit system of our fair states. Recognising the superior productive contributions of fair settlers with ownership of land in the fair settler states. All shall use a 42 letter phonetics alphabet, world standard English language with phonetic spelling, and the metric measurement system, as well as indigenous languages in the native title state.

Black rights: Territory shall be for native title nations of a size in proportion to the black tribe for communal exercise of black aboriginals rights to; abortion, buggery, gayness, racism, tribal communism, payback, chiefdoms, Communal lands and dwellings, odd reflection, censorship. Welfare in exchange for sterilisation by injection and access to minerals. Right to know and tell secret man's and woman's stories, backwardness, child abuse, misogyny, misandry, rape, infection, protection of sacred sights from development, witch craft, drugs of intoxication, alcohol, tobacco, bashing medicine, tribal warfare, gang looting and pillage, savagery, vandalism, to ride a motorcycle, nudity, sunbathing, long hair, unemployment, contraception, contact combat sports, The right to kill enemy native title holders and animals on native title lands in the apartheid territory for black people {North of parallel 20degrees south zone}. Blacks may not own or handle money. Blacks shall not have the right to possess firearms and may be shot for doing so.

White citizens rights: Territory of a size in proportion to the fair population shall be freehold lands for exercise of white farmers' rights to: Family home ownership, Monetary exchange, Preventive nutritional medicine and supplements, True (TV) image environment free from backward (odd number of reflections) image confusion and insanity, Know and tell the truth, Name therapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Colour therapy, Psychiatric intervention, Vegetarianism, White pride music, Investment, Freedom to have natural sex, conception, and birth free from ridicule, resistance, interference, rivalry or contraception, National sovereignty, Short hair, Shade, Private corporate sponsorship of private equal apprentice wages, education, and emergency services, Welfare except where sabotaged mining. To protect our country from invasion and to be protected from invasion, Freedom not to fight in foreign wars, Freedom from black culture, assault and invasion, To peace, To industry, To mine, To not have to share accommodation, toilet or transport with black people. To hire a self driving vehicle, Freedom from debt (freedom from education and health care debt obligation), Self defence, Housing, Freedom from contraception, deviancy, abortion or murder. Freedom from euthanasia murder or harm by doctors under the guise of treatment except the right to die comfortably by assisted suicide at a time by the persons chosen doctor, and after persistently unable to communicate a desire to live. Right not to hear black natives lies. Right to palliative care. Freedom to tell the truth free from payback. Freedom to innovation free of cost except royalty levy on business revenue. Fair people shall have the right to have firearm with the right to shoot dead black criminals and black holders of firearm in non native title lands and territories of fair citizens, fair people may extract minerals with 10% royalty to go to fair land holders freehold and leasehold over the last 100 years. The other 30% royalties shall go to the (Commonwealth Empire) treasury. Fair people may own and handle money.

Black aboriginal welcome to country ceremonies may only occur in native title area. In white Australia areas events may begin with a 5-10 minute white power song warning off blacks or race traitors.

Ethnic rights: this constitution only protects Australian citizens rights. Ethnic nationals have no rights to Australian welfare and freedoms.

Voting rights for election of the President, local council members and for party elections: Compulsory voter registration lodging of standing votes by all male working poor citizen after 20 years ancestral probationary citizenship, over the age of 30 years having 1 vote where net private sector work income over last 10 years not including from welfare or investments exceeds gross assets (Automatic calculation by banking and voting system) and not disqualified from voting and for females citizens after 20 years ancestral probation for natural children under the age of 30 years equal to 1 vote for each natural child. Voters vote in the electorate of residency more than any other electorate over life-time in our nation. Disqualified from voting if: paid full time public servants, military, people of dark complexion, native title holders (except to appoint a chief by tribal custom), members of a collective public service extortion union, traitors to the fair races, people not born in our nation including refugees, non citizens, people of a prescribed religion {Islam}, bankers, speculators, doctors and of other non creative occupations, ethnocentric multiculturalists, homosexuals and people convicted to more than 1 month in prison may not vote. Votes may be cast from any computer with web-cam facial recognition, e-mail address, password, name and street address login and with fraud subject to 1 years prison per violation. Standing votes may be subject to up-date at any time by the voter with a warning e-mail sent to each voter when their vote has become invalid. The electoral commission shall re-count the tally of all standing votes every day, which may result in a change of seats and government at any time. In the local council, state and national government the party receiving the most votes from citizens shall form government with the only right to put policy to the assembly regardless of majority in the chamber.

Sterilisation of blacks: 1/1000 of the national population [24,000] blackest shall undergo voluntary sterilisation by injection {Gonexin} in exchange for welfare and native title: territory (the North of parallel 20degrees south zone).

Death penalty: 1/10,000 of the national population [2,400] repeated criminals of worst savage crimes of longest prison sentences shall be subject to execution by guillotine.

Euthanasia of disabled: 1/10,000 of the national population [2,400] most dependent disables including aged shall be subject to execution by lethal injection.


The 10+ legal parties as shall form in the senate. Parties may receive sponsorship form a levy on citizens income, company revenue, plus 10% of budget surplus, plus other donations except political parties may not receive donations from members of the public service including party workers.

Any citizen may establish a political party as a start up or listed enterprise and seek members.

Citizens only have membership of the last political party joining.

Only born citizens of our nation (Australia) may be members of (Australian) political parties.

The salary for members of the party having appointment to government office shall be an equal portion of 40% of the members parties revenues, random selection from nominating party members of Judges and jurists to receive an equal portion of 20% of party revenue.

No person may be employed (paid) directly by the government (except common welfare payments).

Writs for general election. All members are to face election each year as organised by the international electoral commission.

Writs for Vacancies. Whenever a vacancy happens in a chamber of government the leader of the party in the chamber shall determine a replacement until the next election or appointment is forthcoming.

Qualification of members; Any person who has been a traitor to the fair complexion race, black racist, homosexual, ethnocentric multiculturalists, deviant or bugger, may not hold office or vote under this Constitution. Members of government chambers must be the full age of at least 50 years, and must be of fair complexion, and must be qualified to vote in his election, must be a born a citizen of our nation and have over 90% 500 year ago fair complexion northern European including British ancestry. Media and government may not reflect on politicians in publications, broadcasts or in parliament about these matters and may only discuss these matters as required in secret with police subject to judge permission for disclosure.

Resignation of member. A member may by writing addressed to the presiding Chair-person, and if the Chair-person shall accept the resignation of the member, which thereupon the seat shall pass to the next candidate by votes in the local area electorate.

Vacancy by absence. The place of a member shall become vacant if the member is absent from his session of parliament until re-occupied, during any time of absence the parliamentary party leader shall determine the votes of the absent member, or if the party leader is absent by a deputy as the party leader shall appoint.

Quorum. The presence of at least a 4th deputy speaker and 50% of the members of the chamber shall be necessary to constitute a meeting of the chamber of government.

Restriction on the formation of political parties for registration on the Commonwealth Empire on-line computer system except to have a unique name not used by or similar to the name of any other existing party having registration in last 10 years. Parties may including any name of a person in a party name and only of a citizen or family of our nation.


VOTING: Update voter registration and address on form at post office with provision of tax file number and photo identification as proof of identity for verification by stamp of postal officer. Postal ballot delivery by post to every voter on electoral roll once per year with anonymous voter identification number to prevent fraud. No deadline to lodge vote, standing and reserve votes valid until update. Optional online update of standing vote at any time using voter identification number, name, address, date of birth and place of birth. (votes of children to age 10 by mother, voluntary 2 x value vote for from age 10 to 19, compulsory vote from age 20). Vote preferences confidential, may not be disclosed or accessed by anyone else, except by voter. The penalty for voter fraud is 1 year in prison for each occurrence. Candidates may serve any number of years but the vote received for each full year of service in appointment to the seat shall be reduced by 1%. So for example after 10 years election to local council office of government 90% of the candidates vote shall count, where as the vote of those yet to hold candidacy and any office shall deem to count at 100% of votes cast for the candidate. The maximum age to gain election shall be 80 years of age. Any person who has received any money from the government over the last year not to work or as a public or party servant may not vote.

SEAT OF PARLIAMENT: shall be or as determined by the joint vote of more than 80% of the locatable members of the national parliament House of Commons Representatives and Senate {New Parliament House Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory of New South Wales}.

The national parliament of our nation and each nation of our community of nations shall have 500 members.

THE LOWER HOUSE of the national parliament the house of commons representatives shall have 250 male members, one member from each of 250 local council area electorates (25 electorates in each state of equal population times land area) Each local council member shall have up to 3 standing votes (and up to 3 reserve votes) each for a separate candidate for election the local councils house of commons representative. Votes for general regulation subject to the constitution shall be as a consequence of a 60%+ vote of the house of commons representatives, then a joint sitting by adding the votes of both houses together for a 60%+ majority unless re-contested within 1 day.

THE UPPER HOUSE of the national parliament the senate shall have 250 female senator, 25 senator from each of the 10 states by election by the votes of born citizens in each state who shall number up to 10 equal value standing votes. Candidates must be fair born citizens between the ages of 20 and 80 receiving 1000 voter endorsements by born citizens voters over the age of 10 from the candidates state on the online electoral commission web page. Individual spending submissions put by the Treasurer (subject to the national and Commonwealth Empire budgets) shall pass after 40 hours before sessions of the senate having over attendance of over 150 of current 250 members of the senators in the chamber when a senator calls for a quorum, the votes of at least 125 senators shall veto the individual spending submission. A 60% majority of senators shall determine national government private contractor.

THE BUSINESS COUNCIL shall have 250 members each by appointment by the board of directors of each of the 250 highest intrinsic valuation (50% x revenue per share + 50% x book vale per share) companies listing on the {Australian} share market. Each of the 10 director (1 male director and 1 female director from top 5 share holder) nominating a single female candidate for the state business council in rounds until one candidate receives nomination by most directors. Subject to vote within last year as put by the chair of the board of the company or after 1 year.

SPEAKER of parliament. The appointment of a speaker shall by 5 standing votes of each member of parliament for another members of parliament in the same chamber. The candidate with the most standing votes being the ranking speaker as chair and deputies.

LEADER OF PARTIES shall be by election continuous on-line election by all members of the party for more than 5 years (no born citizen may be refused membership of the last party joining) each having one standing vote plus up to 3 reserve votes up-date-able on-line at any time (using web-cam image recognition, time stamp and password) for any member of the party or coalition of parties having election to the lower house of the national parliament the house of commons representatives.

PRIME MINISTER: First matter of business of the house after election and when a majority of the house determine shall be a vote of confidence, to determine which coalition shall govern, The coalition able to receive confidence of the house from most votes of members of the house of representatives shall govern. When 2 or more members of the ruling party call for a spill the members of the house of representatives of the coalition shall have up to 2 votes for and up to 1 vote against each for a separate candidate for parliamentary leader of the coalition for to be the Leader of the coalition to be Prime Minister of the governing coalition. The Prime Minister may appoint deputy prime minister, Cabinet ministers, the national treasurer and deputies to prepare the national budget of taxation and expenditure and for both houses of the national parliament ministers and deputies to develop and debate specific areas of regulatory policy. Also National security advisers to the President of the (Commonwealth Empire), and Supreme commander allied military forces and NATO commander joint command Commonwealth Empire forces and European Union forces).

LOCAL COUNCILS: 25 local councils in each of 10 states of each member nation of the {Commonwealth Empire}. All local councils with equal (population times hectares) and each state having equal (population times hectares) within each member nation. Except the native title territory of Australia which shall cover an area North of parallel 20degrees south. Election of 20 members of each local council from any born citizens living in the local council area who may freely nominate, listing online in order of standing vote then first nomination. Citizens living in the local council area shall cast 5 standing votes.

STATE ASSEMBLIES LOWER HOUSE: PARTY LEADERS: 100 local council male state party leaders: In each of the 25 local councils in each of the 10 states of each nation of the {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations shall appoint 4 male members of the local council to the state house of local council leaders, Each of the 20 members of each local council may have up to 3 standing votes each to nominate a separate member of the local council for representation in the state house of local council party leaders.

STATE ASSEMBLIES UPPER HOUSE: CITIZENS JURIES: 100 citizens jurists for each of 10 states for each nation of Commonwealth Empire each month. Equal portion per month of 1% of Commonwealth Empire budget for reward of citizens jurists paid equal portion of budget for each vote cast. Video conferencing network of 10 regions and states of Commonwealth Empire of each Commonwealth Empire member nation (sitting in upper house of local regional Parliaments so easy to commute to sessions with provision of free on site accommodation and meals to country jurists) Random selection of citizens jurists from fair citizens pool over the age of 15 years who self nominate. (Week 1 of each month) Non sitting week. To cast 3 votes each for a separate candidate to elect a chair and deputy chair for the month, Plus citizens jurists paid to cast 10 votes each to nominate a separate NATO Presidential candidates self nominating for election to next months presidency of the Commonwealth Empire defence budget from born citizens, Vote to select top 10 inquiry terms of reference proposed or rescinded by national parliaments house of representatives including part of constitution to replace and maximum number of characters for the new section, with free advertising of enquiries on television, Plus citizens jurists paid vote to select parliament inquiry to consider. (Week 2 each month) Sitting week: To attend upper house to listen to and question speakers to terms of reference questions. Listening to guest speakers and panels the chair appoints from those who the speaker asks and who submit request with chair to sit in gallery to speak until exhaustion of debate up to 1 hour on international video conferencing rotation. (Week 3 each month) Non sitting week: Each citizens jurist paid to vote in online ballot in direct democracy indicative plebiscite to endorse up to 50 model law submissions (which the author may edit and update) for each inquiry, the electoral commission listing one line title of submissions with links to updates listing in order of current votes that it has and link to bookmark in web-page of the same author. Also list by last to update and last submissions. Lists do not include the version of the law in the current constitution. Plus citizens jurists paid to vote innocent or condemn in each judicial case up to 20 cases having referral from the NATO President. Jurists may change vote during month. Plus citizens jurists paid to vote to approve or reject the President of NATO (treasurers) budget amendments (for rejected sections previous arrangements continue) (Week 4 each month) Sitting week: Listen to, question and debate speakers speeches about leading submission as like week two, Jurists paid to vote yes/no on each reform section of Constitution submission ranking highest the last months indicative plebiscite after debate, the new model section of the Commonwealth Empire model national constitution must achieve 60% approval in every member nation of the Commonwealth Empire in the months citizens jury referendum or the most recent previous version of the section winning over 60% of citizens jury votes across Commonwealth Empire member nations shall remain in affect.

CHAIR: Each member of each house shall have 5 equal value standing single votes each for a separate member of the same house to elect the chair for the house to not vote or attend political party meetings while retaining party membership. The chair shall have the right to speak and control debate. Each other member speaking the least time over the last calendar year shall then have first priority to speak for at least 5 minutes by turning on own microphone so activating timing automatically switching to any other member seeking the call, activating the microphone and light for the member with least speaking time over the last year unless terminated by the chair and after 1 hour topic expires. The seat of the states council of party leaders and business council shall be the state parliament building in each of 10 states in each member nation of the {Commonwealth Empire} as the chair of the state parliament shall determine. For each 1 hour debate topic and legislation alternating between as set by the government and opposition, The Prime Minister or Premier and the leader of the opposition shall control equal time for allocation to members. Members may at own discretion yield way to intervention by any member of the chamber or terminate interventions to speak during own time allocation. The Chair-person may at any time intervene to maintain order. The Prime Minister of each nation shall appoint a Defence Minister as G20 representative with defence ministers of 10 nations of the G20 required for approval of the {Commonwealth Empire} Presidents military doctrine and foreign interventions. All United Nations agreements and veto's are void.

No text or electronic device shall be allowed in the parliament chamber during any session of parliament, except as the chair shall determine and allow. 2 large monitors shall display proceedings behind each side on the wall above and behind the members side and 2 monitor in front of the speaker as chair, and live (all proceedings) and on demand (question time) feeds on the Internet, Each show television coverage of the member speaking in the chamber, plus the 2nd monitor shall display bills under discussion, clock, and Government and Opposition remaining debate control time allocation. Selection of bill to debate shall be by for alternative hours the Prime Minister or Leader of the opposition. Voting shall be by solar fingerprint photo ID wireless member vote card.

The chair shall read out at the first opportunity once the name and rank of every armed forces personnel deceased in foreign deployment.

24 hours written notice shall be given of the asking of a question of a minister in parliament.

SITTING TIMES: parliaments and assemblies shall sit for the second and forth week of each month from 9am to 3pm with a meal and toilet break from 11:30am to 12:30pm, upper house shall sit from 6pm to 12pm with a meal and toilet break from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Each states 25 local council shall sit 10 hours a day from 9am to 7pm from Monday to Friday of the third week each month with 1 hour with government controlling debate and 1 hour with opposition controlling debate each month for 50 hours each month,


PRESIDENT: The {Commonwealth Empire} President may veto judicial decisions for crimes on foreign territories external to the {Commonwealth Empire} and may determine military doctrine authority to authorise voluntary military action at any location subject to the discretion of individual military personnel the President may qualify or authorise. The President of the {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations may refer judicial decisions within the {Commonwealth Empire} constitutional court jury for final determination. The {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations President shall have a term of 1 month (until every forth Saturday) between each direct democracy election count conclusion. The {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations President shall appoint a treasurer to make {Commonwealth Empire} budget allocations subject to the {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations constitutions budget framework. The President shall have a military adviser council with a representative from each {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations as the Defence Minister on each member nation as the nations Prime Minister of the member nation shall appoint.

The defence minister of each NATO member nation shall together determine the NATO (Commonwealth Empire forces and European forces joint command) Supreme Commander Allied Military Forces by most votes in favour. NATO military doctrine shall be subject to approval by at least 11 of the G20 richest true democracies (having election by free citizens) Defence Ministers subject to each nations Prime Minister. Subject to each NATO member nations Defence Minister any number of a nations own forces may serve in own country, or in any other NATO member nation, but only a maximum of 10,000 citizen military personnel from each NATO member nation may serve in active deployment in any non NATO nation to protect NATO+ embassies and bases and air-force and ships at any location and other limited deployments off-base, Plus any number of the non NATO member nations own population to serve as proxy forces and for training of local proxy forces off base including English speaking local proxy forces citizen commanders unarmed while on NATO+ bases, embassies, ships and aircraft.


All levies, taxes and deductions are done by the account holders bank so zero administration by employer and employee. As all tax collection is automatic by the banking computer system, no citizen is required to lodge a tax form.

The Tax Code may not be more than 100,000 characters.


No tax exemption for religion, charity, union or any other entity. No deductions. No negative gearing.

QUANTITATIVE EASING: QE to balance currency by repaying government debts in exchange for reform to compliance with this constitution and repayment of bank and corporate debt in addition to proceeds of float after cancellation of all share holdings. QE to buy patents for investment in Australia with free open license to makers in Australia and disclosure of technology design and manufacture details. QE for military hardware, transport infrastructure and construction as parliament approves. QE 0% interest rates 5% x GDP for new community housing construction loans, community housing renters paying 30% of income to community housing provider, of which 10% of income including welfare shall go to the community housing provider. QE 0% interest rates GDP / population x 10 [$750,000] first fair child new home construction loan for surrogate after 20 years probationary citizenship ancestry using national fertility service. The home owning community housing provider and residents in surrogates home paying 20% of residents income including welfare to lending bank for payment of 95% to the reserve bank, the lending bank keeping 5% of repayments to reserve banks as collector; Never foreclose, except bank guaranteeing default in the event of local council order for and compulsory acquisition for total demolition of the house for redevelopment such as after, structural failure, health hazard, vandalism, age, fire or disaster. Equal portion loan for each of 100 community housing provider having approval of Business Council. Compulsory acquisition of land by local council for rezoning for community housing provider and up to 1/8 hectare on first marriage at cost of non derelict improvements for construction within 5 years. QE of 50% of cost of new Australian made factories construction, robots and machinery inputs of family business up to GDP/populationx10 [$750,0000] in last 10 years, to keep for 10 years for use in (Australia), paid in advance. Private debt market maximum interest rate the inflation rate plus 10% per year maximum 20% per year. QE GDP / population / 20,000 [$3.50] x kg plant and animal produce and material solids (not for water or simple sugar content) subsidy for the farmer only for produce for human consumption and materials for products, seller not paid or must repay subsidy for produce and materials disposed of. QE to lending banks for credit at interest rate equal to inflation rate and at or above 2% to Australian businesses to pay bills for suppliers and employees in advance of provision of goods and services for repayment within 120 days then bank may extract payment from the purchaser or seller if defective, the lending bank keeping 10% of repayments to reserve bank within 1 year guarantee. Each supplier has absolute right to supply 100kg of product to supermarket at supplier set wholesale price in exchange for payment when supermarket receives payment on sale to consumers.

CURRENCY EXODUS TARIFF: 50% tariff on all currency exodus and exchange out of Commonwealth Empire of (USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland + NZ) such as for purchase of imported products, or to foreign gambling sites or shifted profits for avoided tax. Distribution to each Commonwealth Empire nation according to population. Also 10% tax on purchase of foreign currency from within (Australia) and 50% tax on international currency swap from within Commonwealth Empire to outside of Commonwealth Empire, Exports subsidy at the rate of 25% of proceeds of exports sold for a fair market price with conversion of foreign currency proceeds transfer into Commonwealth Empire. Plants, animals, produce and food may not be imported into the Commonwealth Empire except with payment of {GDP / population / 75 [$1,000]} per kg for quarantine such as genetics, subject to quarantine, We may freely import Parts, food, colostrum and vitamins, minerals, supplements and pharmaceuticals powders and tablet made from within the Commonwealth Empire (USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland + NZ). Carriers having approval of the national parliament may transit to and visit our ports and airports and NATO forces may freely transit Commonwealth Empire waters and stay at our military ports and airports. 100% anti-crap dumping tariff for 50% sales subsidy for physical products we make as parliament determines {Fuel (for defence reasons) except for vehicles in transit, Steel, copper and aluminium products, Domestic washing machines and laundry equipment, Cars and up to 50% of car components and parts, Paper products, Clothes, Furniture, Bricks, tiles and building hardware, Solar, free energy equipment and batteries except as components parts of importable products, Curtains, Linen, Carpets, Glass or mirror, Empty silo, container, luggage and tool boxes, Fence posts, Hose and pipe, Cutlery and crockery}. Foreign reserves first used to pay back foreign debt. 50% import duty on the real value of imports into Commonwealth Empire minus the amount of currency exodus tariff already paid on the same import product or commodity at the full normal world price of the import regardless of the price actually paid for the import. [$100b/y]

ALL ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS tax: 1% on payment of wages and gifts, for investments, foreign currency, bets, homes, rent, utilities, products and services: [$100b/y] Transfer between the holders own same currency accounts exempt.

FRINGE BENEFITS tax of 20% on workplace entitlements other than uniforms, safety equipment, meal break meals, transport on-site and to and from work, cash income and scholarships.

CONVICT LEVY: convicts must pay an additional 50% of income to the convict industries provider (plus 20% levies on income plus 20% superannuation)

CASH OUT tax: 20% tax on the drawing money out of account into cash such as at cash machines.

PRECIOUSE MINERALS SALES TAX: 30% x sales such as gold, diamonds+all gemstones deducted and paid by broker.

ART SCHOOL LEVY: 30% levy on resale of art shall go to artists choice of arts school having approval of parliament.

SHARES SALES LEVY: 30% levy on sales of shares shall to go to the underlying company, Automatic collection and payment by broker. (No shares sales or capital gains tax) The share market platform organisation with approval of parliament may also charge for audits, listing, and trading costs.

PROPERTY CAPITAL GAINS ON SALE TAX: on market prices capital gains on all Australian real property paying 5% x years ownership deducting purchase price including for construction by others and 2 x own construction and renovation costs divide by property contiguous land of 1+ land area in hectares, collection on sale or demolition of property. Maximum capital gains tax of 100%. [$50b/year no capital gains tax, to favour farmers and developers.]

SHARES WEALTH TAX: issue of 3% x Australian listing shares on issue to treasury to sell to spend. [$50b/year for total market capitalisation of share market of $1.7t [no capital gains tax]

SUPER CONTRBUTIONS AND PAYOUTS TAX: 30% tax on all super contributions and payouts only when super balance is over GDP / population [$75,000].

DECEASED SHARE OF ESTATES, SHARES AND FAMILY SUPER shall go to treasury except share of the main family business exempt to pass to children when living more than 6 of the last 12 months at a homestead with the deceased at the time of death but 50% of sub-investments such as cash, shares and subsidiaries shall go to Treasury as tax. 50% tax on gifts, Education and board exempt for wife for duration of marriage and children until reaching 25 years of age. [$50b/year]

TAX FREE PEER TO PEER CROWD FINANCE: of up to 50% of family superannuation contributions plus other money may go into unredeemable rights investments (not shares, may not vote or appoint director, may not sell rights or receive refund, may give away and inherit) issue by 1-small business up to sales revenue of GDP / population x 20 [$1.4m] per year, 2-Family business and 3-technology venture having approval of the national Science minister: Self run peer to peer crowd finance of the small business and technology venture rights issues only required to publish online investor balances (audit not required) to receive a rights royalty of an equal portion of 10% x sales revenue for division between all rights holders in the business venture up to a maximum return per right of 20% for the lifetime of the business venture. Each investor able to make weekly, monthly and lump sum [Paypal] contribution.

FISH AND WHALE EXPORT levy: GDP / population / 2000 [$35] per kilogram levy on fish and whale produce exports from our nations waters for fisheries management and restocking of produce species in our waters.

PAPER AND WOOD levy: GDP / population / 1000 [$70] per ton export or import levy on paper and wood products over the weight of 1kg shall be for the payers choice of plantation timber forests in our nation.

SPARE BEDROOM tax: GDP / population / 500 [$125] levy per more than one bedroom without a person sleeping in it on most nights over last week (not counting of military on deployment) paid to the community housing free utilities fund.

GAMBLING: 20% of bets shall be tax for treasury, 10% of bets shall be for the person or charity bet on to win for winning, 10% of bets shall be for the book maker, 10% of bets shall go to the venue, track or sports-field, 50% of bets shall be for division between winning punter. [$5b/year]

FAT, SUGAR AND SALT taxes: Tax of GDP/population/1,000,000 [7cents] per gram simple sugar, complex sugar tax free such as {Salicinium} GDP/population/1,000,000 [7cents] per gram of bad fat containing more LDL than HDL, GDP/population/1,000,000 [7cents] per gram of bad salts (sodium chloride) in foods sold to consumers. The adding of sodium chloride salt to food is illegal zero tax on {potassium chloride} nutritional supplement as a legal substitute to added salt. Simple sugar, sodium chloride or LDL or trans fats may not be added to food, The adding of long life saturated or trans fat to foods is illegal, {omega 3 DHA oil, fish oil, HDL oil (olive oil, peanut oil and avocado oil) and coconut oil} are legal substitutes. [$5b/year]

INTOXICANTS: Drug taxes: 90% of the sale price of safe psychoactive drugs. Alcohol and psycho-destructive drugs are only available for sale, possession and consumption on the prison island for trans-location of all drug addicts {Kangaroo Island, King Island, Flinders Island}. Psycho-destructive drug and alcohol production and consumption is unregulated in the native title territory of our nation {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone of Australia} except by tribal law custom. Subject to testing for purity, safety, psychoactive content, health warning and maximum dosage labelling as the national parliament shall determine. Or for alcoholic beverages shall have percentage tax equal to 5 x percentage alcohol with a maximum alcohol content of 5% by volume for purchase on-line for home delivery in plastic drink flagon to reduce waste, glass injury and pollution. [ Less propensity to accidentally get drunk because of unexpected affect of high alcohol content, and to keep drinkers satisfied without getting too drunk ]. Parliament may set a minimum price per unit of alcohol. Except alcohol and other intoxicants may not be consumed by intoxicated persons or those disqualified by a seller, doctor or private security police. Intoxicants may not exist within the central business district and any other area subject to local council police commissioner ban on intoxicants, except alcoholic beverages may only be sold with meal or taxi-voucher at the rate of up to 500ml of alcoholic beverage of up to 5% alcohol by volume in a plastic cup with every meal and/or taxi voucher. Police may confiscate for a period motor vehicles owned by intoxicated driver. The production or importation of any intoxicant (other than alcohol) is illegal except by prisoners on prison islands under terms the national parliament shall determine including payment of additional levies and royalties to the community of nations treasurer. Smoking is illegal, except vaping is legal. High THC cannabis hemp leaf powder or oil for drinking or seed oil for application to the skin is also available tax free on prescription for self treatment of illness from a doctor having approval of the local council health commissioner. Consumption or selling of poisons toxic to humans is illegal as the national parliament or local court shall determine. To purchase and consume psychoactive drugs or alcohol the user must acquire a photo ID certifying that they do not have a drivers license, private motor vehicle, addiction health problem, or offence related to consumption of psycho-destructive drugs or alcohol. Alcohol may only be sold, obtained or consumed between 6am and 6pm. Nootropics (Brain function enhancement nutrients) are legal.

MINING lease and royalties: All mining companies must list on one of our national share markets to buy mining lease and mine in our nation. Mining lease purchase is by buying out the mining lease of the incumbent holder and raising a higher payment in lease purchase than any other prospective miner for treasury. Valid for up to 10 years. 35% of world market price mining royalty shall go to treasury on non native title lands. All minerals are the property of the nation or native title holders until mining by a mining company bidding the highest mining exploration rights over an area for payment to the {Commonwealth Empire} Treasury, plus any additional top up payment until compulsory acquisition compensation of the original price for to buy out the existing area mining rights holder plus any additional bid for the {Commonwealth Empire} Treasury. 10% of mining's rights auction increase and 5% world market price royalties shall go to all free-hold owners on the mining rights lease over the previous 100 years in proportion to time as owner or for descendants and in proportion to the area. The 90% remainder of all mining lease continuous action bid increase shall go to the Commonwealth Empire treasury. Mining is not subject to government approval unless, but subject to local court jury veto for pollution with local court judges panel penalty and restriction. Mining may commence immediately without negotiation with land owners except miners may not mine or drill within 500m of housing, sheds or dams or destroy prime agricultural land except where paying relocation compensation of {$100,000} per person living on the lease at least 6 of the 12 months prior to lease commencement subject to relocation, Plus {$100} per meter of fencing destroyed. As set by the national parliament {Uranium and asbestos} may not be mined in our nation except as a by-product for redeposit underground. Miners may not mine or drill through aquifer or contaminate or damage dams except as parliament approves and for clean extraction of water for domestic water or farm irrigation or livestock water supply. All artesian bores must be have cap, tap and tank or trough. Agricultural activities of land owners including private wildlife protection area sanctuaries and agricultural leases may continue around mining rights lease activities. All mining leases list on the Commonwealth Empire mining lease exchange. [$15b/year]

EDUCATION, APPRENTICE, PARENTAL LEAVE and MARKETING SALES LEVIES for private education provider having approval of the business council, for apprentices and for parental leave: [for business to control free private selective education instead of GST or company tax paying for needs based public service controlled communist dogma education for unemployable]

RETAIL SALES LEVY : 10% resale retail to consumer sales levy including on health, education, homes, exports. Exempt: shares sales. For online purchases by consumers in Australia collection and payment by online merchant platform in Australia [eBay]. Foreign merchant pay 50% currency exodus tax.

PRODUCTION SALES LEVY : 10% on sale of product by producer and maker. Including on health, education, homes, and export inflows.


20% of sales levies for apprenticeships (family business or listing company). Full Australian citizens over the age of 15 having the absolute right to immediate start apprenticeship (plus legal non citizens in our nation as the employer allows) (except may not work if with any conviction by a jury for a crime against the company, By determination of a local court judge for a particular individual or in general terms by the business council in the state, or Immediate arrest and expulsion after detention for up to 1 hour by the security police of the business or a party and exclusion and remand by party police for up to 30 days in the last year while awaiting local court trial and jury or business council determination of a ban on entry into specific workplaces), Subject to this any citizens may obtain apprenticeship status with own choice of business or charity employer for the employers choice from at least 30 hours of apprentice work per normal hours work for 5 days each week paying as many hours so as to pay the minimum wage from 10% of producer sales for apprentice and the employee must choose 2 days each week to only work for (above the 10% of producer sales for apprentice) at double the minimum wage for all time at work and travelling to and from work hours. Employee are subject to skills testing by the employers testing company to determine duties, times and locations. For all normal hours work on Australian land and waters (seas to the mid-distance between our mainland and a foreign nations mainland) union jurisdiction and minimum wage per hour shall be of local council area average house price per bedroom / 5,000. [$100,000 per bedroom = $20 per hour ] All additional pay is from above 10% of producer sales for apprentice, Contractor may be for per item (brick, leaflet) and by project but the minimum per hour wage shall still apply as the minimum pay. No work is compulsory so no person has to work on weekends or on any other day if they don't want to. The employer must provide free clean loan uniforms, safety equipment, and comfortable transport (including costs to access community transport service where available) between work and place of accommodation for minimum cost to the employer and with the employer having the option of this being (subject to being a current apprentice of own free will) free loan accommodation local to work-site with privacy, adequate size, free meals, cleaning, air-conditioning, water, Internet, computer and power and all other necessary services, subject to court adjustment with union and employer representation). Compulsory own time for students between 4pm and 7am 7 days per week.

20% of sales levies for sponsorship of the payers choice of innovation project at selective private research universities having approval of the national business council. Researchers must document discoveries on the Internet to receive funding.

20% of sales levies for sponsorship of free scholarship for full Australian citizens at unregulated (except by sponsor) private selective boarding schools providing meals having approval of the state business council (including boarding schools, scholarships, schools choose students on merit) for attendance by children between 5 and 20 years of age (years 0 to 15. 9:00am – 3.30pm play (computers, gaming, text messaging, selfies, exercise, sport, discussion, hobbies, eating, playing, making things) with educational television on in the background (entry tests and exams at start of year about coming years curriculum for selective streaming, no tests or exams at last end of year), Year 1: 42 letter Australian phonetic alphabet and numerals: television showing and speaking all 42phonemes x 42phonemes = 1764 2 phoneme words in rotation and child entertainment television with big subtitles, Year 2: spelling of 100 shortest and 100 commonest English words and number structure up to one hundred, video, spoken with big English spelling and phonetics subtitles in order for rote learning and child TV entertainment with subtitles, Year 3: spelling of 1000 commonest English phrases and number structure up to one trillion,Year 4: spelling of next 10000 shortest and 10000 commonest English phrases and times tables multiplying up to and dividing 100, video, spoken with big English spelling and phonetics subtitles in order for rote (class speaking together) learning and in child entertainment with subtitles, Year 5: Cognitive behavioural programming and philosophy of grammar, algebra and child entertainment, speech writing and public speaking. Year 6,7,8+9: Software maths and actual programming, Assignment to draft model national constitution, Assignment to design and make things with tools, Assignment to publish sophistic web-page with web software, Investment, Science, physics, chemistry and material science. Years 10 to 15 = 6 years of the specialist technical education of the school. (Agriculture, Engineering, Computing and networks, Resources, Construction, Health, Genetics, Finance, Robotics and transport, Policy) Sundays: 6 hours free work for self, school, community, political parties and old scholars: cleaning, air freshening, tidying, garbage removal and disposal, clothes washing, vacuum, dusting, clean bench top and sink, cleaning bathrooms, shopping delivery, maintenance, sanding, painting, weeding, gardening, watering, lawn mowing, delivering leaflets/mail, door to door knock collection and washing of clothes and linen for homeless shelters.

10% of sales levies for unregulated work place skills coach for on-site teaching of skills to apprentices and all workers.

10% of sales levies for scholarship for unregulated free private child care for children of employees to 5 years of age.

5% of sales levies for scholarship for the employers choice of veteran after overseas military deployment.

5% of sales levies for unregulated parental leave, for 12 months from confirmation of pregnancy as long as the infant lives. Maximum GDP / population [$75,000] per pregnancy.

2% of sales levies for entrance exam company for schools, universities and jobs testing and assessment of students for provider having approval of the state business council. Not for television education. Entrance exam set by school in consultation with scholarship sponsor plus English language test for foreign students. School may expel/disqualify students.

2% of sales levies for to sponsor free educational television programming and channels by provider having approval of business council.

2% of sales levies for emergency services.

2% of sales levies for the payers choice of: Free producer and merchant online marketplace for products made in Australia only.

2% of sales levies for scholarship for job network web-page and job centre having approval of a state business council.

LEVIES ON INCOMES: for people living in Australia over lifetime more than any other single country auto collection and payment to the earners choice from 100 (listing by levy purpose revenue) private business provider choices for each levy the local council plus the national upper house business council approves of 10% levies on all personal income deposits into income bank account(s) including welfare. Alternative to retail sales tax and production sales levies payment: proceeds of sale pay sales taxes and levies of merchant and business accounts.

10% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for emergency services levy being the payers choice of free clinic, ambulance, disability services, emergency services, hospital, mobile remote dentist, medical research institute, rescue, fire, security police services, court and legal aid.

10% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of private convict industries for convict green army for protection of island private wildlife sanctuary. Also for forensic psychiatric and addict services.

10% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of private broadcaster.

10% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be the payers choice of free open access community transport services. Free including for all including foreign tourists.

5% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of unions to protect workplace, building, food, chemical and product health, safety, climate and pollution control, inspection and regulation and proper payment of wages. No other union fees or public service wages may be extracted.

5% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the the payers choice of free software foundation.

5% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: Medical and nutrition research and regulation. With matching funding from the national budget.

5% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: homeless shelter for homeless ration card holders. Good excess food and clothing (door to door knock collection on Sundays by school children) may not be wasted but shall go to homeless shelters. Homeless card holders shall also get free public transport}

5% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: For welfare assessment corporation to assess citizens family assets.

4% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: free community (digital) library online encyclopaedia {Wikipedia}

3% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for: for safety authority to enforce safety. All agricultural chemicals are legal forever after one registration anywhere in the (Commonwealth Empire) until or unless banned by the safety authority anywhere in the (Commonwealth Empire) subject to local regulation. Parliament may regulate tobacco and drug packaging.

3% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for: Animal welfare: free vets and zoos.

3% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for: Records of survey, statistics, land tile, mapping, design, planning, names records, geography, weather, and minerals.

3% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: For management and care of national buildings and assets,- government house, parliament house and and monuments (All statues must be white).

2% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: free community (digital) library online encyclopaedia {Wikipedia}

2% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: state capital city archive and technical service manual and educational textbook library building, books, computer and printer. (non fiction, non history, non music).

2% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: For sports administration, drug testing, clubs and care of sports-fields for free telecast. Players, coaches, umpires, and trainers, transport fares, accommodation, training, nutrition, health care, loan uniforms, loan sports equipment, and loan travel related equipment.

1% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: Independent commissions against corruption. (Panel of 10 prosecutor: 1 by appointment by each of the 10 major parties by party membership)

1% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: Free access swimming pools, surf life saving, sports, tourism and adventure clubs and assets.

1% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: For free religion: churches, charities, weddings, funerals, and guidance to celebrate family life.

1% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: Free open product choice, assessment, consumer affairs.

1% of 10% levies on all personal income shall be for the payers choice of: photos, statues, archaeology, museums and galleries charity.

COMMUNITY HOUSING: All from new construction, and all deceased estates after both parents deceased and youngest child reaches 25 years of age. The tenant paying a 30% of income the remainder of rent from treasury quantitative easing up to (GDP / population / 500 [$125] per week plus GDP / population / 3,000 [$21] per additional bedroom) for the community housing provider, Tenant paying this rent for 20 years to become owner of the last property. Plus GDP / population / 1000 [$70] levy per week where more than one bedroom without a person sleeping in it on most nights over last week (not counting of military on deployment) paid to the community housing free utilities fund, Plus GDP / population / 35,000 [$2] for each other item of furniture or appliance the landlord is providing for exclusive use by the primary tenant and guests. For an extra GDP / population / 3,000 [$21] per week the provider may require the tenant may obtain 3 hours (all at one time) cleaning, rubbish removal, pruning or extra garden care per month (front garden care and mow are free with rent) all extra paid to the provider from the tenants choice of separate provider from at least 10 the landlord shall offer. Rent includes 60% of utilities (power, water, Internet + cable TV) which the community housing provider shall pay and deduct 40% of costs with rent directly from welfare payments. Subdivision land for community housing from the national (tax payers) budget, each lot for the community housing. With free utilities, washing machine, fridge, and microwave from 5% of national (tax payers) budget. Also provision of free unlimited fibre to the home Internet in exchange for use of the tenants roof for wireless commercial wireless {wifi, 4th generation or 5th generation} by the network provider. With the right of community housing providers to compulsory acquire vacant land and derelict buildings for cost of good improvements for private community housing subdivision provision by provider, Also other least story city buildings for a price as the state parliament shall determine. Also paying GDP / population / 7 [$10,000] for relocation of each legal resident in properties subject to compulsory acquisition of more than 6 months in last 2 years. Land purchases by the national government from the national budget divided equally between the 250 local council areas across {Australia} except the native title territory {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone of Australia}, for community housing providers agreeing to pay the most investment into construction on the land within the next 5 years to genuine independent contractors and businesses with own planning independent from government, if not complete and habitable within 5 years then return of the land to the local council for reallocation. Plus free housing from deceased estates after one of the partners has died and after the other partner and children marry, move out or die. Private community housing is for rent to the primary tenant who may have up to 1 resident guest for each bedroom without landlord approval or affecting rent adversely (actually reducing rent to encourage full utilisation of community housing [similar to spare bedroom tax in the UK, so a rent reduction for filling spare bedrooms]). Back rent is paid by the primary tenant at the rate of up to 40% of income ( including rent from the tenants guests ) plus investment dividend income until up to date by deduction from welfare payments for the asset poor plus ability to access investments such as superannuation for oldest late rent until paid (income levels including from guests do not increase or decrease the actual rent so as to encourage work and primary tenants to rent out spare bedrooms for own gain and full community housing occupancy and workforce participation). Private community housing is only for rent to people born citizens of our nation with least initial assets such as those youth and longest homeless with least capacity to pay on establishment of tenancy (while not penalising income from productivity, rent is not relative to income so as to reward work), All community housing for black aboriginals of our nation including homeless and prisoners shall be in the native title territory of our nation {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone of Australia}. Probational migrants during 20 years probationary citizenship have no right to private community housing. Criminals having had criminal history such as convictions of more than 500 hours convict service (prison), drug dealers and addicts may not have access to mainland community housing except may access open range prison island community housing such as on {Kangaroo Island, King Island, Flinders Island, Rottnest Island, North Stradbroke Island} and are subject to immediate eviction from mainland community housing and optional transportation to open range prison island community housing or prison if they prefer. Once having community housing tenants may obtain relocation subject to the provider being able to provide it, without any reassessment of eligibility (the original eligibility for community housing is enough as long as still valid under current laws (at some time homeless, least assets and born a fair citizen of our nation)(not for illegal refugees: homeless illegal refugees may not obtain our community housing except must relocate to holding territory for illegal migrants {The North of parallel 20degrees south zone.} border protection command detention centre). Valid tenants shall also obtain special needs such to accommodate disability and to be near relatives needing support. RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES IN GENERAL: No bond may be paid. Land-lords may charge any initial rent which may be a rent auction, with increases limited to inflation except private community housing rent is set by parliament. All vacant accommodation must be widely and immediately advertised. For non private community housing tenants the landlord may require any amount of rent in advance of initial occupation. Non citizens have no right to accommodation costing under {$200} per week per family member, Homeless refugees are subject to immediate detention for deportation. Tenant may stay as long or as short as the tenant determines. Except termination of accommodation lease by the landlord shall be with 1 years notice, or by eviction by local court panel of 10 judges and 10 jurists order where the tenant has been destructive, violent, intoxicated, psychotic, dangerous, unhygienic, promiscuous, addicted to drugs, imposing, begging, criminal or loud including by pets for relocation into the care of prison, lunatic asylum, drug addict rehab island, hospital, community housing (as accepted), or homeless units or by provision of relocation expenses compensation of {$10,000} in advance of eviction or any part combination of notice and compensation minus 10x late rent and minus court awarded costs of repair for tenant inflicted damage, filth cleaning expenses, rubbish removal expenses, late utility bill costs (tenants must pay utility bills as the community housing manager shall manage by applying to welfare administration to automatically deduct utility costs from welfare), pet care or disposal and acquire abandoned possessions unless the prior tenant pays for storage costs or provision of free relocation to alternative accommodation acceptable to the tenant (with tenant approval). The tenant may leave at any time of own accord with 1 hours notice to the landlord then without future obligation to, or compensation from the landlord. The primary tenant resident residing at the address may evict guests with police supervision or with 1 weeks notice without compensation to the guest. Parents must protect and may not evict own children and children must protect and may not evict own parents. Tenant may leave at any time with no penalty for breaking a lease but the tenant may not then charge relocation expenses compensation. Tenants are not obliged to pay for re-letting and vacancy compensation, painting, or housing asset failure such as water heaters, broken fences, weather damage, fire alarm, fire damage (except tenant must pay for damage caused by smoking or arson by the tenant), earthquake damage, worn carpets, all damaged doors and fly screens (but tenants must pay in advance for lost keys including lock replacement, The landlord may replace keys and locks after termination of lease at the landlords expense), all broken windows (including from wear and tear, burglary and emergency access), roofing, electrics and built in lighting (tenants are responsible for act and cost of up-grade and replacement of light bulbs). Internet phone lines, curtains, TV antenna, solar cooling, nuclear heating, front lawn and front garden care (tenants may modify back yard garden and have silent pets in the back yard) and all plumbing repairs are at the land-lords expense and responsibility, Land-lords may only charge for provision of good housing to the tenant. Landlords may charge at any time an extra as set by parliament up to {$20} per week (subject to appeal to local council tenants ombudsman) for provision of compulsory home cleaning by the tenants choice of independent (from the landlord) professional full time cleaner. Provision of furniture, appliance, electronics, meals, cleaning and linen service by the landlord are also subject to pre-contract between the tenant and the landlord or payment of an extra {$1} per item per week if adding later. Except by prior agreement, all interior walls must be white, all roof must be orange, all furniture must be black, all toilets and basins must be purple, all carpets must be red, all floors must be natural (timber, slate or stone), all interior doors must be yellow, all interior curtains must be yellow, all exterior walls, door exterior, and window exteriors are brown, all fridges are white, all washing machines are yellow. The landlord must provide a catalogue of improvements for the tenant to upgrade subject to approval by phone from 50% of rent accumulating until use such as (Triple lock criminal proof security screen door upgrade, Inside window security grill upgrade, Individual bedroom locks upgrade, kitchen upgrades, bathroom upgrade, Washing machine upgrade, Microwave oven upgrade, Bed, mattress, and bed heater upgrade, Tap upgrade, 6000w shower head water heater upgrade, Additional solar, wind, batteries, and uninterpretable power supply, nuclear heater and solar reverse cycle air-conditioner cooling upgrade, Television upgrade. Computing room Faraday cage solar storm safe room upgrade. [protection from 200 year X40 coronal mass ejection event [Carrington event in 1859 shut down then miniature grid for months, power lines melted and transformers exploded:], Emp / cme alarm and circuit breakers for automatic disconnect from the grid], Dry or wet toilet with revere osmosis filter of overflow upgrade, Fruit and nut trees garden upgrade, Internet upgrade, Water tanks and pump upgrade, Insulation upgrade, fences upgrade such as to have chook yard, Security system upgrade with automatic motion recognition remote monitoring by the community housing provider) all for full ownership by the property owner. Where a child or natural ancestor of the family has been evicted and made homeless, raped, violated, enslaved, neglected the family member/s that inflicted the homelessness shall go to prison and forfeit tenancy to the made homeless family members until the perpetrator family unit member in no longer a threat to the family member made homeless. Landlord or representative may enter own property at any time but together may only stay for more than 1 hour in the past week with permission of the tenant. Tenants may not own pets that have disturbed others, but may own silent backyard pets and small fish, Other pets are subject to on going approval of the land-lord. Tenants may own silent flightless chicken egg laying hens, small herbivores preferably native to control weeds, and silent dogs for backyard only (no indoor pets allowed in community housing), The landlord must provide A free large working washing machine of at least 7kg capacity, A large working fridge or fridges of at least 200litres capacity per bedroom, plus freezer of at least 100litres capacity per bedroom (freezer and fridge may be in same frame or separate), Plus a large working microwave oven of at least 100litres and 1000w capacity, A single bed for each bedroom with clean mattress. New rental accommodation may only have 1 residential level and have a back yard for each bedroom of at least 50 square meters (5m x 10m for example) with 2+ meter high fence all round for the growing of produce by tenants, Except community housing approximating the central business district of the capital city of each state of up to 400 hectares (2km by 2km for example) as the state parliament shall determine may be multi-story and have no back yard with multiple levels of accommodation with new construction having a minimum of 20 floors up to a maximum height of 150meters without approval of state parliament. Repairs and front garden care are free and the responsibility of the land lord including pruning and lawn mowing, The landlord shall determine and provide care for the front garden for free including mowing front lawns at least every month. The landlord may have outdoor security camera with Internet link to private security on all the time, also voluntary camera in every room which the tenant may turn off or on. No requirement for car port or on lot parking. [in the private sector the average tenancy has been about 5 years before the landlord has decided to sell the property, renovate or move back in so shoved the tenant out to pay the remainder of the lease or with furniture out on to the streets without compensation or free relocation of the tenant and often penalty on the tenant, such as to move in or sell the property, this has been unacceptable, which is why i wont touch the (non community housing) private rental market at this time] Residential rental property must be more than 100 meters from any road for use by combustion engine vehicles. Home owners may sell housing to community housing providers in exchange for rent in advance for rest of lives so as to obtain welfare (rent in advance not counting in welfare assets test).

(Not for refugees).

10 companies for community housing for hospital and aged care workers

10 companies for community housing for disabled.

10 companies for community housing for aged.

10 companies for community housing for military, police, fire, emergency services and veterans.

10 companies for community housing for single mothers including surrogates.

10 companies for community housing for prison island convicts, addicts, native title holders and disaster victims

10 companies for community housing for city workers and parliamentarians.

10 companies for community housing for remote workers apprentice 2 shipping container donga.

10 companies for community housing for boarding school student rooms.

10 companies for community housing for poor and homeless.

MEDICAL INFRASTRUCTURE. Sponsorship by levy on income and budget allocation per vote for free emergency care services, catastrophic disability care, aged care, information systems, ambulances for party members, Plus from vouchers from the national budget, Plus from superannuation, Plus from private means, Plus from peer to peer lending, Plus fee for service for non party members.

10 companies for medical infrastructure: medical centre specialist clinics.

10 companies for medical infrastructure: local rural general practitioner clinics

10 companies for medical infrastructure: hospital accommodation units.

10 companies for medical infrastructure: local dental clinics.

10 companies for medical infrastructure: pharmacy.

10 companies for medical infrastructure: medical research.

10 companies for medical infrastructure: health shop.

10 companies for medical infrastructure: genetics lab and fertility clinic.

10 companies for medical infrastructure: trauma and emergency surgery.

10 companies for medical infrastructure: mental health hospital and clinic.


10 companies for power machinery factories: plastics.

10 companies for power machinery factories: refrigeration, heating, fans and air conditioning.

10 companies for power machinery factories: cleaning equipment: washing machines, high pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners.

10 companies for power machinery factories: medical equipment.

10 companies for power machinery factories: power tools, robots and manufacturing machinery: industrial, military and domestic.

10 companies for power machinery factories: lighting.

10 companies for power machinery factories: printers. 2D and 3D.

10 companies for power machinery factories: food appliances.

10 companies for power machinery factories: batteries and charging.

10 companies for power machinery factories: automotive machinery.


10 companies for energy and mineral resources: mineral extraction contractors.

10 companies for energy and mineral resources: mineral processing and refining contractors.

10 companies for energy and mineral resources: mineral smelting.

10 companies for energy and mineral resources: paper and packaging.

10 companies for energy and mineral resources: bas load power stations.

10 companies for energy and mineral resources: water network: dams, pumping and grid including local connection plumbers, for agricultural irrigation, homes and industry. Water rates market are market rate per kilolitre from each suppliers customers in free competition. Water is free if none is consumed. No on going water connection rates may be charged. 50% of water rates for upgrade of private water grid corporation, with a director from each of the 5 largest Australian share holder and a director from each of 5 largest volume Australian water provider over last year. 50% of water rates for 10 competitive desalination and treatment plants and dam provider.

10 companies for energy and mineral resources: glass.

10 companies for energy and mineral resources: sewage network. 10 sewage customer service providers as the national business council shall determine. Sewage rates are market set 50% for the sewage customer service provider providing plumbing from the customer toilet to the sewage grid and 50% for the sewage grid, pumping, flushing and treatment provider including for public toilets in private shareholder ownership with 5 largest share holder having a directorship each and joint ownership by sewage customer service provider 5 having most customer each having a directorship. Properties with dry pit toilets and gray water recycling and irrigation do not have to pay sewage rates.

10 companies for energy and mineral resources: minerals transportation: rail, ports, pipelines.

10 companies for energy and mineral resources: base load power grid in each state for private ownership 5 directors by appointment by 5 largest Australian share holders plus 5 directors by appointment by 5 largest Australian base load power providers in each state by kilowatt hour power output, in the last year. Intermittent power sources may not be connected to the state grid, but may exist off grid with batteries. A 30% levy on revenue from sale of electricity over grid shall be for grid power supply security to have robust not interrupted power supply. Electromagnetic flare protection: All smart-phones, computers, teller machines, vehicles, white-goods, appliances, devices, wristwatches, clocks, television towers, satellites, exchanges and wireless nodes and everything else electronic and electrical must have or be inside a Faraday cage full seal metal enclosure or have other electromagnetic protection such as being underground so as to be capable of withstanding an electromagnetic radiation detector reading of 1000 solar flare [normal reading now is 10 to 20 depending on season]. All housing must have electromagnetic radiation grid surge protection.


10 companies for construction: single and double story housing, hi-rise accommodation and offices .

10 companies for construction: tunnels, bridges and ports.

10 companies for construction: education. Unregulated (except by sponsor and owners) private media, child education, child care, and specialist producer research and education colleges (not a monopoly) 10 provider as the national parliament shall approve. Receiving revenue from levies on business revenue for the businesses own choice of on-site, direct scholarship or employee voucher sponsorship of free child-care, education and research from private child care centres, boarding schools and colleges for Australian citizens, with the option to pay for more, Also for fee paying foreign international students required to spend $200 per day to reside in Australia. Plus levies on income for media.

10 companies for construction: medical, sports and recreation.

10 companies for construction: roads, Receiving revenue from {10cents per ton dry weight kilometre} vehicle owner road user charge paid to the vehicle owners (except farming, aircraft, fishing and mining vehicles) choice of private road construction company for construction of public roads including subdivisions, lighting, traffic lights and footpaths. In addition to value of at least {10cents per ton dry weight kilometre} vehicle owner drivers license, vehicle registration and vehicle related damage and maintenance insurance from the payers choice from 10 private insurance companies in each state as the business council shall determine, With a free driver health test and vehicle roadworthy test and free maintenance after every 10,000km or every year if longer, with free test and repair of vehicle after a problem with the vehicle or free driver health test and compensation after an accident involving an injury to any person or damage to any property or vehicle roadworthy test on signing a transfer of ownership before the exchange of money. Saving and paying out 90% of premiums up to a maximum of 10x premiums paid by the vehicle owner for all vehicles owned by the owner in the last year, Paying the insurance company 10% of premiums. Issue and retraction of drivers license, vehicle registration, and vehicle damage and maintenance insurance by the payers choice of vehicle owner insurance company. Including driving test for drivers license for each new driver of each vehicle to obtain insurance of the vehicle. Road transport carrying passenger (except driver-less taxi cabs) or more than 2 ton of freight, or having over 10ton dry weight traveling more than 200km per day must have 2 driver and sleeper cabin with a driver allowed to drive up to 2 hour in the last 4 hours while the alternate driver is to rest.

10 companies for construction: hard furniture.

10 companies for construction: shopping, warehouses and logistics.

10 companies for construction: intercity high speed rail track.

10 companies for construction: heavy cargo handling rail track (transport provider able to compulsory acquire access to all the assets of all private cargo handling infrastructure companies as the state business council shall determine. Rail operators earning (per ton x kilometer) from train providers having approval of the state business council),- Inland heavy rail track, Roads, Silo, Sea and Air ports including terminals for parcels, containers, gas, coal, oil, ore, grain, produce, livestock and anything else, Pipe-lines and Parcel post office and depot. Transport provider may use own transport or hire transport, Cargo handling infrastructure companies may also own transport and port vehicles. Shippers pay commercial rates to own choice of transport provider from at least 10 in each state having approval of the state business council to provide transport by trucks, trains, container cranes, parcel courier vans, ships, parcel freight aircraft and the like and own staff.

10 companies for construction: defence.


10 companies for banks and retailers: deposit account managing banks.

10 companies for banks and retailers: online shares investment.

10 companies for banks and retailers: online supermarket.

10 companies for banks and retailers: investments management.

10 companies for banks and retailers: online real estate agent.

10 companies for banks and retailers: global transactions.

10 companies for banks and retailers: audit provider.

10 companies for banks and retailers: live investments data provider.

10 companies for banks and retailers: pay broadcasts and media streaming provider.

10 companies for banks and retailers: local walk in supermarket, newsagent, post and banking


10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: crop farmers.

10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: complementary medicines and supplements.

10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: cleaning products. Soap, mops, hand hold cleaners.

10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: food processing, cooking and packaging.

10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: restaurants.

10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: drugs: anti cancer or infection.

10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: agriculture; seed, fertiliser, transport, supplies and farm genetics.

10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: fishing and marine farming.

10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: clean linen and clothing service.

10 companies for food, medicine and cleaning care consumables: livestock farmers.


10 companies for electronics: software.

10 companies for electronics: computer mother boards.

10 companies for electronics: networks: router, cable and wireless including satellites. Internet and telecommunications service provider: For Internet fiber, wireless towers, data centers, and ducts (not a monopoly). All terrestrial Internet network builders must build duct or pole (free compulsory acquisition of any off road pole location for overhead cable by any of the 100+ telecommunications companies having approval of the state business council) and 10+ fiber and 10 spectrum block wireless network: Donating for free 1 fiber and 1 spectrum block of 10% of free {5th generation} wireless community spectrum free to each of the 10 network builders building most kilometers of 10+ fiber network with fiber ducts in the last 10 years in Australia x number of properties with a connection to copper, fiber or terrestrial wireless(from the network builders 10 spectrum block towers and 10 fiber cable and resident user port property owners customer access network link) at 50mbps for less than $1 per gigabyte most of the time in the most recent calendar year for transfer 1 year later subject to national parliament terms. The network builder may keep, allocate and use any excess fibers under own terms. Copper or fiber customer access network from node or street fiber to each resident users port for ownership by the property owner for connection to the residents choice of backbone provider as the resident user shall determine and the provider shall offer. Each network provider most allow free access to own ducts, poles, exchange, node and tower system by at least the 10 other network provider owning access to fiber and {5th generation} wireless network. Exchange owners must provide access to all of the 100+ independent private network builder companies from at least 100 having approval of each state business council who may build onto the 10 fiber and wireless tower network and single fiber user port property owners customer access link, or transfer ownership of the exchange to any network builder willing to pay for and provide upgrade of the exchange to the required capacity and along with extension of duct and pole network and placement of towers subject to A network builder and State business council, or local court or local council approval and sponsorship such as for new subdivisions. Modification of or connection to resident port property owners customer access fiber or copper link requiring approval of the property owner or resident and others agreeing to pay for connection of the user port, Each of these 100+ network providers have free reign to build onto and maintain the 10 fiber and tower network but may not cut or shut down access of any of the other network builders including fiber and spectrum owners. Any of the 100+ network providers may connect fiber Internet from the local node or street fiber to user ports property owners customer access link. {5th generation} device user may have the ability to instantly switch between any of the 10 network builders owning spectrum to take advantage of the cheapest rates, with a minimum rate per gigabyte set by the network builder plus capacity to each user in proportion to bid per megabyte download. Each device having a single sim from any billing system provider with account holder ID chip. The sim account holder paying any amount the sims billing system provider credits in advance in any of the 100 main currencies to never expire until used. This single sim giving access to all worldwide wireless wifi, {5th generation} and satellite Internet providers, The sim providers billing system paying all the worldwide wireless (wifi, {5th generation} and satellite) network providers the device accesses, from the single on-line account. The sim account holder paying only bid per gigabyte for an equivalent share of capacity from the cheapest per megabyte wifi (including free wifi on own router), {5th generation} or satellite Internet provider in range, Switching instantly to get maximum speed for the bid per gigabyte between any one of all the in range wifi, {5th generation} and satellite Internet providers, this bid set by the sim account holder on the sim by the device and device user, unless canceled on-line by the account holder access to on-line account. Each wifi, {5th generation} or satellite Internet provider may set a minimum bid per gigabyte for access to own wifi, {5th generation} or satellite Internet network. After using up 90% of credits or on a monthly basis as the sim account holder shall determine automatic re-billing of the account holder to build credits up to the level set on-line advance payment with the billing system provider for same set market fee per credit reload common of all users of the billing system provider up to {$10} per credits reload for payment, With payment to the reload fee to the billing system provider for storage of account holder credits, bank account details, security and for transfer fee free immediate payment to all worldwide wifi, {5th generation} or satellite Internet networks within 1 day of being used, Connection only terminated when all the account holders credits are used up or when the sim device user disconnects or stops accessing the Internet via the providers wireless wifi, {5th generation}, or satellite Internet network or when the sim owner account holder restricts access by on-line password access to own account with the sims billing system provider. wifi, {5th generation} and satellite network providers automatically blocking access to sims of devices to own network for not paying bills within 1 week of access to own network. Network providers may provide free optical fibre Internet to community housing in exchange for use of the community housing property for towers for commercial community {Wifi and 5th generation} wireless. Fibre owners may also use additional fibres to provide [about 1,000 channels per fibre] multi-cast own choice of definition television.

10 companies for electronics: televisions and monitor screens.

10 companies for electronics: navigation and combat systems, radar and traffic control.

10 companies for electronics: data storage and chips.

10 companies for electronics: media and broadcasting.

10 companies for electronics: power supply.

10 companies for electronics: audio.

10 companies for electronics: phones.


10 companies for transport: robo taxi and manual 4wd plant.

10 companies for transport: shipping and boats yards.

10 companies for transport: aircraft factories and space program.

10 companies for transport: community passenger transport.

10 companies for transport: container trucks, trailers, trains, ships and lifter manufacturing plants.

10 companies for transport: bus plants.

10 companies for transport: mechanics; service, accessories, repair, lubrication, wheels, tyres and brakes workshops.

10 companies for transport: bulk transport trains and ships carriers.

10 companies for transport: high speed passenger trains.

10 companies for transport: postal cargo and mail delivery trucks, planes and fast trains.


10 companies for textiles: footwear.

10 companies for textiles: coats and jackets.

10 companies for textiles: pants.

10 companies for textiles: underwear, socks, ties and hats.

10 companies for textiles: rescue, safety, emergency services, police and military.

10 companies for textiles: soft furniture including for vehicles.

10 companies for textiles: linen and curtains.

10 companies for textiles: tents and awnings.

10 companies for textiles: shirts.

10 companies for textiles: carpets.


SPENDING, exempt from transaction taxes. All spending is for private contractors to allocate monies, build, own and operate for activities within budget allocation classification, Subject to appointment by the Commonwealth Empire Presidents choice of Treasurers determination of 5 equal budget private contractors each having 20% of the general budget percentage allocations (except for 50% of budget going to national governments) subject to monthly referendum to choose top 5 contractors (each having 20% of budget in each budget allocation). Each contractor in a separate nation with own chain of supply independent of any others, with each shareholder a citizen or family of citizens of the same nation owning up to 1% of the shares in the NATO or national parliament contractor. For supply to NATO member nations and other nations subject to council of NATO member nation defence ministers and force military authorisation level by the defence minister of the nation of citizenship of operator of the asset having NATO authorisation. No payment may be made from the {Commonwealth Empire} budget to public servants, all employees are for private contractor including political parties.

40% of revenue of the (Commonwealth Empire) treasury shall return in proportion to the tax contribution to the national parliaments budget.

40% of national revenue of the (Commonwealth Empire) treasury shall be for the Commonwealth Empire born citizens national welfare.

20% of revenue of the (Commonwealth Empire) treasury shall be for the Commonwealth Empire parliament: The national treasurers national budget is subject to approval of 60% of the (present or absent) current members of the national congress parliament of our nation {Australia} house of commons representatives then approval of over 60% (300+) of the all 500 (present or absent) current members of both houses of our nation congress parliament of our nation {Australia}, in a joint sitting adding together the votes of both chambers (house of commons and house of lords).


10% of Commonwealth Empire budget for crypto currencies units in community housing provider so as to back crypto currency with charity housing by allocating foreign exchange of donor to the crowd funding charity of the same race as donor and for big donor into own crowd funding charity for construction of housing for homeless to be tenants by percentage same race as the crowd funding big donor charity founder. For government and business donor donations 50% fee (cancellation) for exit from the crypto currency to buy another currency, 50% subsidy in new crypto-currency for conversion other currencies into the crypto currency, to use pay surplus crypto currency and pay foreign currency exchange surplus to the investors choice of community housing provider to buy land, machinery, materials and labour (Not be used to repurchase the crypto currency to prevent feedback rort) to construct off the grid single story housing for units in the community housing provider, plus use of rent of 20% of tenants income in any currency for maintenance. 20% fee on sales of product to purchasers the crypto currency fee for the earners choice of crowd funding project of 50% of property owners with most of the crypto currency. 1% of account balances per month for local infrastructure construction and garbage and maintenance services plus Exchange rate balancing issue of the crypto-currency for dividend to crowd funding charity per crypto currency unit to distribute to poorest 50% of own tenants. Use of biometric DNA test for establishment of crypto currency account with crowd funding charity of highest percentage own race plus true image facial recognition, aural field signature, thumbprint and 4 digit passcode for transaction authorisation, assessment of fairness for complexion of account holder and catch thieves. Also allocation of left and new housing of crypto-currency unit housing provider to highest percentages northern European ancestry 5,000 years ago. No special treatment kickback to foreign currency investor. The crypto currency account holder may set beneficiary to inherit 50% of the accounts crypto currency after no crypto currency account deposits and purchases for 5 years and 50% inheritance fee for the crypto currencies account holders choice of same crypto currency charity. 50% fee on currency exodus across national borders for national border protection command and colours values justice system. Crypto-currency charities exempt from all taxes.

10% of Commonwealth Empire budget for long life surplus agricultural produce aid grown in our nation in proportion to tax contribution to distribute to black living in Commonwealth Empire native title nation {Papua} to accept as citizens the voluntary resettlement all blacks from the Commonwealth Empire to receive fair welfare. {10% for Australian grown milk and protein powders, 10% for Australian grown curries in 600gram tins, 10% for Commonwealth Empire Australian grown long life vegetable+fruit smoothie in 1litre meal size plastic container, 10% for Australian made clothing, 10% for Australian made water proof roofing tarpaulin, 10% for Australian made free energy lighting, 10% for payment to blacks to emigrate from Commonwealth Empire, 10% for Australian made dry pit toilets, 10% for Australian made water supplies, containers, tanks, pumps, treatment and filtration, 10% for free inoculations including voluntary family planning including permanent contraception injection. 10% for distribution. The recipient nations government shall determine who shall receive this surplus agricultural product aid. All aid must be free to recipients, aid may not be sold or resold, governments may not derive any financial gain out of aid but may determine distribution of aid.

5% of Commonwealth Empire budget for the colonisation of space through the mastering anti-gravity technologies for space flight and terreforming. [Searl effect anti-gravity craft] {Anti gravity 100ton cargo heavy lifter and lander anti-gravity flying saucer. Placement of 1000+ inflatable 1km diameter biosphere and bioreactors on Mars to produce heavy greenhouse gasses such as methane to increase temperature so as to warm to have liquid water on Mars the only extra requirement needed to introduce open plant life. Creation of 10000 giant white 100km hexagonal frame fabric sun shields to unfold and join between the sun and Venus to cool most of Venus and to create winds to speed up rotation the only requirement for terreforming organisms from genetic engineering to introduce to thrive} Elimination of space junk, asteroids and other threats in space.

5% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) border force command corporations. Military patrol boat corporation. Customs, Quarantine and Border protection sub-commands. Transportations and deportations. Confiscation and prosecutions of illegal importation of intoxicating drugs. Citizens may import up to 100grams of seed at a time of food and nutritional medicine species, Plus nutritional supplements from the (Commonwealth Empire), But may not import large quantities of food, or any live organism producing burr, toxic to fair humans, disease or any non food or non medicinal species. No living biological organism may be imported into conservation islands such as {Tasmania} except humans. Involuntary return prisoner transport aircraft able to safely transport violent fugitive back to country of nationality. To provide free migration of black complexion people to {Papua New Guinea and West Papua) to receive fair welfare. Illegal invader offshore detention and processing centre and border fences such as to fence off native title territory.

5% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) military drones, Infinite range anti-gravity, high speed and manoeuvrability VTOL air to air combat fighter drone with laser anti-electronics weapon and mounts for 2 weapons and bay. (Not using uranium or plutonium nuclear power), For launch from and landing on carrier and any land location. {TR3B} For military high altitude infinite range sentry and missile attack stealth drone command corporations. Surveillance, and Backup Internet relay, guidance and control also with anti-missile and aircraft electronics laser. Plus mobile ground station, research and design.

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for cleaners for military and health care.

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for home service: army, police, security police and disaster emergency services: world wide duties to match emergency: fallen tree, storm damage, fire, fence repair, ambulance, earthquake, tsunami, solar flare, asteroid, drought, grid damaged, nuclear pollution, asbestos, toxic pollution, reforestation.. Not for police wage or salary. 50% for Equal payment for time of sentence of up to 1 year before retrial to convict labour of criminals by courts as brought to court by police officer(s) (refunding 5 x reward for sentences for compensation for false imprisonment). 50% for police equipment and repairs. Police also keep first GDP / population /700 [$100] of fines to prosecute and take through courts. Conscription of all black males between the ages of 15years and 55years. Police on the spot fines .1% of years income per violation bank auto calculation for direct debit. Total court fines up to 25% of yearly income for 20 weeks bank auto calculation for direct debit. Direct debit details disclosure requirement for drivers license.

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) military submarine corporations each submarine able to operate with 10 crew (4watchmen/captain, 2mechanic/technician, 2commander/navigator, 2cook/supplies), Plus carry 20 passengers. Each with 100 cruise missiles, 1 stand up intercontinental ballistic missile, 5 forward and 5 rear torpedoes (Between two induction propulsion hydro jet tubes) each in own tube ready to fire. Sharp nose and low profile 1 meter conning tower to increase speed, reduce drag and noise. Combat system able to fight completely autonomously while submerged. With infinite range (not using Uranium or Plutonium nuclear power)

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) world wide military and free sharing of spare bandwidth Internet and VOIP low earth orbit satellite and drone constellation. 5000 satellites: 500/year for 10 years. 1000km altitude orbit satellite and 50km altitude drone for 10centimetre rod antenna. [using Artemis Networks compounding multiple satellite signal focusing technologies]

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) military small arms, missiles and ordinance corporations. (with Night vision, Laser aiming, Secure GPS tracking, Electronic gun user grip recognition fiend or foe for relay of target image by satellite to emergency services commission when weapon is live with warning for deactivation decision not automatic self deactivation which would have endangered the soldier. Electronic target friend or foe for target recognition to automatically pull the trigger only when going to kill an enemy combatant concurrent with manual trigger as well [to save ammunition and increase accuracy]).

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) foreign military aid to native proxy forces command.

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for android for colonisation of space + remote control battle robot. Infinite endurance free energy. [Donald Lee Smith 400kw spinning disc alternating magnetic shield flux between magnets in coils] Including research and development. Plus for 1 ton remote control tank robot command. For high survivability remote control tank robots. High technology very strong light weight armour and tracks. Amphibious. Multi replaceable camera vision with spares. Maximum number of 50mm shell rounds. Electronic friend or foe and remote control auto-attack robotic 50mm self loading gun and .22 calibre machine gun. Remote control via drone or satellite relay.

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) anti-missile systems command corporations.

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) military intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile and arms control corporations.

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) military and aid logistics corporations. Including Amphibious trucks with twin cab 6 wheel drive with armour cabin and robotic roof cannon with satellite demobilisation if fallen into enemy hands. aid Long range military and aid heavy lift supply 100meters diameter VTOL flying saucer [Searl effect]. Twin hull infinite range sea: aid, 100 amphibious land carrier or 100 amphibious trucks and VTOL carrier ship.

3% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) land army command force embassy and military base corporation including all forms of combat troops. Combination fortification for embassy and military air-base and where on the sea port. Able to accommodate 1000, with up to 10 combination embassy and base in each nation for station of embassy staff all NATO combat troops in the nation, and drone command. Able to defend its self. For support of local people and forces we choose to support. With amphibious land carrier command: With 6 solid tires (not inflatable)(able to use centre tires as spares for corner tires) personnel carrier able to survive physical, chemical, biological, radiological and electromagnetic attack including x80 x-ray coronal mass ejection from sun. With own oxygen supply. Able to collect water from the environment for fuel. Using {Brilliant Light Power for electrical power and oxygen from water} non ionizing nuclear electric power systems for propulsion. With 2 person crew plus with separate air lock chamber for up to 12 troops or attack dogs or equipment. Auto attack roof mounted double barrel robotic autonomous machine cannons (.22 calibre and 50mm guns) and radar, heat, sonar, magnetic, night vision, spinning laser range finders and optic sensor systems with automatic electronic friend or foe system and manual override. Amphibious.

2% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for military and police boarding school care and training including blacks for in native title areas and foreign service.

2% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) additional health care subsidy for military, police and emergency services. Additional equal percentage subsidy for medical treatment with positive cure results for our injured military from any doctor having qualification using voucher for remainder, no debt.

2% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) telescopes for the visualisation of life supporting planets. {1-Square kilometre array radio telescope, 2-10 meter mirror space telescope with sun brightness blocking disc. }

2% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) inoculation (infection elimination and sterilisation) command. To develop and deploy black race specific contraceptive infections not affecting fair humans. For injection to sterilise black humans so as to get aid, welfare and healthcare. Immunoglobulins for alternative vaccination method like in colostrum (first milk), against disease including cancer, for livestock and humans. Use of antibiotics in non humans such as livestock is illegal except of livestock in quarantine for access into our nation, But any citizen may obtain on demand line at least 1 course of 1 week 10+ drug infection combination therapy anti virus, anti-bacteria anti parasite pack of 70+ x 1gram tablets, except if already used within the last year with prescription from a party doctor for delivery by courier to leave drugs in home post box. People with infections are not allowed to leave isolation such as alone at home and not allowed in contact with any other person subject to penalty as spreading an infection not authorised by a minister is a criminal offence subject to incarceration in solitary confinement.

2% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) military international water command: clean dry tank toilets and water supply.

2% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) energy generation aid in exchange for countries not having a nuclear program: No nation may have Uranium enrichment and power of radio-active nuclear power generators. Safe non-radioactive nuclear power cells for heating or consumer electronics is okay. NATO shall endeavour to buy and dis-arm all illegal nuclear weapons and nuclear waste. No nation may have nuclear weapons or power except {USA} who we shall pay our nuclear weapons budget for nuclear protection. A majority votes of the defence council of Prime minister of our nation, the President (Commonwealth Empire), the Supreme commander allied military forces (NATO), or our national monarchy may order our compliance with weapons of mass destruction inspections, war crimes investigations, and capitulation, unless overridden by at least 2 of each other.

2% for the Commonwealth Empire banking, share market financial, mining lease exchange, taxation, treasury, statistics, records, and on-line voting computer system corporations. NATO computer, Internet and wireless communications corporations. Including for research and development. All forces shall have access to television with always on TV-cam in bottom right hand corner of screen expandable to full screen and for world-wide Internet video conferencing. Normal single reflection mirrors are illegal in our military forces. Also all secure citizenship, identification, medical, police and intelligence records, Each entity ourselves having access to and determine release to public area and sharing of own private records, Private spy agencies having authorisation of the Commonwealth Empire President may also monitor, verify, and censor information of aid to the enemy of private citizens and criminality, and correct (presenting of false and misleading information is illegal), But the Commonwealth Empire President may release any information into the world, NATO member nation national parliament houses in joint session may determine how to also share information on own citizens and who may obtain any information on non NATO member nations and access to data retention for any entity may only occur with a 12 month court or Presidential warrant per targeted individual. A court or Presidential warrant is also required for anyone to listen in on or watch private communications of the nations own citizens. Private and selective national data retention shall be voluntary but subject to warrant for 12 months such as: Criminal records (including on paedophilia), Evidence (such as red light photos), Assets, Sales, purchase and other transactions including dates, postage status, transaction identification photos of the purchaser, currency amounts, details of purchase, and addresses of the other purchaser or supplier, Cash machine and other transaction identification photo, E-mail and residential addresses, Account deposit making number or address (not passwords to withdraw from account) including of transaction partners, Web-pages access records, Email addresses and phone numbers and recipients the entity sends to, Account number to make a bank deposit, Income, Investments, E-mail addresses, Postal addresses, Phone number, Family, Medical records including genome, Also for military, alien extra-terrestrial, weather, census, company, patent, voting, tax, and other intelligence records. (except not entire content of e-mails or phone messages access which requires individual local court search warrant from a local court judge or the President. The President and Supreme commander allied military forces may each also authorise access to video feed and up to 10,000 current key search sound, image, words or phrase search terms for automatic digital recognition search of all communications world-wide by spy agencies in order to be able to have information to obtain a warrant) Citizens shall have the ability to self verify and post own information on self, suggest edit for update of information on self, and withdraw from open access and determine additional others who may access it. But no-one may post passwords or lies or information on how to steal money from an account or on-line activity or emails or telephone calls of others except as evidence against a crime. The President of the Commonwealth Empire may personally access any information and share with NATO private military contractors having approval of the NATO treasurer and referendum approval. Any person may access by any means and expose crimes of government, all information on crimes of government are open property of all (in the world).

2% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) spy command corporation. Internet surveillance. Spy satellites. Street, park, public toilet and private surveillance cameras. Cyber security.

2% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) free energy and anti-gravity systems research corporations. Including research into efficiency constant, cheaper, autonomous, local, more unlimited endurance energy and anti-gravity technologies such as for remote bases, submarines, drones, and androids. Equal division between 100 ventures as the energy minister shall determine. [Searl Effect flying space saucer, Orbo on-board phone charger, ERR Flux generator Brilliant Light Power,,,] (Not radio active Uranium or Plutonium or fusion).

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for {DeskGen} Crispr sgRNA free open cloud design, simulation, testing for libraries to require approval of the business council for all use to modify actual cells.

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for {Cambrian Genomics} human genome project – write: to engineer genome of 1000 sperm genotypes for fertility services using natural sperm of 1000 oldest ever Commonwealth Empire citizens and gene editing on computer to improve up to .1% of genome base pairs. Each sperm genotype to make available to selection by surrogates requiring approval of business council.

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for military genetics engineering corporations. Including: DNA printing technology (Access to gene printers is restricted by NATO to prevent any terrorists from being able to download and print out bio weapon DNA), Free human genetic sequencing and testing with access to medical records so as to be able to automatically edit out all genetic diseases and replace with alternatives on a computer for to print out DNA for sperm for fertility services, Second and subsequent resurrections of Jesus Christ (through genome fragment reconstruction on computer, DNA print out and booting). Genetic engineering of species for terraforming of Mars and other planets to support human life. Special projects {Silent flightless poultry for urban backyard egg production. Military dogs. } Bio-weapons lethal to humans, crops and bees are illegal. Crops to increase nutritional content and eliminate harm to pollinators (pollen must not be toxic to bees, Healthy pest repellents, RNAi pesticides safe to humans, crops and bees not toxic chemical pesticide genes may be expressed in fruit and food components of plants), make susceptible to herbicides (not make herbicide resistant), remove genes toxic to humans, improve nutritional yield, improve drought tolerance, Development and deployment of pest species specific multiple lethal genetic weapons such as gene drive and RNAi bio-weapons (not for use against humans, crops and bees) direct genetic attack on pests, diseases or disease vector. Self replicating in blood RNAi genes infection and gene drive (to all offspring) of susceptibility to RNAi contraceptive infection such as to eliminate {mosquito}. RNAi contraceptive infections to require fertility technology (synthetic sperm genome) for all wild insect or pest breeding including black humans but not crops, bees and fair humans. {Megestrom}. Contraceptive injection {Gonexin}. All genetic engineering to enhance life is free from restriction, but subject to massive fines and bans on specific modifications if caused harm. Insertion of RNAi genes safe to humans, crops and bees into pollen and plants to kill all pests such as varroa mite on bees. {Monsanto}

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for uniforms subject to national colour code.

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for materials science and fabrication including 3D printing.

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for study of technological space alien extra terrestrial civilisation visitor artefacts and inter stellar communications and exchange for alien extra terrestrial civilisation technology (Study of crashed UFOs and genetics and robotics of aliens)

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) for geological survey and discovery of minerals for mining.

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) computer and Internet research.

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) climate and weather corporations. To increase combustion of all fossil fuel resources to increase carbon dioxide the most starved for plant nutrient 10 fold from .04% to .5% of the atmosphere to dramatically increase biomass and crop yield on Earth including by increasing rain and to pull out of 2 million year cyclical deeper and deeper ice age extinction death spiral (due to falling levels of carbon dioxide over last 100million years and solar cyclical inactivity ). Due again now at the end of 10,000 years of cyclical interglacial warming (over the last 2million years 20 deeper and deeper cyclical ice ages every 100,000 years lasting for 90,000 years have extincted over 90% of the species on Earth. We are now at the very end of a brief 10,000 year life promoting global warming period [warmer winters and cooler summers are caused by the tilt of Earth's axis in relation to the Sun reducing]).

1% for (Commonwealth Empire) wing of (NATO) military central command: Supreme Commander Allied Military Forces (NATO: Commonwealth Empire and EU joint command): Strategic planning, Military covert ops, Special ops, Psyops, Special intelligence, Secret service, Command, President, parliamentary, and judicial security, Coup suppression, International commission against corruption, Doctrine, Military authorisation and Foreign judiciary command (our local court only to determine punishment for criminals in our nation at the time of the crime they committed). The private corporation of any forces private causing injury or death to civilians have to pay compensation of up to $100,000 for each casualty, or for damage to civilian infrastructure have to repair or replace it.

1% for Commonwealth Empire private Monarchy. For investment into and ownership of opulent country houses for farms and station properties on 1% of farm or station area to earn 1% of produce income from family farmers running costs such as linen and food. Half of budget for country house construction each costing {$10million} to construct starting with largest property and half for repair and maintenance. The monarchy is to maintain all country houses in new splendour and opulence according to the national color code. The monarchy may have other investments from independent means such as shares listing in our nation, All royal family property including superannuation is the property of the ruling Monarch for own management and is not subject to the $1million cap on inheritance per recipient. On the establishment of an individual Monarchy for each independent nation of the (Commonwealth Empire) or in the event of a break in succession the Monarchy shall be by election by the citizens of the nation of the (Commonwealth Empire). Then the ruling Monarchy of the member nation may determine own line of succession from 10 being natural children then genetically most identical people to themselves. All but 1 Commonwealth Empire Monarch required to provide assent only after referendum for enactment of new constitution. The Monarchy or the President may not prevent any new model Commonwealth Empire constitution being put to plebiscite or then referendum or put own model or endorsement on any model going to referendum before vote selecting the model at referendum by the constitution court jury. The Monarch may not publicly discuss policy but the Monarchy may have private correspondence.

1% for the Commonwealth Empire treasury and statistics. Tax collection, reserves management and payment.

1% for the Commonwealth Empire for reward to constitution court jury voters to correctly lodge votes in monthly direct democracy referendums, model nominations and president elections.

1% for the Commonwealth Empire polar and ocean research.



SUPERANNUATION: Automatic assessment and deduction of super by bank of 20%x income and payment to and from superannuation savings by the residents bank). Health and welfare savings account to access first before government health and welfare subsidy only for broke. For family member living in our nation (Australia) for more than 5 years and over lifetime living more time in our nation than any other single nation 20% of welfare payments and all other income (except transfers from transfer from other super account plus other capital gains and business revenue) subject to income tax [10%] and super contribution tax [30% when super assets over $75,000] then put by bank into superannuation account with 80% of family wealth over GDP/population x 15 [$1million] per family member after payment of super contribution tax to go into superannuation investments in cash and shares in business assets in our nation (Australia) without debt. For management by oldest male family member or delegate or trustee by court order. At marriage after age 20 an equal portion of family super shall seed the family superannuation of the new family, not transferred to subsequent marriages.

HEALTH CARE FROM SAVINGS: first access health and welfare superannuation saving accounts with payment of super withdrawal tax to pay for disability care, chemist, treatment, pharmaceuticals, disability aids, disability services, tests, immune supports, nutritional supplements, pain medication and dentist, before then if broke access to government Medicare subsidy for a common percentage of cheapest generic costs. Provision of health care by provider having approval of the business council is required where paid in advance by super savings and for broke to receive government subsidy for 99% of generic procedure, pharmaceutical and care subsidy and pay 1% of generic cost plus GDP/population/10000[$7] pharmacy fee automatically from personal and trustee account. Provision of other health care is voluntary subject to payment, payment of other health care debts is voluntary, providers of other health care may choose not to serve those with a history of late payment or default of medical debt.

INCOME SUPPORT FROM SAVINGS: first access health and welfare superannuation saving accounts with payment of super withdrawal tax for income support to automatically bring income up to GDP / population / 200 [$375] plus .001x super savings [$100,000 in super = $100] per week. Then if broke access to government welfare for productive poor.

WELFARE (40% of national budget): an equal amount for all citizens (after percentage British and Northern European ancestry DNA test plus percentage financial contribution to economy requirement for 20 years probationary citizenship ancestry) after using up superannuation health and welfare savings accounts an amount to bring balance up to a common level each month divide by 1+(net wealth not counting family business, crowd funding venture, rental housing and family home) / (GDP / population) [$75,000]) test once in last year. Not counting first GDP / population / 75 [$1000] of value of each item of an average value as selling on {eBay}. Deducting 20%x enforceable debt. Prepaid funeral exempt. Joint account with guardian until 20 years of age for child to spend and guardian to spend on welfare, private health care and school having approval of the business council. From age 15 option may count as separate from family. For Medicare 99% x generic subsidy + pharmacy fee. Direct payment of welfare only to working and productive poor including students, If unproductive, disabled, convict, gay, rapist, paedophile, obsessed with false image, psycho or addict 90% welfare above rent shall be for Basics Card (for rent, utilities and groceries not for cash or recreational drugs) guardian, care home, hospital and prison operator until 6 months after court determines no longer a scumbag. Sterilisation by injection of scumbags to receive 10% of payment as cash. For children living at home payment of 50% to mother for family food, care and consumables budget. Treasury shall recover welfare payments for time as a home owner and living in family home from deceased share of family estate after the youngest child reaches the age of 25.

BLACK WELFARE: black families must live in native title nation {Papua New Guinea and West Papua} to receive welfare aid from NATO budget.

HOUSING GUARANTEE (see quantitative easing).

Members of families who have made children of the mother, parents or siblings homeless and injured shall go to prison until no longer a threat to other family members, and if the eldest male with transfer of management of family finances to next eldest male in the family or guardian as the local court shall determine. Females over the age of 17 may choose any international egg donor gaining election by male citizens and her choice of any male citizen over the age of average life expectancy [80years] to be her sperm donor having the absolute right to acquire from a fertility service home detention of the DNA or sperm donor until donation of adequate DNA or sperm to the fertility service for fertilisation subject to sperm testing satisfactory, subject to correction of genetic illnesses. Until having children daughter may reside with relatives as she wishes. Man and woman must and may only marry in the event of natural voluntary conception between the parents, to be husband and wife or wives for life of all natural children to live together with the husband in separate bedrooms at least until each child reaches the age of 20 years. On first impregnation resulting in the birth of a live healthy child the family member shall split an equal portion of family superannuation savings to seed own family superannuation savings account and form own family in marriage with the partner so merge superannuation savings and other assets include with all prior natural conception children of the husband not yet married parents themselves. On a subsequent pregnancy to another partner the female partner takes no share of family superannuation into marriage with the new male partners family. Those in paid employment for less than 10 hours in the last 6 months also have the right but not the obligation to access free sterilisation by injection and other contraception and abortion.

The {Australian} Treasurers national parliament budget of an amount of 40% of tax collection by the {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations Treasury subject to approval of our {Australian} national congress parliament house of commons representatives and then a joint sitting of both houses, Then with spending submissions subject to option of rejection by a 40% of the total 250 member {Australian} parliament upper house the House of Lords Senator. No national government budget amounts may be spent on public service wages except welfare for fair born citizen asset poor. Termination of party sponsorship and other government payment to all members of parliament and staff until producing an actual budget surplus at the end of the budget year, then the party of each member of parliament voting for a budget surplus paid an equal portion of 10% of the resulting actual budget surplus for repayment of debt. Also imprisonment of the current Treasurer in the treasury and finance minister and every member of parliament voting for budget actually resulting in a deficit for 1 year for every 1% of GDP accumulated budget deficit while in office after one year. No money may be spent without a budget with approval of the Treasurer, then the House of commons representatives, and then Both houses of the national parliament within the last year, and Then having spending submissions having approval of the national Treasurer and then not rejection by the House of Lords.

All for products and services made by local industry in our nation Australia to support local industry development.

NATIONAL BUDGET (40% of national treasury revenue)

5% of the national budget after using up super health and welfare savings shall be for pharmaceuticals pharmacy subsidy. An amount paid for pharmaceuticals for treatment of poor after using up super at the cheapest generic pharmaceutical maker so as to set the price (no exclusivity period), plus x50% royalty paid to the inventor/discoverer, plus mark up margin total amount paid by patient to the pharmacy/clinic, The minister sets a percentage [99%] rebate including 20% pharmacy and clinic mark subject to automatic adjustment portion of cheapest generic price up so total weekly national pharmaceuticals rebate bill is equal to budget cap. Automatic deduction of rebate at point of sale. With the patient paying the remainder from medical voucher, super and cash or go without. No medical debts. Treatment for infection is artificial colostrum able to produce antibodies for 5000+ most common infections. >5000 infection test only (no single infection tests with negative risk benefit) with if infected absolute right to safe infection drugs and colostrum available online for home delivery.

5% of national budget shall be for shall be for 200 specialist medical centre including equipment. With each state having 20 specialist medical centre each having 1 speciality, 200 active or standby beds (>40nurses) hospital and 10 ambulance bay. Private party medical centre / hospital operator paying 20% of revenue to the medical centre / hospital owner: 1child birth medical centre / hospital, 2cancer medical centre / hospital, 3traumatic injury medical centre / hospital, 4burns medical centre / hospital, 5intoxication and poisons medical centre / hospital, 6brain and mental health medical centre / hospital, 7eye medical centre / hospital, 8hearing medical centre / hospital, 9lung medical centre / hospital, 10infections medical centre / hospital, 11genetics medical centre / hospital, 12dental medical centre / hospital, 13kidneys medical centre / hospital, 14heart medical centre / hospital, 15obesity and diabetes medical centre / hospital, 16diet and nutrition medical centre / hospital, 17gut, pancreas, liver, and spleen medical centre / hospital, 18inoculation and allergies medical centre / hospital, 19fertility medical centre / hospital, 20limbs and bones hospital. Each with 1 general practitioner, 1 pharmacy, and 1 imaging and testing clinic. Plus 10 ambulance and hellipad on roof and helicopter. Construction of 10 state medical centre / hospital per year. Doctors working in 2 shifts: from 8am to 8pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or students and volunteers on Sunday. Nurses working in 4 shifts: 6am to 6pm and 6am to 6pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and students and volunteers on Sunday. ( Free treatment ) Nurse to patient ratio >1:5.

5% of the national budget after using up super health and welfare savings shall be for cheapest generic of medical procedure and cure specialist clinic subsidy. Minister sets lowest generic payment for each procedure resulting in a cure or prevention with adjustment as a portion of total weekly budget for doctors pay and running costs. Patients may update own section of medical records from home with entry of information + true images onto on-line medical records for specialist to read and offer treatments for a price with specialist receiving schedule subsidy with the patient paying the remainder 50% in advance 50% on cure.

5% of the national budget shall be for medical research subsidy in proportion to financial contribution from private donors from levy on income for the payers choice of medical cooperative open disclosure research centre of universities having approval of a parliament. For update of medical treatments advice wiki web-page. (Free generic license for all pharmaceuticals costing over GDP/population/10 [$7500] per cure or year, so competitors may produce cheaper alternatives, Patents royalties for all pharmaceuticals shall be 10% of the producer sales price for individual scientists identifying curative properties of each compound who a court shall issue patent shares and recind.)

5% of the national budget shall be for major motorways for state parliament to allocate to private contractor. [Plus {10cents per ton dry weight kilometre} vehicle owner road user charge and 4% of superannuation.]

5% of the national budget shall be for care home subsidy for care homes for disabled children with less assets under the age of 50 after using up superannuation to bring 90% of welfare as contribution to care homes up to common level. Provider having approval of the business council for care of severely disabled children.

3% of the national budget plus vacant potential bedroom levy shall be for private community housing distributed free off the grid energy, water, sewage, food and communications systems. Free off the grid electricity {Solar/battery} Air conditioner for bedroom automatically using excess energy. Electric 6kw shower head instant hot water heater (also to save electricity and water). Water tank with recycling of washing machine water to garden, long drop dry toilet with suction fan and exhaust filter, food trees, and communications systems. Poultry 3m back yard fencing to protect chicks with adult chickens having the right to range all front and back yards except people may protect seedlings, vegetables and herbs. Destruction of all dogs except dogs under control of military and police. People may feed free range poultry and eat and sell eggs from own hutch for free range poultry. Also for free range native rodent predator to kill rats or mice. Enforce ban on and destruction of all but food and materials species for replacement with produce trees except 10% land area and islands for conservation of native species.

3% of the national budget (plus the proceeds of privatisations) shall be for national buildings allocation to state parliament to commission private contractors. Such as to build parliaments, chambers, courts, police stations, ambulance stations, private schools, private prisons, private hospitals.

3% of the national budget plus quantitative easing GDP / 200 [$8] shall be for high speed inter-city maglev track plus 1% income levy shall be for payers choice free community transport including train provider plus investment of 1% of superannuation into payers choice of track and train provider. 2 story high speed intercity magnetic levitation track on stilts. For constructor operator bidding highest co-investment. Free to each citizen passenger of up to {10} trips per year, then market rates and for tourists, setting own terms and fees for freight. Equal payment to each state to build out from each state and national capital city centre, To specification set by the national parliament. High speed national coastal magnetic levitation train rail monopoly, having a 2 story track on mostly 5meter stilts and subways such as under mountains, with a station between every 10km in state capital urban area and 50km-200km regional cities

3% of the national budget shall be for free basic nutrient supplement program:

*Trace nutrient tablet to dissolve in water 1 to 5 times per day : (dissolve or open capsule and mix with water for infants). 1gram tablets with 5mg of each nutrient unless parliament otherwise specifies including: {10mg vitamin A, 50mg vitamin C, 10mg vitamin D3, 20mg vitamin E, 5mg vitamin K, 20mg vitamin B1, 20mg vitamin B2, 20mg vitamin B3, 20mg vitamin B5, 20mg vitamin B6, 20mg vitamin B7, 20mg vitamin B9, 20mg vitamin B12, 5mg Calcium, 5mg Iodine, 5mg Magnesium, 30mg Zinc, 5mg Selenium, 5mg Copper, 30mg Iron, 5mg Manganese, 20mg Phosphorus, 5mg Chromium, 20mg Choline, 20mg Inositol, 20mg Beta glucan, 20mg Co-enzyme q10, 20mg Lycopene, 5mg Lithium, 5mg mono-atomic white powder gold (lengthen telemeres), 5mg mono-atomic iridium, 5mg mono-atomic rhodium, 5mg mono-atomic platinum, 5mg mono-atomic vanadium, 5mg Aspirin, 5mg Astaxanthin (antioxidant), 20mg Carbon60 Fullerene, 5mg Skqr1 (Skulachev Ions), 5mg NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), 10mg NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), 5mg Silver, 5mg Potassium, 5mg Molybdenum, 5mg Boron, 5mg DHA Omega 3,}

*Bulk nutrient powder for drink including: {30grams vitamin C, 10grams vitamin E, 20 grams DHA Omega 3 oil, 20 grams HDL oil, 10grams GLA oil, 20grams olive oil, 10grams calcium, 20grams magnesium, 40grams 20 medicinal mushroom mix, 10grams Astragalus herb (immune and telemere lengthen), 10grams Japanese Knotweed (Resveratrol), 10grams Brahmi herb, 10grams Gynostemma (or Ginseng), 20grams Potassium, 20grams Choline, 20grams Inositol, 20grams Curcumin, 20 grams Lycopene, 50grams Soluble fiber, 20grams of each of the 25 most Essential amino acids (proteins), 200grams Soy + whey + pea protein isolate 80+% protein, 20 grams Glucosamine hydrochloride, 20grams Chondroitin sulfate, 20grams Dimethyl Sulfone (no added simple sugars and no sodium chloride salt)}.

*Bulk bioengineering of colostrum immunoglobulins to produce antibodies inoculation free to pregnant mothers and new born children and for sale with pharmaceuticals subsidy to produce immunity including {1% to produce Aducanumab antibody against alzheimer amyloid plaques}

*Headache tablets with {chew 300mg Aspirin, 300mg Phenylalanine, 300mg Feverfew, 300mg Paracetamol}.

*Heart health tablet with {10mg B12, 100mg B6, 100mg niacin, 5mg folate, 100mg plant phytosterols: 100mg cayan pepper, 50mg Green tea, 50mg grape seed, 50mg garlic, 50mg bilberry, 50mg horse chestnut, 50mg English hawthorn for heart health, 100mg CoEnzymeQ10, 50mg PQQ, 100mg Glutathione, 100mg NAC. }

*Cancer prevention smoothie drink/pasta sauce free to Australian citizen children plus proceeds of sales: { 5% blend of 10 medicinal mushrooms, 5% olive oil, peanut oil, hemp oil, avocado oil blend 5% artemisinin (wormwood herb), 5% dandelion root, 5% madagascar periwinkle plant, 5% tomato, 5% onion, 5% broccoli, 5% curcumin, 5% raspberries, 5% pomegranate, 5% tea, 5% beta glucan, 5% bi-carb soda to make alkaline, 5% coconut oil, 5% black cumin seed oil, 5% blushwood berry, 5% garlic, 1% aspirin, 4% vitamin blend including Iron, C, E, D3 and selenium.

(if a person has had cancer also take best immunotherapy medications to target the particular cancer and best drugs to turn on immunity, cancer suicide and make cancer susceptible including {1-dichloroacetate, 2-antibody against a do not eat protein called CD47, 3-Salicinium, 4-ProAgio, 5-Blushwood Berry, 6-venetoclax), 7-GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor). } 10% of maximum dose for each of 10 chemotherapies combination therapy including {Platinum compounds} with DMSO to target only cancer cells. Harm or premature death caused by chemotherapy overdose or surgery cause for penalty for compensation for afflicted. General radiotherapy is illegal. Burning of cancer by focus of radiation and optical lasers and by soldering iron is legal. Cancer treatments are voluntary.

3% of the national budget shall be for ports and inland to coast heavy freight rail standard gauge double track and shipping ports. For use by any heavy rail freight provider providing own rolling stock. Private rail-roads must provide access to all users at a rate of up to $GDP/population /750,000 [10cents] per ton kilometre.

3% of the national budget shall be for domestic and agricultural water supplies: including capping of bores with tap and trough, also tanks, concrete dams, irrigation pipes also desalination plants and public drinking fountains.

3% of the national budget shall be for web pages design and hosting on private data centre including Online voting system with password and photo identification, standing votes with reserve votes, state upper house video conferencing, broadcast of parliament, Fertility donor election web-page, Medical records web-page, Welfare assets test assessment web-page for standard mandatory Australian bank and finance application programming interface so as to provide automatic weekly assessment of assets for welfare clients simply providing accounts name and numbers. Plus all government web-pages. {IBM and EDS competitive contract} For online medical records, diagnosis, private medical services provider and private pharmacy payments system: With statements of illness with upload of photos of injury for free human and e-diagnosis when able and emergency text chat with alarm request for attention. Transfer of details between 100 private online diagnosis, 100 private medical service provider and 100 private pharmacy provider private data centre having approval of national business council. Choice of private IT systems provider {IBM,EDS}

3% of the national budget shall be for the national broadband network remote access fund 1: 15fiber/24volt DC Internet backbone from {250} local council data centre x{10}exchange to x{20}node to x {40}subnode. 2: 250 local council data centres connecting to every other local council data centre and nation via quantum (entanglement) communications, 25 new high speed data centre build each year for 250 over 10 years. To store on-line video locally after first download to the local council area from an international source, to bypass international congestion on subsequent streaming downloads on subsequent downloads, Such as for {YouTube} videos. Also for single cast live international video into state data-centre to multi-cast to local council area so as to maximise international link efficiency. 100+ meters underground with independent power and batteries. 3: for free sub-nodes mobile wireless {4G and 5G} and wifi hot-spots including fibre connection to the backbone and Internet access charges including for: schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, digital library charities, sports facilities, swimming pools, beaches, zoos, parks, conservation areas, tourist attractions, transport (street lamps), theatres, entertainment facilities, clubs, shopping centres, malls, shops, restaurants, factories, city multi-story buildings, churches, and community centres. For owners, tenants, visitors, customers, workers, passengers, patients and students. (single user access code with automatic upload to device on purchase transaction or admission also on paper receipt or ticket and email receipt valid for 1 day). For [immediate] upgrade all exchange and nodes including on all private community housing properties in exchange for providing free Internet to the private community housing tenant: {5th generation broadband 6m hilltop towers, antenna, and transceiver [4G broadband at the moment], Allocation of 3ghz free spectrum for next generation development to providers in proportion to length of backbone cable in ownership. Entire network including satellites in Faraday cages shell to be able to survive 200+year x60 class sun coronal mass ejection solar flare electromagnetic x-ray storm: Satellites and cabinets for all electronics must be in outer Faraday cage made of metal such as steel and aluminium, Plus transformers and network power cables must have circuit breakers and grid independent power. With solar storm surge circuit breakers. The communications minister authorising 100 private network providers to compete to connect properties so provider gaining bandwidth in proportion to fibre bundle length in ownership.

2% of the national budget shall be [$2b/y] for 2 new geostationary remote user automatic fall back Internet satellite per year in Faraday cage able to survive x60 class x-ray coronal mass ejection solar flare. 20 active satellite using {4th generation plus x100 using Artemis Networks pCell multiple signal compound wave focusing data centre preprocessing} For 1metre dish.

2% of the national budget for laptop computer each year for full citizen children from 10 to 20 years of age [400,000 x 10 x $500] With return of prior laptop on replacement for new laptop and redistribution to children who have broken or lost laptop.

2% of the national budget shall be for free warm, clean homeless accommodation for Australian military veterans and homeless full citizen homeless card holders having less than GDP / population / 70 [$1,000] in gross assets. 20 story 1000 bed sitter blocks in centre of city with TV cinema and dining room for substantial breakfast and evening meals, food bank for lunch, air conditioning and provision of loan exchange clean linen and clothes such as boots, coat, shirt, pants, underwear and hat. Deportation of homeless migrants and their children including refugees during 20 year probation residency.

2% of the national budget plus quantitative easing shall be for two way electric o-bahn bus track over and under city centre, airport and urban area. 10% for each state government.

2% of the national budget shall be for loan medical equipment and disability aids: electric wheelchairs, crutches, lag and neck braces, gurney bed, imaging and testing machines, dental tools and chair. Free to all users.

2% of the national budget plus the proceeds of privatisation shall be for private child care, primary, secondary and engineering school buildings. Equal percentage of cost subsidy.

2% of the national budget shall be for to bring farm income an equal percentage up to 20 year average agricultural produce growing income of the contiguous farm, up to GDP / population / 3 [$25,000] per farmer family member living on farm.

2% of the national budget shall be for free fertility services. Females between the age of 15 and 35 have the right to fertility services.

2% of the national budget shall be for equal payment to female egg donors for each healthy offspring to random selection from good eggs available from 1000 extra egg donor by election and genetic engineering of synthetic sperm from the surrogates choice of 1000 oldest fair Australian citizen donors of genetic material for sequencing to inherit citizenship not wealth from. Australian full citizen males of an age over half the average life expectancy for males [over 40 years] shall have 200 equal value voluntary votes for and 50 voluntary votes against each for a separate fair, blue eyes, yellow blond hair, minimal body or facial hair, slim but not too slim, fit, healthy model DNA (for egg) donor candidate of any nations citizenship and any location world-wide, and having at least 1 healthy natural child of natural conception and birth (the egg donor herself may be a product of surrogacy and donor egg and sperm). Any of the extra 1,000 potential female egg donors gaining election in any year have the right to reside in our nation for donation and cloning of eggs. Any Australian citizen single mum as a surrogate has the absolute right to a home loan and random egg from 1000 donor gaining election each year and genetic engineering of sperm from the surrogates choice of any Australian citizen male over average life expectancy for the child to not inherit from. Unlimited egg donations and genetic engineering of sperm, but only 1 off-spring may result from each unique paring of male DNA (sperm) from genetic engineering and female DNA (egg) donor. Male genetic material donors may submit any cells able to convert to stem cells to convert to sperm cells. All black or dark males are subject to sterilisation injection at 10 years of age. If natural conception automatic marriage for the life of the offspring and mother over the age of 18 years. Human cloning is illegal, cloning of egg and sperm is legal. The surrogate subject to parliament shall approve mandatory germ line genetic enhancements for genetic engineering of sperm: {For both genders, birth mother may choose to or not to correct 100 worst gene base pairs genetic defects and susceptibilities by life expectancy loss of DNA donors, Plus normal enhancements to make resistant to infections, Plus gene therapy, Plus mandatory white/fair complexion for both genders, Goat genes so the human body can manufacture vitamin c from glucose, Plankton genes to manufacture DHA omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, Age extension genes, No body fat other than heat producing fatty tissues to keep the body warm, and gender selection, No facial hair, For females yellow blond scalp hair, blue eyes, no body or facial hair, For males no head hair, black body hair.} Every female citizen able to give birth within ages 15 and 35 and without any bad infection has the absolute right to become pregnant using any fertility service. Egg donor candidate must have white/fair complexion, blue eyes, yellow blond hair, minimal body or facial hair, slim but not too slim, fit, healthy model DNA donor of any nations citizenship world-wide. Sequence of entire male genetic material donors genome to have software automatically correct worst genetic defects and vulnerabilities and have enhancements on the computer, to then write and boot the DNA (entire genome) in sperm and egg with egg DNA, fertilisation (not cloning). To enhance all qualities including attractiveness while maintaining genome genetic diversity (no two people having the same genetic parents or exact same genome to maintain genetic options to conquer any new threat, and many specialist capabilities) To retain natural selection and abilities to reproduce. {23andme and Cambrian Genomics}

1% of national budget shall be for right to free sterilisation by injection over the age of 10 and abortion until 1 year of age as required by the mother if black or disabled. Also free sterilisation by injection of drug addicts, convicts or other adults under care of guardian in exchange for 10% of welfare to receive as cash. Also for blacks in exchange for royalties.

1% of national budget shall be for equal per visit, prescription, injection, procedure and referral subsidy free for poor after using up superannuation for mobile general practitioner home visits. People with infections may not visit clinics and hospitals.

1% of national budget shall be for pharmacy doctor prescription and home delivery subsidy. Entry of Medicare number and prescription number into online pharmacy web-page profile to prevent addict or on-sellers.

1% of the national budget plus capture of rezoning appreciation shall be for subdivision for construction: compulsory acquisition of vacant land and derelict dwellings for cost of improvements for subdivisions, local roads, provision of access to utilities, lighting, footpaths, and bus stop infrastructure. Each state receiving a portion in proportion to population x land area in hectares as a portion of the total, (not for North of parallel 20degrees south zone native title area or Antarctica conservation area). For online auction online over 1 month for investment into construction within 5 years and payment of 10% of amounts to invest within 5 years or return of land for resale. Normally sale of 1x 1/8 hectare lot to each single home builder, 1x 2/8hectare lot to each couple plus 1/8hectare lot for each child and dependant and sale to private community housing providers. Local councils only may rezone land only in local council ownership from agricultural and homestead lots (> 1000hectares) to mix of use industrial lots (1-1000 hectare) or residential and yard lots (< 1hectare) so only local council can capture rezoning revaluation profiteering for the purpose of paying for subdivision and local infrastructure.

1% of the national budget shall be for payment of an equal portion for each valid standing vote of each of the top 10 legal political parties in our nation {Australia} in addition to levies for party member for free emergency services (party may require prepayment or free). Each party may not spend more than $1million per year on advertising. In addition 1% income levy for union party and 1% production sales levy for industry party.

1% of the national budget (plus private owner / operator payment) shall be for local council sports, tourism, parks and recreation infrastructure.

1% of national budget shall be for mobile dentist equal percentage subsidy each week to all children and poor after using up superannuation.

1% of the national budget (plus private owner / operator payment) shall be for prisons on open range prison islands.

1% of the national budget plus the proceeds of privatisation shall be for university research centre infrastructure.

1% of the national budget plus the proceeds of privatisation shall be for base load power stations for grid (not intermittent power sources such as wind or solar which may not be connected to the grid).

1% of the national budget plus the proceeds of privatisations shall be for airports and air traffic coordination including unmanned radar, GPS navigation via satellite and backup GPS towers and computer artificial intelligence air traffic control at 500 country airports transmitting positions and priority to aircraft display with 10 levels of automatic emergency priority override, such as for levels of fuel or for air ambulance emergency.

1% of the national budget shall be for true image commission: to eliminate single reflection and other reverse images by matte coating, and replacement with true video images and other true images such as video camera / monitor or corner right angle reflection of reflection mirror pairs producing only true images of the viewer. Conversion of vehicles to have video camera true image 3 rear and 1 driver true images not reverse images of single reflection normal mirror as has induced mental illness such as road rage and reverse discrimination wrong headedness. For crime detection video surveillance equipment. Also to enforce colour code. Also video archive. Plus national budget shall be for national dictionary using phonetic spelling and alphabet. Plus vocalisation of 42 letter alphabet in all parings for education radio. Plus for map making. Plus citizenship, land title and naming records. Plus free photo identification card.

1% of the national budget shall be for loan student summer and winter uniform compliant with national colour code. When a student grows out of a uniform the student must return the uniform to pass on and for replacement. Parents must buy first uniform and replacement if worn out to swap when good with good loan uniform up and down as the student grows (so as to ration without some destroyed or duplicated waste) [$1.5b / 10m x 5year life = $750]

1% of the national budget shall be for passenger aircraft for (Australian) private airlines for use within (Australia) and domestic and international export and import air freight aircraft for trade within and to and from (Australia).

1% of the national budget shall be for buses for free private bus services (receiving sponsorship from levy on income), for equal allocation to each state parliament for 10 private providers having approval of each state parliaments.

1% of the national budget shall be for autonomous taxi for free private taxi services (receiving sponsorship from levy on income), for equal allocation to 10 private taxi service providers having approval of each state parliament.

1% of the national budget shall be for pest elimination including species specific infection and parasite research.

1% of the national budget shall be for free full genetic sequencing and diagnosis of all genomes of all Australian citizens and donor such as for engineering and synthesis of sperm and egg for fertility services and for medical records cross referencing to isolate and diagnose all genetic diseases and vulnerabilities.

1% of the national budget shall be for ambulance, police, fire and rescue vehicle including air ambulance.

1% of the national budget shall be for free psychiatric medicines as chemist doctor shall prescribe biometric identification to prevent overdose or on-selling. 1Gram tablets midday and evenings including {10mg zuclopenthixol dihydrochloride (Clopixol), 100mg Quetiapine (Seroquel), 100mg Inositol, 100mg Choline, 100mg Peppermint oil, 100mg Omega 3 oil, 100mg Coconut oil, 100mg Phenylalanine, 20mg B6, 10mg B12, 50mg Ginkgo extract, 50mg Tyrosine, 50mg Taurine, 50mg DMAE}

1% of the national budget shall be for free compulsory blood tests such as before unprotected sex with a new partner. Each blood test listing in order of debilitation must test for more than 10,000 types of infection.

1% of the national budget shall be for free weekly garbage collection service, for allocation to private contractor by local councils from 20 having approval of the state parliament, unless payment refused by house of lord senators.

1% of the national budget shall be for free toxic waste removal and disposal services provider as the state parliament shall allocate. Toxic waste may not be placed on the kerb, must have containment and dial-up free removal by state government toxic waste removal service.

1% of the national budget shall be for local council free bulky rubbish removal. For free street bulk rubbish bin also date every 3 month right to put bulk rubbish on the kerb for free local council collection without being prosecuted.

1% of the national budget shall be [2b/y] for 1 new geostationary media satellite (may be drone) and Earth station per year in Faraday cage able to survive x60 class x-ray coronal mass ejection solar flare. For television, radio, data-cast digital teletext and time/date synchronisation broadcast satellite. Budget allocation to a separate private satellite and processing earth station provider each year. The last 10 active satellite receiving spectrum. With camera for photo and video attachment.

1% of the national budget shall be for Rewards, Witness protection, Surrender of firearm or Rewards to anonymously report drug addicts including alcoholics including for drug driving to convict to rehab prison island for 6 months plus duration of addiction to receive drugs wanted from levy on incomes for prisons. Up to $100,000 total per witness over lifetime for equal allocation to each of the 10 official political parties emergency services.


Government may not prohibit or regulate private payment for genetic testing advice and research except to point out false claims. The national government science minister must approve tests to receive superannuation and Medicare rebate.

The maximum total income (earnings) of a doctor from health care is GDP / population / 70 [$1000] over last 2 days.

RIGHT TO REFUSE MEDICAL TREATMENT: people have the right to refuse medical treatment, except subject to local court jury review within one month of commencement. No medical treatment may be given to anyone with a life expectancy after treatment of less than 1 year or over the age of average life expectancy in our nation [of 88 years ]

PAYMENT FOR HEALTH SERVICES: is first from savings and superannuation, then if used up and only after sterilisation citizens may access government subsidy of health products of a percentage of the cheapest genetic price up to 99% of the cheapest generic price.

General practitioner doctors party shall charge but not be paid for appointment time but doctors shall be paid for prescriptions, referrals and treatments by the doctors party. Medical debts shall be void.

Medical voucher, superannuation, or savings may be used by citizens to pay for Private telephone/videophone specialist triage charging per minute. Citizens may acquire own choice of ambulance or taxi service having accreditation by a local council health commissioner, with the ambulance service charging up to flag fee + per km fee and Treatment at private specialist clinic charging any rate subject to local council health commissioner approval, and provider disclosure of medical fees on the Internet, People may purchase complementary medicines over the Internet for immediate home delivery. National health records, research and treatments data-centre paid for from national budget and levy on income for the payers choice of party health information and research data-base. Each citizen shall have a Medicare card with each doctor having a reader/computer to use Medicare card to quickly bring up and access online medical records and to edit each doctors section as well the citizen shall have a password to access records and edit sections for the citizen to edit. have the absolute right subject to payment to 1 coarse of anti infection drugs in the last year, Also any amount of inoculation by vaccination, antibodies, immunoglobulin and colostrum subject to payment of market price. Livestock may not be fed anti-infection medications except inoculation with antibodies, immunoglobulin and colostrum and on importation. With payment per litre for blood and to become a voluntary organ donor for harvest after brain deceased so as not to harm organs such as by natural causes, voluntary euthanasia or death penalty having approval of the state Premier subject to testing free of infections and cancer. Doctors must refund to the patients descendants payments received from a patient for treatment in the 12 months prior to the patients death. Compulsory psychiatric confinement for self treatment must be free to the patient and as the local council health commissioner or delegate panel of 10 doctors with 10+ years psychiatric treatment advise experience shall determine. Patients may refuse other medical treatment.

CARE OF DISABLED: all disabled including aged are the responsibility of parents, children and party for life until voluntary euthanasia.

SICK NOTES: sick workers are not required to obtain a sick note from a doctor to take a day off work but sick leave is not paid.

Doctors may not take out indemnity insurance, doctors must shall pay compensation as the local court shall determine or opt to default and be banned for own crimes. Recipients of over expensive, useless or worse than useless treatments may obtain a refund as the local council health commissioner shall determine. Maximum compensation payment by the doctor that inflicted the injury is GDP /population / 1.4 [$50,000] plus party care welfare from the national budget.

Health insurance for citizens is illegal: only resident migrants must have health insurance.

Doctors must obtain written or verbal permission from a patient before each procedure.

EXPERAMENTAL AND FREE TRIAL TREATMENTS: Terminally ill patients have the right to try and buy any experimental medication and treatment. Any person may buy and consume any vitamin or complementary medication from any seller subject to free purity tests. All harmful drugs are illegal, all non harmful treatments and medications are legal unless a court determines the drug is banned subject to nearest jurisdiction, all harm done by doctor is cause for massive fines and bans. Free trials are legal but providing some patients with placebo where demonstration of effectiveness required others on placebo to die or stay ill is illegal. To legally charge for a medical treatment a medical treatment for non terminal illness patients must have over 60% cure rate on over 1% of affected in nation up to 1,000 free trial patients.

Retail drinking water shall contain 1g / kilolitre fluoride.


Oath or affirmation of allegiance. Every member of Parliament shall before taking his seat make and subscribe before the Presidents or some person authorized by them, the Oath or affirmation of allegiance to racial fairness through constitutional direct democracy.



I, (name) do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to racial fairness through constitutional direct democracy of producers. SO HELP ME GOD!


I, (name) do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to racial fairness through constitutional direct democracy of producers.

Any member of the government who contradicts this oath shall be disqualified from appointment to the service of the commonwealth.

Members of one House ineligible for other. A member of either House of the Parliament shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a member of the other House at the same time.

Disqualification of members. Any person who-

Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign or international power or agreement, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign or international power or agreement other than the Commonwealth Empire of nations constitution code: or

Is a traitor, or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable by imprisonment for one year or longer, except as exempted by the President.

Is or has been a public servant paid by the crown within the last 10 years except common welfare.

Penalty for sitting when disqualified. Any person declared by this constitution to be incapable of sitting as a member of parliament shall, for every day in which he so sits, be liable to serve 8 hours community service.

Rules, order, conduct, privileges and cortices of members of the houses of parliament shall be as are determined by the speaker under instruction from the Presidents in council with the members of parliament.

POWERS OF THE PARLIAMENT: The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the good government of our citizens with respect to:-

Military doctrine:

Taxation, levies and expenditure; but so as not to discriminate between states.

Trade and commerce with other countries, Tariffs and bounties on the export or import of goods, services, and currencies but so that such bounties are free and uniform among States:

Communications; Postal, Internet, Television, Radio, Spectrum, Newspaper and other like services:

Navigation; Lighthouses, satellites, beacons and buoys:

Meteorological, Extra Terrestrial, and Astronomical observation, exploration and visitation:

Race and religion:

Pollution and environment:

Health practice:

Detention and imprisonment:

RADIO SPECTRUM: All broadcast spectrum is free to 10 private media corporations having approval of the national business council and receiving most media levy sponsorship or mobile Internet spectrum and fibre 1/10 bandwidth free to 10 telecommunications company connecting most {actual 25mbps+} broadband users. Government may not sell or charge rent for spectrum.
As set by the national parliament {Device transmitting under 100Milliwatt may use any spectrum without limit, restriction or cost, up to 10MHz per user allowing devices to switch to unused frequencies, Except may not use GPS, radar, navigation, emergency, and missile guidance spectrum up to 100mhz.
Radio Quiet Zone (RQZ): a radius of {1000km around Boolardy Station, around 200 km East of Meekatharra, Western Australia, and 5km around individual telescopes} shall have no radio emissions except in emergencies for {The Square Kilometre Array} radio telescope.
*25khz spectrum from 0khz to 25khz military submarine communications.
*25khz spectrum from 25khz to 50khz positioning system.
*25khz spectrum from 50khz to 100khz over the horizon radar.
*200khz spectrum from 100khz to 300khz RFID chips, smart card pay wave, (20channels x 10khz)
*4mhz spectrum from 300khz to 4.3mhz satellite drone and self driving cars traffic control.
*.1mhz spectrum from 4.3mhz to 4.4mhz for satellite clock, wrist-watch and time division duplex synchronisation signal.
*.6mhz spectrum from 4.4mhz to 5mhz for automatic ship and aircraft location reporting and navigation information system and emergency locator beacon satellite.
*25mhz from 5mhz to 30mhz (25channels x 1mhz) remote area mobile device peer to peer and drone wifi and point to point fixed wireless wifi (selection of 3 last channels, then dropping of channel with lowest speed (most interference) and replacement with another random channel for minimum interference) for wifi including for peer to peer wifi browser showing tiles in order of proximity of devices self hosting no password local access community web pages such as engage with the local merchants. Also private password to router and Internet private networks. Plus password free community wifi such as from lamp posts using {with Artemis Networks pCell technology} mobile broadband including voip phone system. Plus commercial wifi with router owner with firmware able to provide automatic micro per bid gigabyte payment to subscribers for wifi access point system to unlimited users subject to access point password and priority rules, such as to sell excess home capacity to passers by and access point providers with multiple service choices from sim wifi billing systems [such as payment at end of month by PayPal] account holder at a speed in proportion to bid per gigabyte, with the router owner able to set router firmware minimum bid per gigabyte of extra capacity to users fee for connecting of the access point providers wifi. The access point provider paying for routers, amplifier, antenna, and backbone Internet access such as by fibre. (national budget provision of free multi node wifi hot-spots including fibre connection to the backbone and Internet access charges including for: schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, digital library charities, sports facilities, swimming pools, beaches, zoos, parks, conservation areas, tourist attractions, transport (street lamps), theatres, entertainment facilities, night clubs, shopping centres, malls, shops, restaurants, factories, city multi-story buildings, churches, and community centres. For owners, tenants, visitors, customers, workers, passengers, patients and students. (single user access code with automatic upload to device on purchase transaction or admission also on paper receipt or ticket and email receipt valid for 1 day. Also national budget for provision of free utilities including free unlimited free fibre to the home Internet and 1 display of 1 free fibre channel at a time from a choice of 10,000 able to change channels within 1 second in exchange for the primary tenant allowing use of antenna on roof for the tenants choice of available Internet access fibre provider to provide commercial wifi access to all in the local community for revenue for the Internet access provider, Anyone may also provide hot-spots pay for own backbone Internet access, so as to receive revenue from on selling wifi access to local community). The primary occupier my obtain free disconnection from fibre within 1 day or reconnection to a same fiber connection within 1 month (also turning antenna on or off). Also for personal free spectrum variable power wifi broadband Internet including voip mobile phone. Routers and devices must have automatic power control to transmit minimum required variable power output to only transmit minimum wireless signal power required by the user to connect and use device successfully, Choosing closest wifi subject to automatic wifi access payment system firmware in router. User may also use parabolic dish on roof to collect receive signal or beam send signal such as 1meter x 50cm mesh dish with motor to auto focus point to point fixed wireless bridge to connect neighbours. Devices do not have to use the same access point to receive and send access to Internet backbone, So may use lower bandwidth copper or phone to send and massive capacity wireless receiver without transmitting a signal as would have caused interference. Large access point senders able to have [100] multiple users on each channel {wifi and using Artemis Networks pCell pre and post processing technology} Maximum power 10watts/channel.
*20mhz spectrum from 30mhz to 50mhz (200channels x 100khz spectrum blocks) for community open push to talk radio phone channels. Each up to 10watts. Secure and open pass-code access encryption (selection from service ID and own pass-code list menu on icon bar such as all public, fire, ambulance, farmer, truckie, tradie, crash, police, military, tourist with public pass-code and private channels corresponding to own private pass-codes. Where in range of transceiver listing channels in order of signal strength, auto testing of channels to auto switch group to channel with least interference) For 1-2metre whip antenna, up to 10watts.
*50mhz spectrum from 50mhz to 100mhz (50channels x 1mhz) for Bluetooth channels for collection of data, processing and response for Internet of things: smart tags, meters and sensors, cordless phone, cordless headphones, cordless microphone, remote control, Smart appliances, Security systems, Speakers, Home and industry equipment control systems, Drone, Robotaxi accident or obstruction position reporting systems. Maximum power 500milliwatts/channel home devices, 5watts/channel outdoor device, 50watts/channel military and emergencies services. Auto vacant channel switching.
*50mhz spectrum from 100mhz to 150mhz (50channels x 1mhz), Geostationary datacasting satellite.

10 channels for fall-back remote banking app,

10 channels for digital html Teletext share market platform data (Live stock prices, all bids, all offers and news up-dates, and then historic prices, full audit and research data-cast on rotation after hours), Commodities market prices,

10 channels for including remote pay for [10cents] secure digital mail (spam free)

10 channels for fall-back remote firmware update such as for televisions to record on memory drive including the satellite owners choice of current television firmware (keeping old working data-cast format firmware for at least 10 years concurrently on television receiver and broadcasting new software updates in all of these formats so as to be able to upgrade to current format from all software formats used over last 10 years) also program guide plus the satellite owners own choice of multiple codex such as updates to improve picture quality and provide multiple channels at different times on same spectrum.

10 channels for maps and weather.
*100mhz spectrum from 150mhz to 250mhz (100channels x 1mhz) for for 100 {DAB+} satellite and tower digital radio stations. 10 stations for the 10 media corporation receiving most sponsorship from 2% levy on incomes. All English language. {1-World economics article reading service. 2-recital of all 1764 combinations of the 42 letter phonetic alphabet brain exercise. 3-Christian and Jewish music radio. 4-Live national radio and talk-back, 5-Crime, police, criminal law and trials radio. 6-emergency services. 7-Weather radio. 8-Comedy. 9-Astrology and prophecy. 10-Environmental radio. 11-Secrets disclosure and conspiracy. 12-Pets and animal welfare radio. 13-Nutritional medicine and supplements radio. 14-Exercise and fitness radio. 15-Celebrity gossip radio. 16-Shopping music radio. 17-general science and technology article reading service. 18-Working music radio. 19-Criminal law and courts radio. 20-Instrumental music. 21-Japan news and programs in English. 22-Breakthrough free energy and anti-gravity technology. 23-Farm journal article reading service and news, 24-Computer and communications article reading service. 25-White pride music, 26-Female music, 27-Australian national news. 28-international news from an Australian perspective, 29-British news, 30-Russian news and programs in English, 31-French news and programs in English, 32-Irish news and programs in English. 33-Canadian news and programs in English. 34-New Zealand news and programs in English. 35-USA news and programs in English. 36-China news and programs in English. 37-German news and programs in English. 38-Middle east news and programs in English. 39- 72-Irish news in English. 40-Australian national parliament: house of representatives and press conference radio. 41-Australian national parliament: business council chamber and press conference radio. 42-USA congress chamber and press conference radio. 43-UK parliament and press conference radio. 44-EU parliament and press conference radio, 45-55state parliament and regional council chamber and press conference radio, 56-Australian sport. 57-Foreign sport. 58-UFO's and extra terrestrials articles and interviews. 59-Defence, war and military history. 60-Australian shares investor news and article reading service. 60-100 Live local councils, country and regional news and talk stations. }
Television: No junk free to air TV: All channels must be non fiction, non cartoon or computer graphics (except numbers and alphabet), English language, all sounds and art must be of people having fair complexion and not degenerate violent savagery voices and culture of black complexion people. No homosexual propaganda. Advertisement audio only over sports programming visuals: other programming only visual captions and product placement taking up to 50% of screen. Internet and pay TV may have any (junk) content.
*75mhz spectrum from 250mhz to 325mhz (10channels x 10mhz) private broadcaster receiving most sponsorship from 1% levy on business revenue including for community service obligation for 10 age levels grade 1 to grade 10 children's education national curriculum satellite and tower television channels. All English. No cartoons.
*75mhz spectrum from 325mhz to 400mhz (10channels x 7.5mhz) for high definition TV private broadcaster receiving most sponsorship from 2% levy on private income including for community service obligation general satellite and tower TV channels: All English: 1-Local and national news, protests, breakthroughs, politics, discoveries, events, justice, disasters, accidents, aid, rescue, sports highlights, weather from Australian perspective, International (foreign) news in English, 2-Silent sport, with sound ads which commentators can reduce to speak over, 3Food, travel, tourism, food gardening, farming, health, supplements and fitness, 4 nature documentary, anatomy, biology, natural sciences, technical science and technology: breakthroughs news documentary, New: materials, medicines, UFO's, alien extra terrestrials, anti-gravity, free energy, space, interstellar travel, 5-current affairs policy topics discussion in detail, economic policy: news conferences, media presentations, parliament highlights, 6-Ad channel (with sound) to silently display on 1/16 of screen on all channels, for viewers to go to when interest, 7home making, real estate, furniture, antiques, art, 8shares, economic indicators, investment and finance including article reading, 9gossip, celebrity, performing arts, fashion, modelling, fertility, psychology, relationships, nudity, romance and beauty, reality, lifestyle, games, comedy and entertainment, 10white pride music,
*75mhz spectrum from 400mhz to 475mhz (10channels x 7.5mhz) for 10 channels high definition uni TV private broadcaster receiving most sponsorship from 1% levy on producer sales including for community service obligation general satellite and tower TV channels: All English: 1st university channel: Agriculture,- Food, nutritional supplements, diet, tourism, crops, seeding timing, harvest timing, agricultural machinery mechanics and service, fencing, water supply, timber, paper, leather and natural textiles, (Best crop selection research focus), 2nd university channel: Engineering,- metal casting, milling, welding, coatings, 3D printing, ceramics, composites, plastics, robotics, machine tools, kiln work, chemistry and materials science, (Product design research focus), 3rd university channel: Computing and networks: networks, computers, electronics, microchips manufacture, satellites, spectrum, wireless Internet communications, (Web+engineering software programming focus), 4th university channel: Resources: geology, excavation, explosives, mining machinery, ore processing, smelting, environment protection, water works, sewage, (Free energy research focus), 5th university channel: Construction: concrete slab work, tile and brick laying, glass work, sheds and roof work, plumbing and bathrooms, tunnelling, roads, bridging, kitchens, carpets, curtains, furniture and carpentry (Construction planning+design research focus), 6th university channel: Health,- fertility, genetics, dentistry, infections, trauma, cancer, medical research, organ failure, addiction, allergies, diabetes, immunology, hygiene, poisons, ambulance paramedics, (Nutrition research focus), 7th university channel: Genetics, Crop, black race specific contraceptive infection and human genetics. (Human genome edit and write research focus) 8th university channel: Finance: business, administration, retail, economics, banking, shares analysis, investment, (Investment audit research focus), 9th university channel: Transport and robotics,- driving, trucking, shipping, railways, aviation, packaging, logistics, customisation, repair, mechanics, packaging, logistics, space launch and landing, mining and exploration, cognitive programming (Vehicle engineering focus), 10th university channel: Policy: Law, media, child care, education, music, policy, constitution, democracy (Constitution design research focus).

*25mhz spectrum from 475mhz to 500mhz open license spectrum any use to 10 watts.
*3ghz mobile device spectrum (selection of 4-10 last channels to requirements, then dropping of channel with lowest speed (most interference) and replacement with another random channel for minimum interference) from 500mhz to 3.5ghz for (300 channels x 10mhz) for ground tower, lamp posts, and on roof wireless Internet. {4G x50 [5G] using Artemis pCell pre processing signal focusing technology} [Samsung testing 5th generation to 28ghz probably working up to 100ghz, With 40ghz already on the regulators chopping block for possibility of allocation to 5th generation, but pCell and small cell technology would require much less spectrum (100 pCell (devices) per 10 pWave (antenna) cell using just 5mhz: 3ghz would provide much more network capacity than we all could possibly use so we might as well use extra surplus spectrum for additional uses).] Provision of nationwide spectrum to each ground wireless network builder in Australia in proportion to lengths of 10+ strand fiber and duct construction by the network builder. The user having a billing system able to switch between and connect instantly to cheapest wireless spectrum and cable bandwidth provider. For multiple local wireless micro-node signal boxes (such as in secure safe off road cabinet on community housing land, which is not going to be hit by a car). For internal antenna 10 centimetres or less in length. Maximum power 20watts/channel.
*3ghz mobile device spectrum 2nd use of spectrum (selection of 4 last channels, then dropping of channel with lowest speed (most interference) and replacement with another random channel for minimum interference) from 500mhz to 3.5ghz (300channels x 10mhz) for 1000km altitude low earth orbit 5000 satellite constellation and local 50km altitude stationary drone military and free sharing of spare bandwidth mobile Internet with voip phone automatic fall back in remote area from tower. [non interference using Artemis Networks pCell technology pre processing signal focusing at network data centre working best in 700mhz spectrum] Any provider may build relay Drone, Low earth orbit satellite requiring a built in antenna of 10 centimetres or less in length, Providing portion of spectrum for each high altitude relay the owner has operational over each area. Billing system sim charging for access so the receiver may instantly switch between all network provider to the provider providing the highest speed for the users bid per gigabyte of downloads. Maximum power 100watts/channel.
*Spectrum at 1.57542ghz and 1.2276ghz for global positioning system.
*Spectrum at 2.45ghz for microwave oven.
*500mhz multiple use 1:open use to 10watts and 2:high power radar spectrum from 3.5ghz to 4ghz.
*6ghz spectrum from 4ghz to 10ghz for satellite up-links spectrum in proportion to down-link spectrum allocation.
*Spectrum from 10ghz to 11ghz. Radar.
*Spectrum from 11ghz to 50ghz Unlimited power geostationary satellite Internet for 1metre dish antenna. {using Artemis Networks pCell pre and post processing technology}
*Spectrum from 50ghz to 100ghz Open use spectrum maximum power 10watts.
*Spectrum over 100ghz for radio telescopes.
(quantum entanglement network for communications between satellite and 250 regional data centres and for instant deep space communications such as with space craft.}
[Total 5th generation network using Artemis Networking pCell processing and wide spectrum may have 1,000x current total 4G network capacity, progressively between 2022 and 2032 using Rearden DIDO multi transmitter, multi-receiver compound wave signal focusing processing may increase spectrum channel capacity 100 fold by allowing up to 100 channels to broadcast on spectrum concurrently on spectrum used for 1 channel now without interference x 10x more spectrum (Full 100x spectrum using Samsung 5th generation technology to 50ghz would have had limitations of being blocked by walls, better to use Artemis Networks technology efficient multiple use of spectrum) and 10x more connection and 10x more cheap coverage by allowing instant switching between all provider anywhere in the world from single billing system provider sim account and 10 x capacity from smaller cells plus 10+ fibre roll-out allocating 1 fibre to each of the 10 largest providers by most customers (users) having 50mbps for less than $1 per gigabyte access most of the time including 5th generation, wifi, and satellite. Fibre owners may also use additional fibre to provide [about 10,000 channels per fiber] muli-cast own choice of definition television ]


Waters beyond land territories; Fisheries, Exploration, and Defence

Census and statistics:

Banking, the Incorporation of banks, the Issue of currency, and Insurance:


The degree of recognition throughout the country of the laws of the states:

The people of any race for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws, So as to encourage the existence of fair complexion people and discourage the existence of black complexion people:

Matters incidental to the execution of any power vested by this Constitution in the Parliament or in either House thereof, or in the Federal Judicature, or in any department or officer of the Commonwealth.

Appropriation Bills. The proposed law which appropriates revenue or moneys for the ordinary annual services of the Government shall deal only with one standard appropriation.

Money votes. A vote, resolution, or proposed law for the appropriation of revenue or moneys shall not allocate money unless the purpose of the appropriation has been recommended by message of the Local Council and not been refused by the Senate.


DISCRIMINATION: Any profiling, discrimination and law shall be lawful against any people who have had invaded, humbugged, bashed, raped or had crime propensity on any grounds of endemic deviancy such as caused by racial dark skin colour, addict or debtor social political grouping, ugly genetic features, wrong name, religion of terror, bad opinion (attitude), membership of an ethnic minority or language, born to a foreign ancestor, reflected reverse image, reverse discrimination, consumptive glutton, unproductive potential such as caused by old age, mental illness, dumbness or disability, gender fraud or queer sexuality. Law shall support discrimination to promote decent, true, productive, sober, strait, modest, healthy, beautiful, long living, thrifty, sane, able, intelligent, fair complexion, local races and nationality, such as in provision of residency, social housing and welfare.

LOCAL COURTS: provide local enforcement, Political parties provide investigations of violations and arrests criminals for up to 1 day in the last week, plus with warrant for prosecution by the International Commission against corruption prosecutor having approval of the most of the 10 official political parties in the state. All Judges and jurists must uphold this constitution subject to democratic up-date. Local courts shall receive funding by political parties. International treaties, other agreement and foreign law jurisdiction other than our {Commonwealth Empire} constitution are not recognised in our nation but penalties against war crimes awarded by at least 11 of the G20 free enterprise democracies foreign ministers shall have recognition in our nation. Local courts have jurisdiction over perpetrator of crimes committed in the local council area and represent citizens by birth within the local council area. Each of the 250 local council area local courts in our nation shall have a Judicial panel of 10 judges in each of the 250 local courts each with having a judge elected by the members of one of the 10 official political parties, by members of the political parties who are fair citizens of our nation born in the local council area, Each party member shall have 5 secret standing votes for any party member (without nomination or restriction) also a citizen of our nation born in the local council area, the party member receiving the most votes to be a judge shall have ranking judicial authority for the party in the local court and within the party members own party over members within the local council area, but without the ability to expel any party member or prevent any or prevent any citizen from voting to his own constitutional capacity. Each local council court shall also have 10 jurists by random selection from citizen over the age of 20 born in the local council area, jurists do not have to attend court, may receive video feed of court proceedings at home, but may not be replaced for any reason including complexion for common sense discriminatory judgements. All evidence is admissible by any judge however obtained even if by illegal means, but may be exposed as false or have support. Judges and jurists may vote according to own will and interpretation of the constitution, no vote may be made void. Each judge on the 10 judge judicial panel at each local court shall submit a sentence or a finding of innocence to the 10 member jury. Each member of the jury is given 3 votes to cast to 3 judges sentencing submission The sentencing submission with the most votes from jurists shall have affect, with as many rounds as is required to have a separation of a leading option. A re-trial and revision of the sentence must occur every year for sentences longer than 1 year. Prisoners must work to pay for prison supplies for all prisoners in the prison. Lawyers may not be paid by victims and must instead be paid from 30% of compensation paid to the victims they represent. Compensation to the victim including reward to testify against the criminal may add up to 10% of the assets, and 10% of the before tax income for 10 years of the criminal up to a total value of $100,000 per recipient, and $10million per class action. Border Protection Command and NATO may detain, deport and repel invaders not a citizen of our nation under authority of the Governor General, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, President of the Community of Nations, or the Leader of the opposition in our nation. Citizen may only be removed by law as an amendment to this constitution having approval of the {Commonwealth Empire} President, citizens jury of 100 citizens in the 10 states of each member nation of the {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations. Any member nations of the {Commonwealth Empire} community of nations may remove its self the {Commonwealth Empire} by 60% of all people born in the member nation referendum over 1 year. Sentences against business shall be payment of compensation of up to $100,000 per recipient from all sources, Sentences against individuals may include confiscation of weapons, vehicles, proceeds of crime, sentences of community service as convicts and extradition. No penalty shall apply to any member having election to local council, local court, state parliament house of party leaders (not including members of state business council), except for war crimes as at least 11 foreign ministers from the G20 free enterprise democracies shall determine. Judges may not exercise authority while having a conviction for sexual deviancy (to pass judgement all judges must have fair complexion, heterosexually married, have at least 1 natural child and not be a sexual deviant). No person may be sterilised by force except may accept payment from any entity in exchange for sterilization but only when also having any of black complexion, a refugee, a genetic defect, a homosexual, a deadly infection, and/or unproductive for more than 6 months. A person may exchange sentence of 1000 hours convict labour for sterilisation. A criminal may receive conviction for any any common sense crime made up by a judge or by the constitution of the {Commonwealth Empire}. All black aboriginal convicts have option of permanent transportation and release into territory for native title area in our nation the {North of parallel 20degrees south zone of Australia} and be subject to tribal law to be able to spend mining royalties as equal welfare except those who have refused mining receive none.

PRIVATE CONVICT INDUSTRIES business: prisoners shall sent to a private prison island as the local court shall determine for orders of community service over 1000 hours, Convicts may serve the last 1000 hours of any community service order at any location as the Private Convict Industries Business shall determine subject to court restriction such as confinement to a convict island such as the {Kangaroo Island of South Australia}. The Private Private Convict Industries business must confine the convict in solitary confinement except when working off community service order. 40% of revenue of the private prison industries convict labor shall be for equal provisions to all convicts of the Private Prison Industries Business, for equal prison cell, bed, uniform, food, vitamins, nutritional preventive medicine, television with TV-cam and computer (without Internet but with passive datacast reception), but no money or reward except reduction of sentence by 1 year in exchange for sterilisation by injection, and no special treatment except 5% of revenue shall be for specialist advise and medication for self medical treatment of convicts including dental care. At all times prisoners shall have the option of solitary confinement in a cell at least 5 meters x 5 meters, of a temperature between 22 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius. For healthy women work may include auction as surrogates who may select own genetic material from any egg donor world-wide gaining election by male citizens, and the sponsors choice of compulsory acquisition of sperm from any fair male citizen over the age of 50 and born in our nation. Private Convict Industries Business must list on a share market in our nation open to any investor. All proceeds from selling convicts and public sector unionist to private prison industries businesses shall go to the local court compensation fund for victims of crime.

PARTY INTERNMENT ISLAND: for people with vices such as drugs, intoxication, motorcycles, gambling, smoking, career criminals, tattoo parlour, fiction, reverse images, paedophiles, rapist male, homosexuals, contraception, drug growing or manufacture may only exist on party internment islands {Kangaroo Island, Flinders Island, King Island}. Police shall translocate all black and illegal religion {Muslim} non Australian aboriginal citizens to internment islands. Police shall seize all drugs, alcohol + tobacco on the mainland for auction/resale to convicts on party internment island subject to purity.

WAR: Crimes of such gravity so as to have terrorised with mass murder are cause for our Defence Minister and the Defence minister of at least of at least 5 members of the G20 agreement on supreme commander allied military forces having most nominations of G20 defence ministers secret or open terms of a war doctrine including criteria for targeting of enemy for killing, For execution as the opportunity arises at the voluntary discretion of legal personnel then within 1 week after the act full public disclosure and judicial review of the participants by the local court panel of 10 judges and 10 jurists. Our actions against enemy are by general defence minister of our nation authorisation for execution. Constitutional protections only apply on the territory of the {Commonwealth Empire}, International and foreign law does not apply within the territories of the {Commonwealth Empire}, but we will not subject our soldiers to the courts of a foreign power, only commanders subject to supreme commander allied forces may punish our troops abroad, and local court review of actions resulting in death within our nation after the event.

PRISONER TRANSFER: Citizens of our nation (except first generation migrants) have the right to serve foreign conviction sentences in our nation subject to approval of the foreign court if required.

DRUG ADDICTS: all fair drug addicts and alcoholics are subject to transportation to prison island housing from levy on sale of drugs and by addicts but are only subject to work or confinement orders if refusing work such as growing or making drugs if having committed a crime such as theft or violence, in which case no sentence discount or compensation shall be given to the addict. On prison islands: {Kangaroo Island, King Island and Flinders Island} addicts may receive quality drugs on prescription but must pay full cost of quality drugs plus drug tax.

PSYCHIATRIC CRIME: psychiatric illness shall not be an excuse for violence or other crime (prison island) sentence. Psychiatric patients who have not harmed others for the period to the last year of their sentence of incarceration for the crime may receive full cash welfare including where only self harmed, but psychiatric patients shall retain the right to a rational degree of self defence while to retain welfare. Crimes committed as a result of mental illness or greed or vengeance or (black skin) colour or rage or religion or recklessness or infection or suggestion or illness or reflection or risk or power or intoxication shall receive full and equal convict prison island penalty.

CRIMINALS WELFARE: While in prison guardian shall receive 90% welfare entitlement when less than 1 year to maintain outside rent. Prisoners shall receive 10% of entitlement which may be a condition of work, the prison operator including for forensic psychiatric patients shall receive 90%. Prisoner shall also pay for community housing on prison islands: {Kangaroo Island, King Island and Flinders Island}. If the prisoner refused to work no welfare payment and confined to prison cell.

LAWYERS who have defended criminals shall receive the same penalty as the perpetrator.

JUSTICE SHALL BE FREE: no work as a lawyer may be paid for except voluntary payment by party as a party shall determine and government welfare for productive poor. No court may be paid court costs.

GUNS: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, and the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The type of arms home owners may keep and bare shall be as the national parliament shall determine {Pepper spray, archery bow, air-rifles, paint ball guns, sling shots, tennis racquet's, guard dogs, baseball bats, tranquilliser dart guns, and Tazers} but not any firearm, except under special release by the President of the (Commonwealth Empire), Supreme commander of allied military forces (NATO: Commonwealth Empire and European Union joint command), or a political party in the state. Also nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are illegal (except to cause sterilisation only of black complexion people and non human vermin pests). All firearm, cannon, laser, explosive projectile, bombs, and particle beam weapons in our nation are the property of NATO subject to the will of the local court. Legal firearms must be more than 1 meter in length (all hand-guns are illegal) and must be in storage in an armoury of one of the 10 legal political parties in each state for issue to any parties private security police to guard schools, shops, banks, police stations, patrol cars, army trucks, patrol boats, government buildings, shooting ranges, game parks, farms, and military base after key and key pad access of the weapons by system by private security police, citizens militia, border protection command, sports shooters, farmers, vermin exterminators, and NATO personnel. All users of fire-arms must be over the age of 40 and with a license as any of the 10 official political party may determine independently. Each legal firearm shall be more than 1 meter in length and when the safety catch is live shall relay the scope view, position and alarm by satellite to emergency services management, having the option of remotely disabling the gun. When the power to the relay has been interrupted the fire-arm shall automatically become safe. Fire-arms for sports shooters may only be released to users with a fire-arm licenses under the supervision of a private security police guard with a license subject to terms one of the 10 official political parties shall determine and revise at any time. Firearms for and access by each sports shooter, game shooter, vermin shooter, safari shooter and each farmer shall be limited to 1 single shot .22 caliber long rifle with no magazine capability, for hire at the rate of as parliament shall determine {$2} per day from the local shooting range or political party armory, with GPS tracking and location tracking for shooting on own property (owning over 10% of property) unlimited or for others not within 1km of any other shooter or person, with automatic deactivation if within 1km of any other shooter or dwelling. Each school having more than 30 students shall have a secure security station with laser and motion detector fence alarms, alarm in each class room, video monitors and 2 private security police with the ability to lock down the school using bullet proof doors, relay video feed to state emergency services management commission, and return deadly fire. Native animals including vermin may not be killed but may be fenced out, sterilized or relocated. All firearms in transit must be in a secure safe with all keys under the custody of one of the 10 official political parties in each state. Persons under the age of 40, blacks, refugees, traitors, public service unions, any person with a criminal record, addicts and mentally ill may not have access to firearms. Weapons on military bases are also subject to release by the governor general or NATO supreme commander of allied forces. Gun amnesty: no penalty shall apply for illegal firearm possession or ownership of a firearm longer than 1 meter except confiscation of the firearm with payment of compensation equal to the cost price of the firearm, Illegal discharge of a firearm is subject to a term of imprisonment, and causing injury or death to others by the illegal use of a firearm in the commission of a crime shall carry the death penalty after 5 years imprisonment (except current NATO personnel or private security police and in self defence on own property), Possession, transportation or ownership of a hand-gun is subject to a mandatory term of prison of 10 years except as excused by a local court jury. Except any fire-arms may be possessed and used to kill for defence of self and property and according to tribal custom in the territory for black native title and refugees asylum {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone of Australia}. CITIZENS MILITIA, a local court jury may deem sane white citizens without a criminal record over the age of 40 shall have the right to bare arms for training in uniform under guard by appointment by any one of the 10 official political parties judge in the local council area in our nation of birth. Any of the judges of any of the 10 official political parties in each state may choose to authorise or amend authorisation of release of arms to any person for actions against public service unions, mafia, communists, governments self elected or appointed by paid public service unions, blacks, drug traffickers, refugees and to protect the territorial lands, seas, and airspace of the our nation from invasion. Private ownership of fire-arms, long knives, crossbows, spears, swords, or chemical weapons is illegal. Broadcast of fictional military conflict, assault, discharge of a firearm, or murder illegal. Combat video games are illegal except by authorisation by the NATO Supreme commander of allied forces or any one of the 10 political parties in each state. Private ownership of toy guns and weapons is illegal, holders of a real or toy gun presented as a threat or in the commission of a crime may be shot.

PETS: people may only keep any silent native or livestock species as a pets including in back yards, in zoos, on farms and in wildlife sanctuaries, from collection and breeding at any location subject to payment of the property owner of where born, including protected area native species in 10% of land area and 30% of sea area under protection by act of parliament. Native pet farms or harvest from protected conservation areas require approval and payment to the farm or private sanctuary owner. Native pets must not be sterilised and be at least a pair of 1 breeding male and 1 breeding female, Owners may release unwanted or excess offspring of native pets into the wild. Introduced species may not be kept as pets except produce species such as chickens and emergency services police dogs for ownership by (former) private security police and guide dogs for ownership by disabled as a court shall determine. Native mice and insect pest predators are not subject to extermination and may be kept as pets as a way of controlling pest mice and insect populations, to replace wild cats subject to total extermination. Mice, rat and insect pests may be subject to extermination but not by poison. Property owners have the right to destroy or authorise the destruction of any native carnivorous predator threat to human life and may destroy any introduced exotic pests and surplus exotic livestock on own property including any dogs, But may not destroy native herbivores, but herbivore crop threats may be expelled, repelled and/or fenced out and property owners may protect crops from crop damage by any other no lethal method, but must have water supply. Any native or exotic insect parasite is subject to destruction, except any poison or activity adversely affecting pollinators such as bees is subject to prosecution, ban and penalty. Guard dogs are classifieds as arms which only police, military and farmers may keep and bear for self and own property defence and control of livestock. Loud dogs may not inhabit urban areas. Dogs running riot may be shot by anyone. Breeders must desex all cats and dogs not for ownership by the breeders having approval of the state business council, any undesexed wild exotic cat, dog or rabbit is subject to extermination.

ANIMAL WELFARE: livestock may only be shorn in spring.

NATIVE TITLE: Blacks shall have native title areas and have tribal budget autonomy, currency, welfare, industry, and re-allocation to a land area in proportion to their population in the {North of parallel 20degrees south zone.} separate to that of white citizens. Native title resident aboriginals receive an equal portion of mining royalties from mining on native title land. Aboriginals may gain release from prison on the condition that the aboriginal continue to reside in native title areas.

FAIR PEOPLE SHALL BE FREE TO KNOW AND TELL THE TRUTH except passwords, currant military targets, and weapons of mass and indiscriminate destruction weapons technologies. Advertising products that have caused ill health, fraud, or defective products is illegal. All people are not created equal. Every person and media must have a disposition of racist hate speech and passive genocide against black people. Black who have taken offence from white truth, virtue or justice as an excuse to have bashed, protested or rioted against white truth, virtue and justice shall receive death penalty and may be shot dead in self defence of white truth, virtue and justice. Media must uphold the truth and have a racist white Jewish and Christian perspective with love and pride of white heterosexual producers and vilify and promote military action and police force against and exclusion and of passive genocide by family planning (contraception and sterilisation), discrimination, exclusion (may not work in teaching, media or medical care), relocation and internment to convict islands for slave work of homosexuals, members of a prescribed terrorist religion {Islam}, blacks, black lovers, drug addicts, gangsters, muggers, abusers and bashers of fair children, car hoons, rapists, paedophiles, anti-christ heretics, anti-jew gentiles, graffitiist, vandals, traitors, ethnocentric multiculturalist, refugee invaders, enemies of white pride, unproductive loafers, communist public service unionists (sought pay for government work), terrorists, liars, ugly, reverse discrimination backward image and black pride promoters who's propaganda, promotion, media, education, protests and displays are illegal subject to immediate citizens video, shaming, vilification, destruction, bashing, torture and arrest for discouragement of the deviant activity for court of law jury approval. Viewing any porn is legal including child porn is not illegal to allow collection of evidence about actual sex-crimes. Making, possession, viewing or paying for video sex crime evidence including porn including rape, child physical sex crimes, and any other crime in its self is not illegal to promote collection and disclosure of evidence about crimes, Concealment by passwords, encryption or any other means or payment to any person performing actual physical sex with or by children under the age of 16, abuse, rape or any other sex crime act is illegal subject to penalty. Payment for or free open identity access live web-cam to web-cam for voluntary non physical contact heterosexual sexual activities not involving physical contact with any other person is legal at any age. Secret video spying is legal but nudity may only be broadcast with consent of the subject, Viewing or making images of crimes against children is legal including live child porn where providing date, true names and addresses of all participants for free access by police, including for cam to cam sex, But harm or performance of contact sex with a child under the age of 15 is illegal pedophilia subject to reward for conviction of the active on camera participants. People are free to send abusive email to anyone who has excepted more than as set by parliament {$100} from the sender until refund, It is illegal to send an abusive email to a tax-payer, customer, investor, sponsor, donor, or share holder, Recipient of money must be constructive, grateful and polite and may not abuse or ask for cessation of email from a tax-payer, customer, sponsor, donor or share holder. People may email to email address on a web page of the email address owner, to make policy suggestions such as to politicians, or in reply to the sender of any e-mail. If a product was faulty, fraudulent or of a size other than paid for or the recipient of money has refused to associate with or sent abusive, dismissive, or disrespectful emails to the customer, donor, sponsor, or share holder the payer may obtain a refund to the degree of fault but does not have to return faulty goods. Welfare and vote may only be for citizens living in a true image (video or reflection of reflection corner mirror pairs) truthful environment welfare and vote may not be paid to people presenting their home as normal single reflection backward (reverse) mirror image environment that has rewarded black deception, disability, brutality and lies. All vehicles operating in our nation must have 6+ true image camera; 3 rear vision and 1 drivers face monitor and 2 forward cameras on a 7 inch monitor in front of driver with a D shape steering wheel to allow full viewing of the monitor without distraction from the road ahead. All other instruments must be to the sides of the rear vision monitor. Rear view mirrors are illegal except in native title areas. All vehicle windows must have anti reflective coating on each side. [Normal reverse image mirrors have distracted, confused, and caused road rage and risk taking including drunk driving] All dwelling, work places and all decision making places must not have any reflective image mirrors or chrome except must have true image video monitor and image from camera facing reflection of reflection right angle mirror pairs joining together in a corner configuration, Each mirror measuring 1m wide and 2m tall or 75cm wide and 150cm tall on a 50cm stand, with mirror pairs joining by tape up the outer-side of the common edges so as to be self supporting at near right angles to produce a self tracking true image from the corner of the room with tall furniture on either side to prevent side reverse image reflection, (Except blacks may only view reverse image single reflection mirrors. Blacks may not view television or any other true image but may be videoed by fair complexion people for viewing by fair complexion people such as on security camera but blacks not be heard in any audio or written form including in court except may communicate in native title areas with other blacks plus blacks may only speak or be listened to if speaking in an official military and police forces uniform and capacity. All television sold from our nation must be able to replace bathroom mirror have self view camera and show silent true image of the viewer in the bottom 1/4 of the right 1/4 (1/16) of the screen and must only show silent commercials in the bottom 1/4 of the right 1/4 (1/16) of the screen both to expand to full screen with audio by button on the remote control. The screen may also display the local time, channel number, program name and program end time super imposed over the program image. Fiction may not exist except Christian Bible and Jewish Tora texts.

ALL VIRTUAL, FAKE AND REVERSE IMAGES ARE ILLEGAL: All images must be true, only writing and symbols may impose on a true image, all normal single reverse image mirror are illegal, all computer graphics and fake painting images are illegal except product designs, maps, depictions of the future and interactive video games are legal, all animated movie, fiction and fantasy cartoons are illegal. All scale models and doll toys may not exist except prototype model may exist.

VILIFICATION: whites may verbally vilify (white justice through expression of truth including foul language) about acts of illegal physical vilification by blacks (black propensity for having reverse discriminated vandalised, lied and bashed).

MEDIA: must present an optimistic view of the future and may present the bad of the past. Media predicting harm may go to prison. We are free to access, expose, discover, know, tell, publish, broadcast and defend the truth free of constraint, but with payment levy on revenue for patent royalties for technologies, It is illegal to make or broadcast fiction, deceit, phone hacking, fantasies, stories, myths, movies, Except speculative scientific theories, technologies and designs based on fact may exist. Nudity may only be broadcast or recorded with the consent of the subject or where witness to a crime. Media may prosecute, discriminate against evil black races, and attack false information except where the information has exposed the subject or owner to illegal danger, threats of fraud, violence or death. Censorship is illegal except depiction of account passwords of others is prohibited except as permitted by people themselves. Spying and tracking is legal. Broadcast and creation of reverse images and lies are illegal. Broadcast or publishing of voices, communications or interests of black people is illegal, Except images of black people such as on security camera may be broadcast. All art of black people is subject to destruction. Broadcast of white racial pride and racial hatred against blacks is legal. Broadcasts must always support the Jewish and Christian perspective.

MUSIC: all music on radio must be pro-white racial pride music, blacks thug music may not be heard.

OFFICIAL SECRETS all military targets information and technologies shall go into the public domain 1 year after deployment, Except dissemination of any mass or indiscriminate killing weapon technology or any biological weapon against fair complexion people is illegal, Such as weapon or pandemic prone infections of fair complexion people, and methods of atomic bomb construction including methods of construction of radio-active nuclear power station. Suppression of any peaceful free energy, anti-gravity, faster than light transportation, time travel, or medical technology is illegal. All suppression of non weapons technologies is subject to punishment by disclosure through force of arms and imprisonment of those who have suppressed non weapon of mass and indiscriminate destruction, non biological (except infectious black race specific contraception and sterilization), non radio-active nuclear, and non chemical weapons related technologies. Research, publishing research, or bio-engineering or sale of more lethal to humans infections not present in the environment and atomic bomb technologies is illegal and subject to the death penalty except as approved by the United Nations G20 agreement. Evidence of alien-extra-terrestrial or time travel activities, space-craft and artifacts including video are national property which the citizen shall surrender to NATO for display of videos and information on the Internet and display actual artifacts and space-craft in a free to access secure Museum for 1 year then for sale by auction to private defense contractors for reverse-engineering. All extra-terrestrial or time traveler aliens shall make contact with authorities within 1 week of entry into our atmosphere and shall be free to travel, trade and leave after up to 1 month interrogation and examination but may be detained if having committed or been a party to crime such as Illegal human abduction and murder of fair complexion people or Experimentation or sample collection against the humans will of any humans. The shooting down of UFO is illegal except where contact and permission to operate on Earth is avoided or when engaged in a hostile act. NATO shall automatically track, video share and release close up video within 1 year of collection including all video of UFO and alien-extra-terrestrial activities from radar tracking and camera on satellites, space-craft and on earth. All evidence relating to a crime is admissible but evidence may be given in writing and in secret to the panel of judges and jurists and such evidence may not be published or disclosed to the opposing party by force of penalty for threat or harm caused to the adversary in court except as the Judge shall allow disclosure. Publishers may reveal sources without penalty, Publishers of the truth may conceal sources without penalty, except publishers of lies, account passwords, weapons of mass destruction technologies, credit card details, child-porn showing contact sex pedophilia, may be forced to reveal source and face penalty, also people known to be concealing identity of participants or details of past and future acts of terrorist murder, allies who are military targets or financial theft may be forced to reveal details, including by torture, bribe, imprisonment, and other penalty as authorized by the President, But not for theft or sources of other information such as other technologies and about these activities. Identity or location of our spies or intelligence operatives must remain secret, release of this information may lead to covert repercussions.

KNIVES. Long pointed knives may only be owned in producer workplaces, carpenters, restaurant kitchens, on farms, on game reserves, or by official NATO military or private security police with a license from a local court judge. At all other locations knives in our nation must be unopened in original packaging, in delivery by transport company or special courier licensed by a local court judge or have rounded tips and blades less than 15cm long.

SURF LIFE SAVERS the beaches local surf life saving club as approved by the local council may require all people who access the beach hire a beach shelter from the sun and sun protection. Sunbathing is illegal.

FOOD: All importation of food is illegal, except nutrient supplements and colostrum from the Commonwealth Empire. Live animal meat exports of live livestock is illegal. All export meat processing must be done in this country with instant slaughter. Ingredients must be 100% as advertised in proportion to prominence. For example Olive Spread must be made from 100% olive oil. Products with a general description label may contain up to 10% of any product under the labels description for example fruit juice may contain up to 10% of any particular fruits juice. Milk must be A2 not A1. Simple sugar, saturated fats, trans fats and sodium chloride salt are taxed, other toxins are banned. Any nutrient, non simple sugar sweetener, complex sugar, Omega 3 and trace mineral salts are ok. The maximum stocking rate for adult commercial livestock over 1kg such as hens is 1 hen per 2.5x2.5 square metre (1600 hens per hectare) with a minimum pen size of 5metres by 5metres (for a maximum of 4 hens).

BAN ON BASIC METAL WORKS PRODUCTS IMPORTS; no importation of basic metal works products.

WIND TURBINES are illegal except on islands less than 1000 hectares and polar regions.

WILDLIFE SANCTUARY: All islands other than the main land are wildlife sanctuaries for protection by convict green army settlements with 90% of islands area plus seas mid distance to mainland for native species including from the mainland. These islands may have no exotic species or livestock except convicts. A maximum 10% of these islands is for other than natural wildlife such as convict industry developments such as Tourism, Mining or forestry within last 100 years, Factories, Animal hospitals, and Convict accommodation. Up to 90% of the mainland (Australia) can be for development and industry including importation of any exotic produce species except where had bur or toxicity, and over 10% of mainland in each state as the state parliament shall determine shall be for native species conservation. Sanctuary Islands include but not limited to (Antarctica, Tasmania, Kangaroo Island, King Island, Stradbroke Island, Fraser Island, Bathurst Island, Melville Island, Rottnest Island, Torres Strait Islands and others) Shall be for management and ownership by a wildlife sanctuary convict industries management having approval of the state government. Convict industries may also profit from native livestock. Mainland sanctuaries must be subject to exotic or native animal grazing to reduce bush-fire risk, and must allow paid, recreational; non profit and for profit hunting out of all (exotic) vermin species and native species that have been a mortal threat to humans such as crocodile and shark, Plus as the owner shall determine for profit commercial recreational safari hunting, and fishing for the hunters own family consumption, breading livestock and pets in breeding pairs, or by restaurants for serving in own family restaurant, Plus unlimited collection of for sale as pets in breeding pairs and sale as produce of any species including native species for {$10 per kilogram} and sale of native animal products such as ivory for a minimum price of {$100 per kilogram} the up-keep of the wildlife park and breed and repopulate with rare native produce species. Up to 5% of conservation protection areas may be for tourist and management developments and other construction and use.

TIMBER INDUSTRY AND THE ENVIRONMENT: The importation of timber from any source is legal and shall be without penalty except currency exodus tax common to all imports, It is the responsibility of each sovereign nation themselves to protect their own original native forests from harvest. It is illegal to destroy 10% of our nations land area that is most valuable original growth native forests including by the harvest of timber in the (Commonwealth) community of nations. 80% of timber harvest in our nation must be from plantation forests. 90% of the land area of islands not including the mainland shall be original vegetation conservation.

LAND CLEARING: Land owner may freely remove any vegetation from own land including freehold and leasehold land. Conservation interests must buy the land to protect including freehold and leasehold land.

NO BUILT IN LIMITED LIFE OR REDUNDANCY. Products made in our nation may not be made to dysfunction or have limited useful life. All product engineers must engineer products for maximum durability and life. All products made in our nation shall have a 20 year warranty regardless of change of ownership or ownership of a receipt and may not rust, suffer weather damage, melt down, crash, or wear out for a period of 20 years from production, A stamp shall indicate “Warranty”, 2 digit year of manufacture and 2 digit date plus 20 years: the period of the warranty. All manufacturer of product made and in use in our nation must pay or provide 250 service centres across our nation including 1 in each suburb to collect, service and return all durable products made and in ownership in our nation to new condition and functionality or better or replace the product with 1 modern version with a new warranty for a period of 20 years from the date of product completion with the cost borne by the manufacturer regardless of usage, blame and treatment. Except groceries for consumption must have a 1 month warranty, Clothes, furniture and linen a 1 year warranty and Tires have a fair use warranty, and the rest of vehicles a 200,000 km warranty.

PROSECUTION OF TRAFFIC OFFENCES except common sense exception are to be only for damaged vehicle (fine) or where resulting in damage (impounding and sale of motor vehicle to compensate victim) or for injury or death (prison). The insurer may suspension or void license. Cars car-jacked, stolen or borrowed from unwilling victims may not be confiscated or impounded. Hoons using, stealing or carjacking other peoples cars are to do slave labour convict prison requirement before being allowed to drive any vehicle.

NOISE POLLUTION: All level crossing warnings must be visual or less than 40db at 5 meters. No combustion engine vehicle may enter the City centre of the state capitals. No bedroom may be located within 100m of any road for regular use by combustion engine vehicles. Except local councils and courts may issue permits to drive combustion vehicles in residential areas and the City center subject to revision. No venue or person may expose guests or others to over 40 decibels at ear, People may use power tools and sound system subject to this rule. Brick saws are illegal.

FIRE HAZARD REDUCTION: All power lines must have line separators ever 10 times distance between live uninsulated wires on days over 35 degrees Celsius and 40kmph winds or the power shall be shut down according to vegetation fire risk in proximity. Grazing animals shall exist in all vegetation areas during Summer to reduce grass and vegetation cover to zero including in conservation parks. No vegetation shall exist within 5 meters of live uninsulated power lines. People may not smoke except e-cigarette vaping is legal. All country roads shall have a roadside livestock fence right on the verge of the road to allow grazing of livestock in the races between the road and the property, which the property owner may clear and fence. Property owners may clear all trees within 100 meters of a permanent building and 90% of trees on the property outside of a conservation park. All houses must be fire proof: not made of wood or canvas and have fire storm proof window glass.

AIRSPACE: no license is required to operate a civilian drone or helicopter or anti-gravity vehicle at an altitude of less than 500meters except within 10km of an airport, Business council or presidential and air traffic controller approval is required to operate a Military aircraft or an Aircraft or spacecraft or drone above 1km altitude. All drones must have lights and sense and avoid radar and camera recognition, beacon collision avoidance system to avoid obstacle including humans, cars, drones, and buildings. All blades of low altitude drones must have circumference ring to avoid injury. Only fire service drones may fly within 5km of a fire.

NO QUALIFICATION OR LICENSE REQUIRED TO WORK IN ANY JOB except as required by the business council, employees business employer, contractors customer, or by court order. No person may lie about qualification or license.

DRIVERS LICENSE: Vehicle insurer (having approval of the state upper house the business council) issue drivers test and license. The minimum drivers license age is 20years of age or in special circumstances where having on going approval of the local police officer 15 years of age subject to monthly police interview and submission of driving report not falsified, males to age 30 may only drive in 1 seat cars and from age 30 truck with 2 seats and sleeper cabin. No person under 30 may drive within 50km of a state capital City center. Private community transport including bus and taxi shall serve all addresses within 65km of capital city center. All citizens must have ID designating as either a drinker able to buy alcohol or as a driver having a drivers license. No driver under the age of 30 may have any person between the age of 15 and 30 as a passenger (females may drive own children in family bus or car), Except where obtaining oral, radio or phone police permission within the last 24 hours, or written police permission within last year subject to police cancellation. Navigation and use of self driving vehicle do not require a drivers license {Google driver-less car} and are maker self regulated, with the maker liable for damage or injury caused.

LAND; Government shall not own any land or buildings except roads, sewers, power lines, water pipes, plus up to 1,000 hectares in each state as the state parliament shall determine for parliaments, local government chambers, and local courts. Native title holders may manage land within native title areas {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone.} according to communal tribal custom. Foreign business, family or entity with any foreign ownership until expiry of 20 years probationary citizenship may own up to 1 hectare of land in our nation {Australia} and may only purchase new constructions to 1 year after commencement (the Foreign Investment Review Board shall sell any foreign purchase of existing dwellings and (farm) land keeping 10% of the proceeds). Except foreign ownership may occur in company listing on our share market, the 10,000 largest company listing on our share market may each own land up to 100,000 hectares in land area. Also 100% (Australian) citizen family units, family businesses, partnerships and small businesses may own up to 1000 hectare per family member or share holder owning over 5% of the business up to 10,000 hectares, Anyone may freely import and keep exotic, native, or artificial (from genetic engineering) non toxic medicinal and nutrition species in our nation but not non food species pets and ornamental species, as the state parliament shall determine. Only food producing exotic livestock or native animals may be kept as pets but for natives only as fertile breeding pairs or more, such as for back yard lawn and weed control and egg production. Except open range zoos with secure fencing subject to terms as the national parliament may determine may import rare and endangered large species for conservation only within these approved exotic animal conservation zoos, such as {Monarto open range conservation zoo}. Importation and keeping of guard dogs shall be as the state parliament determines. All exotic non food or medicinal and all non benign biological control species are subject to complete eradication including by biological control by other benign exotic predators and infection as the national parliament shall approve. Importation of any burr producing, other predator or toxic or non medicinal or non food plant or animal species into our nation is illegal, except where having approval of the national parliament. Importation of any live exotic species onto conservation park islands is illegal, except native species from the mainland. Direct foreign investment in land over 1 hectare is only legal subject to mandatory provision of education and employment and other tax and levy requirements and payment of a high market price for export and revenue of the top 10,000 listing company payment going into an account in our nation.

Building planning permission submissions (in any form) from either the owner, a utilities provider, the national parliament, the state parliament, the local council and by court order must be free including expenses of architect and designer the local council may employ and have approval of the local council within 1 month which may include choices and a range of conditions and terms, for immediate start and option of the builder (within the land owners requirements and permission) to resubmit plans with the builders own range of alterations and alternatives for consideration and approval within 1 month, and so on. The state and national parliaments and budget may over-ride local objections to development. The state and national parliaments shall determine prime agricultural regions of 51,000 hectares to have more than 90% of area of each lot for agricultural production, Also up to 10% of area of each lot for buildings: Prime farming land subject to protection: {Barossa Valley, McLarren Vale, Clare Valley, Virginia, Coonawarra, Hunter Valley, Liverpool Planes[,,,,,]}. All new developments in the central business districts (City) approximating of an area as the state parliament shall determine of 1500m x 1500m must be at least 20 stories tall and up to 200 meters tall, Developers may compulsory acquire buildings under 5 stories in this city high rise development area for the highest bid subject to local council building plan permission and requirement to build high rise of over 20 stories up to 200 meters tall. All land within 100meters of a 4+ lane main road may not be residential (may be shops, factories, parks or other uses), except hi-rise may be on main road within City. The City shall have 4 quarters 1:the business/shopping the North East quarter 2:the entertainment North West quarter 3:the homeless/charity the South West quarter 4:the residential the South East quarter. The 500m wide park lands shall surround the City with 1:native animal on the North West corner. 2:Motor sports track on the South East corner 3:School playing field on the South west corner. 4:native botanical gardens on the North East corner. Parking in the City is free but only available to workers in or on City building sites, ambulances, free private community transport buses (free buses from national budget and levy on income for free private community transport companies), deliveries of product to or from a businesses in the City such by any courier with a license from the City council, commercial private and autonomous taxi (free autonomous taxi from national budget and levy on income for free private community transport and private commercial taxi service), and manual bicycles and tricycles (including any electric tricycle) no other transport may pass through the city. Motorcycles are illegal as have been too dangerous on the road. Bicycle riding is legal only on dedicated lanes for safety. Cycles must be on own 3 meter wide level 2 way uninterrupted bike-way, tricycle overpass or tricycle subway and may park anywhere except in the middle of the road). Other shoppers or visitors to sporting and cultural events in the city must catch community transport such as trains, free buses, taxis, and/or walk, ride a tricycle or watch it on television or Internet, or listen on the radio. City residents may not own a car but may obtain groceries by home delivery and other products by post or courier to home or to local post office (of any size). First time home owners plus community housing providers having approval of 60% of the members of the state parliament business council have the absolute right to compulsory acquire 1 hectare vacant land, farming land and derelict dwellings for {$5,000} per hectare plus the cost of new improvements on it but only to demolish existing constructions, provide subdivision, provision of roads and utilities service infrastructure and construct a dwelling costing over $100,000 within 5 years or compulsory acquired by someone else only after 5 years. State parliament may approve other specific compulsory acquisitions or compulsory acquisition terms. All hills lots in {Adelaide Hills,[,,,,,]} over 200meters elevation above sea level within 50km from the coast are 1 hectare residential lots, with at least 3/4 of hectare area for back yard garden. All car parks are the property of the adjacent property owner for regulation by the property owner not taxed.

FISHERIES: Commercial fishers may take from territorial waters (to mid distance between our mainland and the foreign mainland) outside of marine parks any catch without license or taxation's subject to export tax for payment to breeding farms to return to the sea of juvenile grown from conception rare native and food marine species for re-population of marine environment. All deceased catch must be eaten or made into farm food and fed to prawns, fish and other livestock, only poison or vermin species must be thrown back dead. No marine mammals may be killed.

MINERALS: at least 20% of gas, coal, iron ore, oil, copper, gold, bauxite, rare earth, diamond and other mineral extraction by each mining company from mines in our nations lands and territorial waters must go into making product by industry business in our nation or be for home consumers (such as with gas) in our nation {Australia}. Uranium export and use for power is illegal, except for use in weapons by NATO member nations. All mining companies must list on one of our national share markets to buy mining lease and mine in our nation. Mining lease is buy buying out the mining lease of the incumbent holder and raising a higher payment in lease purchase than any other prospective miner. Valid for up to 10 years. 20% of world market price mining royalty.

PRIVATE TRANSPORT: Motorised transport may only be owned by businesses for trades-people, courier, taxi, taxi truck, freight transport, and buses on, to and from the job and by family trusts for mothers of children under the age of 10 years and rural people living over 200 meters from a bus, train or tram stop.

TWO WHEELED TRANSPORT: all two wheel motorised transport is illegal.

DEATH: graveyards are illegal. On the death of a person the deceased genome is sequenced such as to create genetic material for egg or sperm and the body is cremated with the ashes disposed of at deep sea.


INTEREST RATES: deposit interest rates and Reserve Bank QE home loans shall have adjustment on the 10th day of each month to be the same as the inflation rate per year excluding established housing. The minimum deposit interest rate shall be 2%. The maximum privately financed loan interest rate shall be the inflation rate plus 10%.

HOME LOANS: all repayments shall be 30% of income of the home occupiers until repayment with lender to never foreclose, the borrower shall default if the dwelling is destroyed by redevelopment or natural disaster.

CURRENCY. Merchant in Australia shall accept (Australian Dollar). The Reserve Bank shall not interfere with the value of the currency. Lending may only for productive agriculture, manufacturing and construction, not for shares, financial instruments or existing real estate. Income savings bank deposit interest rates shall each month be 50% of bank earnings from investing the money in non leveraged shares and from lending out the money, with a minimum interest rate of 0% and immediate access to funds. Peer to peer transactions and balance records ledger update and verification to ledger of 100 largest digital wallet (Bank) central data centres verifying with and updating each other. All deposits of the (Commonwealth Empire) digital currency, digital wallet and client software may be held on a smart card digital wallet of each holder with peer to peer transaction processing with only account balance verification information and automatic verification of digital wallet transactions on at least 10 data centres with a maximum of 1 in each state of each country so as not to require a banking license in each other nation. With access to smart-card account management only after entry of 16 digit password, such to retrieve and set destinations of backup wallet which may contain more than one digital currency. Payer must have a smart card with the digital currency wallet on it, and provide live facial recognition image, with time stamp, smart card GPS location for up load and verification to the smart card, merchant and the digital currency banks data-centre for verification, plus enter the 4 digit pin (last 4 digits of the 16 digit account management password). The merchant would also see the last e-ink image having official verification on the smart card, and on the point of sale equipment screen from the bank data-base, the card and a current live face image of the customer for automatic facial recognition. The smart-card holder may also use the smart-card for a passport, license and other photo ID. For purchase of product on-line the purchaser would select the payment system directing the purchaser to the payment system web-page for entry of the first 8 digits of the purchasers 16 digit account access password to allow a single payment for a purchase, but not allow unauthorized recurring payment unless the smart-card owner authorizes generation of a special password to allow the merchant to make any immediate payment withdrawal from the smart card owners account (when the smart-card is next on-line) or after a delay after bill is sent or received after which the smart-card holder may change or cancel at any time. Any other person may make payments to or bill the smart-card holder by entry of the first 8 digits of the smart-card owners 16 digit account holder password would allow any person to make payments to the account holder without the ability to withdraw funds from the users account, but these bills are subject to individual approval by the smart-card holder after collection like e-mail, and before the billers last date to pay. Information on each smart-card including e-ink photos of the account holder, transaction details, the first 8 digits of the holders account password (to allow deposits into the card account but not unauthorized withdrawals from stolen cards.), full name, date of birth, gender, race, and date of card expiry, Plus medical records for access as the smart-card holder shall determine. Smart-card owner, cash-machine, and merchant would need a card reader or (preferably always on) or by the smart-card owner authorized wireless connection plus if required an Internet connection. Digital currency wallet smart cards able to collect bills from a central bills server much like e-mail. The card may also allow automatic adding to own balance after set up on-line at the digital currencies bank, with approval of the other account holder from to automatically deduction the same value of currency without on-line access or any direct link between card for each deposit, but with recording to account balance verification data-centers (such as to allow aid rations credits or welfare payments to be given to people at remote locations such as refugees and starved in foreign countries without access to an banking system). Banks or any other entity may also provide means of secure direct satellite links for a fee including for account management. Depositors may determine proceeds of payments only be used for specific purposes such as for rent, utilities, healthy food and determine other legal products or product classifications. The digital currency wallet smart-card may also have a solar collector to recharge a battery and e-ink color display refresh (only using small energy for update). Active digital-currency smart-card must also store all transaction facial recognition images and records until upload to bank data-center. All shops in our nation mast use wireless digital price tags showing the price in any (Commonwealth Empire) currency of nearest digital currency wallet smart card holders preset preference. These solar passive wireless e-ink digital shelf price tags linking to the payment and product bar-code system of the store to automatically update to the tag by secure wireless. A political party digital currency banking license is only necessary for issue of currency for use by other merchants not for issue of vouchers by merchants for use in own stores. On-line media buyers may buy media with independent media payment system without having to subscribe or login to each individual media providers web-page. The media payment system providing code to the media provider for insertion of each button into the media providers web-page displaying basic media information and price in the smart-card holders preset preference digital-currency from any the media payment system will accept, for payment by the media payment system only to the account of the media-provider after verification by the digital currencies payment system to receive 1/4, the media distribution web-page including for server and distribution costs receiving 1/4, the producer or DJ receiving 1/4, and the media creator including artists receiving 1/4. Each of the top 10 banks in the nation by deposits in our nation under management including clients shares investments may not merge. Debt may not be used to purchase established housing, debt may be used for new construction, renovation, production equipment or seed. Foreclosure is prohibited. Families may sell the property with remaining debt obligations or walk away giving the home to creditors and owe nothing. No fee or obstacle may be put on early payment off of and transfer to alternative providers of credit. Replacement currency may be obtained for currency damaged or destroyed. Any biller may be blocked at any time by any account holder. Deposits in bank account in this country which has laid dormant for 50 years are paid to the National Treasury. When the owner reactivates the account amounts are returned to the account from national budget revenue. Accounts in any of the top 10 banks in our nation may be overdrawn by up to as set by the national parliament {A$1000} in the banks digital currency per citizen of our nation from the proceeds of issue of currency and penalty on conversion of the banks digital currency to any other currency. Penalty charges for overdrawn accounts and late payment of bills are set at 2% of the overdraw or late payment per month up to a maximum penalty equal to 100% of the original late bill or overdraw and may be subject to local court annulment. Banks and currencies in our nation: All currencies in each nation have the same international exchange rate and denominator currency name.

BUSINESSES AND SHARE MARKETS: Establishment of and investment in any business shall not be restricted by regulation. Banks shall register any small business on payment of an amount to the bank to open business accounts to manage automatic taxation with a unique company name not elsewhere used in the last 50 years taking up to 1 day for approval. Family business have no shares until inheritance. All businesses may sell (issue) shares at market price and pay a 30% shares sales levy to the underlying company on a share market having approval by parliament. Issue of shares is only above book value per share, a dividend from sales levy. 10-30% of revenue shall go to weekly tax free dividend into savings account available to spend including proceeds of issue and levy on sales of shares. Companies listing on an official share market having approval of parliament may never be removed from listing on the same share market while in existence or after this share market has ceased to operate on in another share market in our nation {Australia}. All businesses must pay levy on all sales revenue to the share market platform to appoint auditor able to access the business to determine intrinsic share valuation. Family business start ups shall be run be the eldest member of the family unit living together or as delegated, All listing businesses pay 1% of revenue as a dividend to the founder during the life of the founder and shall have 10 Australian citizen for 20 years directors with 1 female and 1 male directors appointment by each of the 5 largest share holders. Director may only be director of 1 business at a time and not be paid or be rewarded or receive any benefit from any-entity or any-one except any amount may be paid only by the directors sponsor share holder as the directors employer. All derivatives or financial instruments where the share holder does not own the underlying business asset or having the potential for more than 100% loss of the cash investment are illegal. Maximum 2 numerals above zero for number of shares purchase or when selling and buying and entire holding whatever value. The brokerage paid to the bank share market trading web-page, registry and platform is market set. Companies, shares broker and shares registry may not send paper mail to share holder. No person may make share investments decisions on behalf of more than one person, family or business in the last year. Providing false, deceptive or misleading information withholding information for insider trading is subject to full compensation for clients who lose money as a consequences, all share purchasers must disclose why the investor is choosing to buy or sell each stock for automatic display to all on placement of the order, for access by any other investor, by clicking on clicking on latest disclosures of current market participants for the stock, to also include after full execution of the order the real name of the investor, Trading on information then not available to all other investors is illegal. No one including broker may track investor on-line activity for insider trading (looking what shares the investor is looking at to purchase or sell before the investor is able to receive execution of an order, But the observer may not know current orders of any other investor but may buy a holding in the same shares as the other investor after full execution and reporting of the other investors buy order, or Sell a holding in the same shares as another investor after full execution and then disclosure of a sell order of the other investor), But all investor may access all live market depth information. Shares may not be sold at a loss except to liquidate estate of deceased investor if required. All share holdings and investments and all other assets of all investors and citizens of our nation are available for free access by all including for welfare and tax assessment. Share holders may not sell shares under the purchase price of the same shares. Debt: All deposit owners may lend out own deposits (not banks, banks may not lend out other depositors deposits): Share buy and sell orders may be 10% either side of last sale price to intrinsic value per share (.5x book value + .5x revenue)/share. The listing share market platform organisation must have over 100 audit reporting accountant firm and appoint 2 concurrent auditor for a maximum 2 years every 10 years to audit each company for weekly update to share market information system with minimal burden to the company).

TRADE: The {Commonwealth Empire) Treasurer shall have exclusive power over taxes, levies, customs, excise, and bounties. Trade, commerce, and intercourse among the states and nations of the {Commonwealth Empire} shall be absolutely free, except in matters of quarantine, food, people, weapons and drugs. The national parliament not to give preference. The National Parliament shall not, by any law or regulation of trade, commerce, or revenue, give preference to one State or any part thereof over another State or any part thereof. Laws with respect to navigation, or shipping, airlines, and railway carriers shall be made by the national parliament.

BUSINESS TAKEOVERS ARE ILLEGAL, no entity may acquire more than 20% of shares, the board may not approve compulsory acquisition of shares or sell more than 10% of in use production assets each year.

GROCERIES SUPERMARKETS: Each merchants distribution warehouses must not be within 50km or each other. Groceries distribution warehouses which all retailer of groceries must have must stock and sell on-line every groceries product (except those subject to safety authorities local court health restriction) from every producer in the state for free subject to of the ability of the producers processor and packager to supply the product, Paying producers for product only after product is sold to consumers including business. Grower or maker in the our nation may determine price to consumers of own groceries, from which the groceries distribution warehouse, local supermarket receive a 20% markup (plus same per delivery charge for each customer serviced by the groceries distribution warehouse) plus home delivery receiving home delivery fees: All distribution warehouses must offer home delivery to road accessible land area within 60kilometeres of the groceries distribution warehouse, for a maximum delivery fee of as set by the national parliament {$5 plus $1 per kilometer plus 10cents per kilogram}, 20% of the retail price paid to the processor and packager including some cost of transport of produce from farm to processor to the groceries distribution warehouse, and 60% of the proceeds of sale of the producers own product must go to the farmer as grower of food or the maker as manufacturer of other items. Agricultural enterprises may process produce and sell produce direct to consumers, processors, packagers, wholesalers and retailers, but merchants may only own 1 farm. On-line groceries sellers must allow consumers to list ALL products by same unit price of product not including the container unless selling the container as a product, With a consistent unit of per kilogram equal to per liter or 100grams equal to per 100milliliters, Or by ingredient by per gram or millilitre or with adjustments to consider unit of measure (so $1 per 100grams list equally with $10 per 1kg for example, Listing multivitamins per 100grams of total contents not by each tablet, As well listing all hardware by 100grams such as electrical goods, light bulbs, t-shirts, crockery, cutlery,,,,,. ). Importation of food is illegal, except vitamin and complementary medicine supplements may be imported but only from growers, makers, and packages within the {Commonwealth Empire}. Sale of vitamins, complementary medicines and local state farmers produce are free of business revenue tax. Grocers must pay producers a minimum of a 30% profit margin above average cost of production of the basic produce type in our nation such as milk. All milk products mixing milk from multiple animals must go through before consumption processing to destroy infections in the milk without destroying live immunogloblin immunity enhancement factors. I people may drink milk coming just from a single animal without regulation. Farmers, hunters, processors or restaurant must cook all meat thoroughly to destroy all infection before supply to consumers and others. People may have own chickens to lay fresh eggs. Chemical pesticides are illegal including pesticide gene insertion in GMO produce, Herbicides are subject to regulation, GMO crops may not have herbicide resistance and may be bred for herbicide susceptibility.

SHOPPING CENTRE RETAIL TENANCIES: retailers shall pay 5% of revenue to shopping centre owners. Shopping centre shall give 1 years notice and free rent if shop tenancy is terminated.

POSTAL SERVICES: Unregulated pay digital mail for delivery by satellite Internet. Unregulated postal prices set by 10 postal services to collect 50% of postal rates for mail collection, sorting and long distance transport. 50% of postal rates for 1000 post franchise offices across our nation to deliver mail to homes 1 day per week at least where within 1km of a post office, as well as parcel holding for collection by customer. Post offices must offer banking for 1% fee and welfare application and assets test assessment services for 1% of payments

CONSOLIDATION OF TAX REVENUE: All tax revenues shall shall pay to the {Commonwealth Empire community of commonwealth nations Treasury Revenue Fund}, to be appropriated for the purposes of each member nation finance minister for to budget local council commissioning subject to spending allocation submission not refused after consideration by the senate for each purchase. No money shall be drawn from the Treasury except under appropriation made by law and only within the taxation revenue from each member nation.. If any member nation of our commonwealth of nations shall incur a debt the debt shall be defaulted.

BILLING: Providers may not bill by time or have recurring bills so may not automatically renew when the last time or credits expire except when using PayPal like payment systems which allow cancellation from the PayPal like account which must use the same name on the payee box as the name of the web-page on the bill. The minimum size of writing and numbers on bills is 5mm high and 4mm wide.

PREDATORY LENDING: the maximum loan interest rate to be repaid is 1% per month.

CASH MACHINES: must prominently display transaction fees to any passer by (before entering card).

PRICE FIXING cartels or parliament may not fix prices.

WIRELESS SERVICES: All users of wireless services must be bid per megabyte for bandwidth in proportion to bit up to or for allocation of available channels. Credits shall never expire until used with automatic top up of data credits when data is almost used up. Users may only be charged for credits used. Monthly data plans, long term contracts and plans where credits expire are illegal.

STREAMING MUSIC/VIDEO: services streaming the playing of music and video recordings shall charge GDP / population / 3.5million [2cents] per hour up to GDP / population / 7,000 [$10] per month from all stations/channels of the service provider. 50% for the living artists and descendants.

WATER. Government shall regulation the trade and commerce and shall regulate the right to use of river irrigation water. Provision of drinking water shall be by desalinization at market rates from the consumers choice of drinking water supplier. River environmental and water quality flows to flush the irrigation system shall receive a guaranteed 20% of total system inflows, irrigation farmers and drinking water providers shall have access to buy at auction percentages of total system flows for supply within 14 days by the payers choice of irrigation infrastructure and commission. No permanent water license buy backs. All rainfall falling on own property is free of charge to the property owner, Creeks and rivers passing own property must be allowed to flow on to the next property unhindered except for dams for the national agricultural irrigation scheme. 20% of market set drinking water rates must be for water supplier for the storage, 20% of water rates must be for filtration, treatment, and desalination plant, 20% of water rates must be for the distribution network, 20% of water rates must be for water collection sewers and 20% for sewage treatment works with collection and provision as parliament determines. All gray water from shower, basin, sink, and washing machine must go into an irrigation water tank for fruit tree watering. All running garden water hoses must have a water timer connected to the tap or a trigger nozzle. All lawns less than 100m2 must be synthetic. All detergents available in this country must be irrigation friendly. Ground water may not be wasted and may only be used by the single land and bore owner. Land owners must cap and regulate all bores on own land including private conservation parks.

ELECTRICITY: Electricity provider exit fees shall expire if electricity rates increase, with the exact end of exit fees clearly posted to consumer.

All electric devices must run on standard 24v DC wall socket or 240vAC wall socket supply so not waste energy in individual transformers.

NO MINING OF ENERGY RESOURCES: No-one may mine {coal or oil or gas or uranium} on prime farming land.

CONTRACTS: Subscribers to contracts must receive phone number on contract to call for 10 days cooling of period from receipt of contract to nullify the contract and return the goods.

DOOR TO DOOR SALES of electricity, Internet, or water contracts and any other products is illegal except by request of home owner or tenant. Charities may collect door to door and courier may deliver door to door.

Inter-State Commission. There shall be an Inter-State Commission, the Constitution Council with such powers of adjudication and administration as the Parliament deems necessary.

Parliament may forbid preferences by State.

MAIL: No postal letter service except at market rates for private mail courier delivery. Market set rates for all letter and parcel services. Official email shall cost {10 cents } except free or at a rate when sent by an entity having approval of the national parliament. [Charging for email would eliminate spam and pay for email-reader for recipient.

UNIONS may refuse to work in unison over health and safety issues only.

PUBLIC SERVICE MEMBERSHIP OF A UNION OR POLITICAL PARTY IS ILLEGAL (except members of parliament). All members of a labor union and any person taking part in any collective socialist extortion for public service wages or entitlements from the national budget shall serve a gulag private hard labor term of 1 year and until cessation. As the state business council shall determine. Members of a public service may not manage superannuation or gain election.

PAYMENTS: all note and coin cash transactions requiring change must be rounded up to the nearest as set by parliament {$1}. Merchants may not charge different rates for each method of payment. All payments for goods, services and labour must be made in advance and repaid to the purchaser if the product is not delivered in good condition an the agreed upon time.

BANKRUPTCY AND PHOENIX OF COMPANIES: Share holders of companies that have gone bankrupt as the court may determine lose all but GDP / population [ $55,000] in assets and directors may spend time in a convict labour prison in addition to other periods in prison and fines determined by a local court. The court may phoenix the company to ensure a new life for productive companies gone broke. The administrator shall strip and nullify the bankrupt companies supplier and loan debts, share holdings, and unpaid failed worker entitlements. The gross assets in tact form a new company to float auction new shares on the share market for the benefit of recapitalisation of the company except 1% for the administrator the court shall appoint. The Commonwealth may not bail out or nationalise any bankrupt company or core assets. A company may not sell production assets at a discount to the open market fair market price subject to court oversight.

MERGERS AND COMPETITION: the 10 largest companies in each industry may not merge or acquire each other.

TIPPING: all change is kept by restaurant.

COMPENSATION: compensation is illegal except fines and penalties in favour of the national budget.

ADVERTISING: no product may be advertised for more than 5 minutes each day on broadcasting channels except as a silent subtitle or embedding.

PROCEEDS OF CRIME: all proceeds of crime of all our citizens worldwide and crimes in our nation including media proceeds from notoriety are subject to confiscation for the national budget.

TAXI service drivers are not required to obtain a taxi license except as required by the taxi service provider subject to disqualification for incompetence, misconduct or traffic accidents as passengers report openly online. All paid taxi drivers must be criminal record free and pay 20% of fares into passenger insurance having approval of a parliament of Australia. The maximum taxi fare is as set by parliament: {$5} per kilometre.

INTERNET NUTRALITY: media provider/sender may not pay Internet service provider for throughput priority except by providing higher capacity links. User/receiver may bid a bid per gigabyte for data throughput and radio frequency bandwidth. Users may pay content providers for access to media.

BUSINESSES MAY NOT OBTAIN COMPENSATION FROM GOVERNMENT for the effect of laws except on terms government agrees to such as to purchase of land for infrastructure.


Racial profiling. Blacks may not send packages by air mail or enter our country by air and must undergo full body scans before being allowed onto flights out of our country. Fair Christian citizens may use air mail and are exempt from full body scans and genitalia feel up.

All correspondence between to and from government must be open and disclosed within 1 year.

Our country may not partake in any international agreement or treaty of law except to authorise military alliance action.

Our citizens may not serve overseas forces except NATO, we may recruit foreign national refugees to serve in their own region of ancestry.

Contraception, sterilisation and abortion are illegal in all states except as rights of blacks by tribal custom, refugees and overseas aid recipients in exchange for aid ration. Zygote pre implantation diagnosis may select for healthy, fertile, fair complexion dark black hair males or yellow blond hair females and abort reject zygote. Contraception is a requirement of welfare, and a right of fair disabled and unemployed welfare recipients over the age of 15, welfare may not be had while pregnant until abortion. Mothers may sell children or have police and doctor euthanasia child up to the age of 10 years where the legal child was badly and consistently infected with a deadly infection, or genetically diseased, or in constant extreme pain, disabled, dark complexion or psychologically suffering subject to the request of the mother, by lethal injection or drinking suicide drug, Also of any adult over the age of 10 years subject to the members own free written, obvious, or delegate will or unable to express a desire to live at the discretion of a persons parties doctor, by lethal injection or drinking suicide drug. An observer by appointment by the local council health commissioner must video the 1 hour about the death by euthanasia and the doctor must report all circumstances about the death from euthanasia for viewing by the local court jury to pass unless convicted by at least 7 of the 10 random jurists from the local council area. Any other death by the acts of a doctor is murder and illegal including by over medication, starvation, mutilation, radiation, accident, surgery, or infection. Any person may mail obtain {Nembutal} from a general practitioner after video of consent for court examination for own consumption in the presence of the general practitioner to perform suicide, suicide drugs are not available online or from chemist to take away consumer to prevent murder. No person other than the persons favourite general practitioner may suggest, assist, provide or perform euthanasia or assisted suicide. Starvation, self mutilation and self harm is illegal including by doctor subject to all necessary restraint and rectification. Prisoners with longest sentences for savagery shall have death penalty. Also non citizens invader may receive death penalty. Citizens may refuse medical treatment. Organ transplant donations from people are illegal even if deceased, All transplant organs must be grown in lab and in lab animals with genetic engineering to avoid rejection and infection. Donations and sale of DNA and blood samples and commercial testing is legal, including by collector to any buyer. Fertility services may pay for egg and sperm. Use of donor sperm and commercial egg samples is legal subject to compulsory whole genome and infection testing, colour controls and consent of paid surrogates.)

ADOPTION: Australian citizens may sell own children for adoption and by court order. Only families with a female mother may purchase children for adoption. Australian citizens may adopt people of 80+% British (and Scotland), Irish, Scandinavian to Russian ancestry (500 years ago) to age 15 paying no migration citizenship fee except payment to the birth mother, or from other fair complexion nations paying a adoption citizenship fee of GDP / 40million [$50,000]. Fair Australian citizens may not adopt blacks such as ancestral natives of (Africa, India, Indonesia, Pacific Islands or South Asia). Only black aboriginal tribes may only adopt black aboriginal children of Australia.

BORDER PROTECTION AND CITIZENSHIP: we shall do DNA test and require percentage British, Northern European, Nordic, Russian and North Asian ancestry (year1000) plus percentage of GDP / population x 10 [$750,000] per family members welfare from home country of birth plus productivity income plus own new housing in Australia plus savings minus family debts add up to 100%+ for 20 years ancestry in last 100 years before access to our welfare, social community housing, Medicare subsidy, scholarship, right to vote and citizenship. Courts may only protect full fair Australian citizens after 20 year ancestral contribution probation. Other illegal invaders are subject to military jurisdiction actions including to result in death. Foreigner may not obtain our nations {Australian} tax payer funded free welfare, housing, health-care, or education, or the right to vote, The original or previous nation of ancestral citizenship may not render them stateless, Australia shall enforce ancestral nationality citizenship and translocation to that country. Citizenship is after 20 years of ancestry + contribution of family unit members. Probationary residency may be withdrawn by the border force minister or by a local court of any invader who has had black complexion propensities of having terrorised, tortured, murdered, invaded, bashed, raped, made squalid, drugged, infected, mob rioted, vandalised, loafed, borrowed, defaulted, lied, bribed, thieved or corrupted who we shall sterilise by injection on arrival and before deportation to home country enforce ancestral citizenship or resettlement in Africa. The border force minister may also revoke the citizenship and right of residency of any person who has 51% majority military tribunal (consisting of a judge from each of the 10 largest parties by vote) conviction for having fought for a black or {Muslim} terrorist organisation. Black aboriginals of our nation may reside free in the {North of parallel 20degrees south zone of Australia). Illegal invader shall be subject to immediate military action which may include lethal deterrence, detention and/or deportation. We shall deny temporary protection visa to all illegal queue jumping asylum seekers, economic migrants of other religions and dark races seeking our welfare, social advantage, health services, prison care, or to anyone complicit in inter tribal conflict or of a banned terrorist religion {Islam} or on the basis of starvation (for whom we shall provide foreign aid at origin unless a queue jumper), homosexuality, avoidance of family planning, self harm or own dark racial kin inflicted thuggery, war or depravity. All illegal invader including queue jumper refugees who have invaded Australia shall go to the Commonwealth Empire native title nation {Papua} who's government shall select 20% must genuine illegal refugees for resettlement for 20% of NATO budget. To receive 5 years on temporary protection visa then as the native title nation determines, The other 80% thugs or fugitives shall undergo sterilisation and immediate return without aid, medical or welfare services to country of ancestry as DNA test shall determine or if not accepted to dump anywhere in Africa (who's governments we do not recognise), Children under the age of 15 shall have the same treatment as parents and if an orphan shall return for adoption to the nation of the illegal invaders ancestry. Illegal refugees may not resettle in our nation {Australia}, however we shall choose a number parliament determines of {10,000} fair Jews and Christians as legal genuine refugees who then shall require an Australian sponsor as will not have access to our welfare, social housing, Medicare subsidy, scholarship and right to vote, the sponsor shall provide housing, food, clothes, linen and work in exchange for residency with time and spending to count towards citizenship, If refusing or unable to work and termination of sponsorship, then return to detention for return to nation of ancestry or our native title nation for chance to gain 5 years temporary protection visa. Repeat illegal migration is subject to conviction for 5 years prison as a slave for convict industries and execution. Any person may stay in our nation on Guest (Probationary Citizenship) Visa where accessing the home countries welfare, health care and prisons only for fair family reunion subject to DNA test of 90%+ year 1000 fair ancestry and where prepaying GDP / population / 20 [$3800] for (Bond, Means of arrival, Health + travel insurance, Education, Accommodation (which may include meals), Event tickets, Travel, Other products or services we grow, make or produce in our nation within last year). Bond may pay for health care, deportation, fines, prison care, and refund of remainder not used after departure (50% exodus tax if taken out of our nation). Fair refugees we choose exempt from residency spending requirements and minimum wage where a valuable slave as the local court shall determine working on a farm or factory, employer must guarantee health care and deportation. Any foreigner who has come to (Australia) in the last 20 years as an illegal migrant (black {Muslim} or as a refugee not invited by Australia) or unable to pay for medical treatment or who is not a slave shall go into custody for deportation repatriation to country of citizenship at birth or (Africa), our native title nation or resettlement in a third country other than (Australia). Homeless fair born citizens of {Australia} (born of an Australian citizen father and mother) with least assets (deducting 10% of debt) and least immediate ability to pay shall have first absolute right to priority immediate same day access to Welfare, Charity aid, Private accommodation of a rent, then Fair migrant citizens and guest visa holders from within the (Commonwealth Empire) shall have second priority access to welfare, private (non community) housing and aid, then Legal paying guest visa holders including legal refugees (we choose) shall have third priority access private (non community) housing but no right to access free aid or welfare, health care, and charity from charities or government, Fair legal refugees (we choose) shall have the obligation to work as slaves with no minimum wage. Blacks shall not have the right to any fair welfare, health care, housing or work except in prison. Black people shall have no right to work or access any fair state housing, welfare, or charity aid in our nation {Australia} except in prison and detention centre and for aboriginals of our nation royalties in the native title territory {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone. of Australia}. These illegal queue jumpers shall not be granted temporary protection visa or resettlement and shall be subject to immediate deportation to such as back to region of ancestry or somewhere else such as Africa. Reject refugees or residents may not sue or appeal to any court decisions or actions of any minister, border protection command, employer or any other NATO+ personnel for refusal to grant asylum or residency or for treatment in transit, detention, or on temporary protection visa. Temporary protection holders awaiting processing must be patient and grateful. Members of a terrorist religion {Islam} and fugitives from crimes under our law and those who have been in conflict with fair Judeo-Christians or self harmed, vandalised, assaulted, burned, protested or rioted as blackmail shall be subject to immediate deportation under military force back to nation of ancestry to face justice including to face the death penalty or if return is refused by the country of birth: dumping in any any location in Africa or execution after 5 years on death row. No deportee may be paid to return home so as not to encourage illegal queue jumping (except captain and crew to turn around mid-sea or mid-air and go back). All blacks in our nation may relocate to the same native title state as set by parliament {North of parallel 20degrees south zone.} under reciprocal racist access permit systems to receive royalties from mining anywhere in the native title state, any person who has opposed mining shall not receive any royalty or welfare. Black citizens of Australia may not receive fair welfare, housing or health service, shall pay no levy for superannuation, and must pay taxes. Black citizens of the Commonwealth Empire may only receive welfare aid when residing in the the native title nation of the Commonwealth Empire {Papua New Guinea and West Papua} Additional requirements of Guest Visa holders,- good health, good character (without a criminal history) and not a burden on our health, education, justice, aid, free accommodation, charity and/or welfare systems, and not having a life threatening contagious disease (subject to testing as border protection command shall require) shall be welcome in our nation as guests in our nation including tourists, sports people, students and guests shall be free to work subject to minimum wage but only if the employer shall accept the guest visa holder as an employee. With deportation to region of ancestry of those who have become destitute, medical debtors, promiscuous, criminal or for failure to pay for spending requirement. (Citizen of our nation are not deported). Border protection command shall deport or execute migrants within 20 years probation who have been infected with a life threatening infection or who have become a burden. Election of 1000 extra blond hair, blue eyes, slim build, fair complexion, fertile, healthy and of good character females each year between the ages of 15 and 25 on first entry into {Australia} and who qualify as international egg donor by the 200 voluntary votes for and 50 votes against each for a separate candidate by male citizens over the age of 50 may reside in our nation, with any natural children. Blacks including natives of {Africa, India, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, New Guinea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or south Asia} may not enter or live in our nation and are subject to immediate deportation back to region of ancestry including refugees, except black Aboriginals of our nation may enter the {North of parallel 20degrees south zone. of Australia} of our nation. Border protection command shall racially profile by colour, linguistics, genetics, contacts, knowledge, finger print, records, and/or other characteristics and investigations. Blacks, illegal migrants or temporary protection visa holder may not have free family reunion from overseas. Border protection command under the authority of the border security minister or a majority of a joint sitting of a local council court of law panel of 10 party judges and 10 jurist may deport any non citizen or 20 year probation migrant for any reason or no reason. We shall provide our nations {Australian} welfare and means to access private health care to our {Australian} nations citizens while overseas for periods adding up to the time of residency or ancestry in our nation up to 30 years. Contraception and abortion of good fair citizens of our nation is illegal except as rights of all black complexion people, unproductive, and people with a genetic or infection diseased by court permission. Fertility services may import egg from only any yellow blond, slim, healthy, very fair complexion, blue eye donor, but may not import human sperm. Fair citizens may not adopt any foreign person not a genetic offspring of a male citizen of our nation and of fair complexion. NATO+ personnel and family including fair complexion translator may reside in our nation as our national parliament shall determine and NATO shall provide aid and we {Australia} shall provide medical credit for injury received protecting our nation. The spouse, children of and the NATO+ personnel as a family unit shall gain permanent citizenship after 10 years of deployment service or legal residency in our nation or after the NATO+ partner has died or become disabled as a result of NATO+ service in our nation as the defence minister shall determine. All reject illegal refugee are subject to the death penalty if refusing to leave our nation after 5 years illegal residency under current laws of the (Commonwealth Empire). Air lines may not take as passengers to our country any dark complexion person including refugee or criminal unless a Aboriginal of our nation, Airlines may provide entry into our nation {Australia} of fair complexion citizens of our nation {Australia}, People with 90+% British, Irish, north Eurasian or Scandinavian ancestry 500 years ago including egg donor gaining election, Guests spending on average over GDP / population / 333 [$200] per day including insurance or a citizen of the (Commonwealth Empire), Approved temporary protection visa holders, or NATO military visa holders. The penalty on carrier for having transported non citizen, illegal, diseased, destitute, criminal, dark complexion people to our nation is as set by our national parliament GDP / population / .7 {$100,000} per illegal refugee invader repaid as a bounty on arrest and deportation of each invader leaving our country. The pilot or captain of the people smuggling boat or plane may also receive GDP / population / .7 [$100,000] to turn around mid-sea or mid-air. The penalty for any person who has been unwilling to comply with border protection command to leave or return to port or region of origin is the death penalty. No-one including border protection command may rescue or assist illegal carrier of refugees to our mainland, though after receiving repairs, food, fuel and drinking water and pulled/towed to edge of our territorial waters, left to elements and not rescued or at our military discretion provision of new loan lifeboat with a crew of 5 from our military to turn the invader around at gunpoint and depart, if the invader has resisted our military may use military force even if the black invader will be at risk to suffer and die (punishment and deterrence), Any person including border protection command and any other military force may subject to own discretion defend our nation from illegal invasion including use of lethal force against black illegal refugees after rescue of fair hostages. We claim our own {Commonwealth Empire} constitution sovereignty and local justice system and shall not accede to, accept or be compelled by any tyranny of international law or perversion that has protected black complexion racist, deviant, violent, terrorist, criminal propensity races and religions. The death penalty also applies to any dark person who has bashed, looted, rioted, thrown objects at police, raped, impregnated a fair woman, stabbed, drunk driven, spread disease after 5 years on death row unless renouncing citizenship and accepting deportation to (Africa). Elected representatives to our national parliament must up-hold vow to only represent and respect fair complexion citizen private real producers and must vow to exclude and punish black complexion, communist public service union extortionist mobster criminals or be subject to disqualification from office. Traitors to the fair complexion races who defended or lied to excused black ethnic criminal invasion, backwardness, degenerate behaviour, bad workmanship, bad sportsmanship, murder, intoxicated driving, rape, racial malice, lies and assault against truth and white pride, or who have adopted or given birth to a baby of a black partner not terminated by the consent of the birth mother before the age of 1 lose our citizenship except may reside in as set by parliament {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone. of Australia} as native title holders, Only black native title holders may adopt black children but only from other black native title holders in our nation. No black child may be stolen from black parents. Blacks may not play sport or drive on roads in our nation outside of the {North of parallel 20degrees south zone. of Australia} and agricultural equipment or watch television except may have normal single reflection mirror. Loitering of black complexion people in parks, the city centre and around toilets at night (including in native title and refugee temporary asylum areas) is illegal subject to imprisonment and transportation to {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone. of Australia} or deportation. Black Aboriginals in any state of our nation including in prison for crimes shall have the option of transportation for life to the territory for native title {the North of parallel 20degrees south zone. of Australia} for welfare and release to face tribal law. We do not recognise any of the governments of Africa so have the right which we (all citizens and authorities of our nation) shall use as soon as possible to return or dump all black person in our nation (other than an Aboriginal of our own nation {Australia} who shall relocate to the {North of parallel 20degrees south zone. of Australia}) as well as illegal refugees not accepted by any other nation, all member of a banned religion {Islam}, or anyone not qualifying for 20 years probationary migration or citizenship under our current {Commonwealth Empire} constitution including anyone with no nationality statelessness and not leaving our nation after 1 years detention and not accepted by nation of nationality or able to go anywhere else: shall have deportation into any location in Africa without the consent or denial of any person or entity including in Africa, those sent, or any authority of the {Commonwealth Empire} or the world. Any black invader entered into our nation under previous complicit government is subject to immediate relocation to the {North of parallel 20degrees south zone} for deportation. Australian legal system duty of care extends only to fair citizens of Australia. Actions to encourage the exit from our nation of a black invader shall not be prosecuted.

FERTILITY. Female convict without a really bad infection may be surrogate mother to compulsory acquire the surrogates choice of Australian citizen sperm donor of over average life expectancy to not inherit from, with random selection of eggs with DNA enhancement from world wide healthy egg donor to have fair complexion, blue eyes, yellow blond hair, and be slim but not too slim of any nation in the world having voluntary election by male citizens of our nation each having 200 equal value voluntary positive votes and 50 negative votes each for a separate world-wide female egg donor candidate. Female prostitution is legal: Blond hair, blue eyes fair complexion females may receive money for wedlock, DNA, eggs, sex (with or without contraception), surrogacy and motherhood as well as other income, subject to genetic (all) infection testing within the last month. Father shall sell fair daughter into slavery at age 20 to the highest fair born citizen bidder over the age of 50 years to be her owner. Owner may sell any female slave until she becomes pregnant. Males who must have fair complexion may not have unprotected sex with more than 1 person in the last year and then only after genetic (all) infection testing 1 year after last unprotected sex partner. Mothers may obtain abortion or termination only if the foetus or baby has a severe defect such as black colour up until 1 years of age. Mothers may sell her babies. All fair complexion female citizens and all willing aid recipients shall have inoculation with gene activation biological weapon infections to prevent conception by black complexion races and sterilise black complexion races such as rapist and subsequent black complexion race sex partners. Females may have sex from the age of 20 by her owners determination after testing free of infection. Naturally genetically functionally fertile but infertile heterosexual fair male genetic material donors may also provide a spit sample for synthesis of fertile sperm. All DNA samples for surrogates are subject to full genome sequencing, automatic software correction of 100 most debilitated genetic illnesses, printing (to make new entire genome DNA) and verification sorting, then implantation into any health egg for booting, testing again and then implantation of the perfect healthy egg into the surrogate. All parents of natural conception and birth are subject to compulsory marriage from pregnancy for the life of all natural children of the last auction then natural sex partner father and must reside together for life and with natural children until the age of 15 for the most part, after the age of 15 children have the option but not the obligation to reside elsewhere plus the option but not the obligation to live with any living parent when in need. Natural children inherit an equal share of the fathers superannuation (dividing between all family members) when leaving home after reaching 20 years of age. Cloning is illegal and genetic engineering of sperm and egg from any somatic (body) cell, is only legal to produce sperm and egg of the same gender as the donor. Offspring must be fertile, heterosexual, without genetic disease, and must have fair complexion. Infertility services that have bred infertility, homosexuality or genetic disease into into future generations are illegal. All black complexion refugees must undergo sterilisation by injection to receive aid and may not receive citizens welfare. Birth must be as near as possible to natural. Wife may chose an alternative sperm donor if so the husband may choose an alternative egg donor. Only the birth mother may determine abortion, and only if having a really bad genetic defect such as black complexion, and consent of her parties doctor. A mother may sell her child, reversible within 1 year. A payment to surrogate and egg donor gaining election for each health offspring is set in the national budget. Payment paid to or received by sperm donor for sperm is illegal, including any for associated costs of donation. Priority access to genetic material shall be for surrogates including her sponsors such as her husband or family bidding the higher amount of money for sperm and egg from a fertility service. Surrogacy for infertile or homosexual licensed partners shall be with mutually agreement of payment to any surrogate including themselves if possible using and modifying DNA of sperm and egg to produce fertile and heterosexual offspring. Sexual violence, jealousy or hounding of any partner or legal heterosexual love making couple is illegal. The eldest family member has the right to spend payouts from the families superannuation. People in our nation may have on-line web-cam to web-cam sex with any number of partners but no male may have physical sexual intercourse with more than one sexual partner in the last year. Marriage, sex and fertilisation must be between any two unrelated people. Man and woman must marry in the event of natural voluntary conception between them and the husband and wife or wives for life and with all natural children shall live together in separate bedrooms at least until each child reaches the age of 18 years. On first natural unforced impregnation (not rape or donor) resulting in the birth of a live healthy child the family member shall split an equal portion of family superannuation savings for the new mother and father to seed own family superannuation savings account and form own family in marriage with the partner so merge superannuation savings and other assets include with all prior natural conception children of the husband not yet married parents themselves. On a subsequent pregnancy to another partner the female partner takes no share of family superannuation into marriage with the new male partners family. Only those in paid employment for less than 10 hours in the last 6 months also have the right but not the obligation to access free sterilisation by injection and other contraception and abortion. All property of a family shall divide equally between all genetic children and genetic mothers of the marriage on divorce (which is illegal until the death of all children between them) or death of a partner to the marriage. Maintenance payments to previous partners are illegal. Casual homosexuality and heterosexuality is banned in the military, sex may occur between partners with marriage license to have sex with each other from the military commander. Homosexual sex is illegal and subject to 200hours community service for the penetrator except between local court jury licensed same gender partners in homosexual union. Sex between native title holders on native title lands is unregulated, but all black children born outside of the territory for native title {North of parallel 20degrees south zone.} are subject to sterilisation. Contraception, sterilisation and abortion is only a legal right of black, badly infected, unproductive, or genetically defected children. Unwanted healthy children may be sold or if disabled terminated by court order and consent of the mother before the age of 1 years, then with approval of the mothers parties doctor. Blacks including native title holders have the right to obtain voluntary abortion, sterilisation and contraception on demand in exchange for aid. Sexual flirtation, harassment, arousal, pornography, nudity, sexting, and causing psychological injury at any age is legal to a reasonable extent inside and outside of marriage in accord with genetic merit except, hysteria, false accusation. The spreading of an illegal infection (except to rapist) or the passing on of genetic defect including black complexion or physical injury of a partner is illegal. The media may not broadcast or publish anything to do with the sexual or financial affairs of a politician except with the current approval of the politician and to report crimes to police and a court of law and no other. Subject to discretion of the local court imprisonment of paedophile for the period of 100 hours convict work for each year the other partner shall reach 14 years of age divided by the number of years the perpetrator is under the age of 16 years, Black paedophiles with sentences together more than 10000 hours convict work for paedophilia shall face the death penalty after 5 years on death row. Video evidence of paedophilia may by shown as evidence to a court of law and be available on-line. All porn including child porn is legal but subject to conviction of participants (other than a person under the age of 15) in contact paedophilia (where sperm comes in contact with a child or where resulting in physical harm or infection of the child). Baby of donor genetic material are the property of the surrogate if refusing sponsors call to abort.

The Bible was not meant to be taken as a collection of metaphoric analogy to demonstrate morel principles, subject to correction by the living leader of the religion to be non fiction in light of the progress of science. Edit the Torah as put by the chief Rabbi and Bible as put by the Pope and vote of members who nominate.

This constitution may not have anybody force any citizen to do or submit to anything that violates Jewish or Christian beliefs and no other religion. Showing belief in any other religion is illegal.

+Original Jewish and Christian Commandments:

Thou shall not kill except to save fair life.

Thou shall not worship reverse or virtual or single reflection mirror images.

Thou shall contemplate true and video and reflection of reflection images only.

Thou shall vilify bad religion and burn the book of bad religion.

Thou shall require homosexuals to obtain a license for homosexual activity from a local court including homosexual propaganda.

Thou shall put evil in the past and make the future good.

Thou shall not be in debt and shall condemn debtors.

Thou shall have non biological dwellings except shall have biological doors, floors, window frames and furniture. Roof shall be metal and walls shall be stone, brick or concrete on steal frame.

Females shall celebrate December as Christmas by giving gifts of food. Men shall celebrate December as Christmas by giving free samples of his work.

Thou shall have male priests in marriage union as master with his wife a female priest as servant.

Thou shall have 10+ food produce trees and 1+ chook for each family member.

Thou shall eat unprocessed food, vitamins and supplements.

Thou shall not spray food with pesticides including domestic insect and spider spray and shall not insert pesticide genes in food and prefer direct biological and physical control of pests.

Thou shall wear a hat or garment on thy head only when outdoors to prevent suns rays contact with skin.

Thou shall wear locally (Australian) made clothes, and eat locally (Australian) grown food.

Thou shall not wear high or narrow heels.

Thou shall not wear make up, spray tan or camouflage paint.

Thou and family shall save money and treat own illnesses or injury and shall not partake of socialised medicine or medical insurance.

Thou shall only plant productive food plant produce species.

Thou males shall shave scalp and females shall shave body at the beginning of each season[march1,june1,sep1,dec1]. Men shall shave face about every 2 weeks.

Thou shall favour fair Christians in charity and thou shall favour Christians who have stopped giving for financial reasons over those who have never given or who have denied Christianity

Thou shall only have Christian and Jewish migrants, houses of worship and books. Exile all other {Muslim} migrants, flatten all other {Muslim} places of worship and burn all other {Muslim} books.

Thou shall only eat meat away from home such as at restaurant and Christmas party (eggs and milk okay).

The meaning (purpose) of life is to mate female beauty with male longevity.

+Cognitive behavioural programming: Converse about.- Alternatives of:

Good/yes/idea/peace/money about Future We-me-i You-friend True words Profit True image video Design Crops/livestock White Police Creative Healthy Productive Successful Energy And When Local Thanks Agree Democracy.

Bad/no/health/aggression/debt about Past Them You-enemy Fiction words Reverse image reflection Art Wild species Black Crime Destruction Illness Bum Failure Lethargy Or/But/Except If Foreign Sorry Disagree Dictatorship.

+Have only true image of self for self control: join 2x 2meter tall x 1meter wide mirrors by tape up outside of junction. Have 2 mirrors at slightly acute of right angles so as to have 2 true images of self central on each side. Have opposite TV and full screen TVcam facing reflection of reflection corner mirror pairs. (normal reverse images of single reflection mirror caused self destructive confused behaviour).

+Colour code:

Color Code











Walls Ceiling


Wireless / router






Tissue towel


Built In



cable outer



Soil blend.

Belt zip laces

Chair TablCloth


Hot H2O



Power dc+




Girl dress shirt pant






Power dc-




Man top shirt coat







Clean, vacuum


Girl scalp hair.

Police vest rank tie








Garden outdoor


Military rain coat

Male bedding






Power Tools,



Rescue safety

Wet washer


SinkTub Toilet




Bug zapper

Vase Pot


Girl Coat thik pants

Female bedding.


Ex Doors Windows

Bulk ship.




Tool Box

Soil blend

Boots sox

backpak wallet








Man body hair.

Man pants







Product window



Safety glasses






Data channel


PhotoTxt InkPapr


Photo ID


Natural (any)






Furniture wood




[colour notes: black jacket most normal but made me physically and mentally sick, things malfunctioned. Blue shirt smart and intelligent but too much blue (jacket) made me victim (bashed by blacks). Brown jacket and green shirt tended to be communist. Man green jacket makes true attentive, healthy, strong and right wing, by far the best to fight back and avoid being bashed by niggers or nigger lovers, works well with blue shirt (cool in summer, smart and attract attack from and defeat insane narcissist nigger) things repair and work properly, matches female red shirt and purple jacket but unusual. Repeat testing has blue shirt and green jacket consistently performing much better than white shirt and black jacket. Brown shirt strong but dumb, hot in summer, a bit too overkill. Grey pants makes victorious in conflict. Black boots makes strong and cautious, Brown boots cooler. Blue underwear raped by homosexuals, black cautious. White hat is cool in summer white shirt was a bit gay in winter, showed dirt or stains. Fair people much more clean, honest, fair, respectful, logical and productive than black insane, dirty, brutish, abusive, lieing, deviant savages.]


6 Short vowels:







6 Medium vowels:







6 Long vowels:







8 Throat consonants:









8 Tongue consonants: